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Why opt for cold calling services?

Here's why your company must consider opting for professional cold calling services -


Research has revealed that cold calling is the most successful way of obtaining new customers and increasing revenue

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting can help your company develop its pipeline of business opportunities, increase your revenue and expand your market share


By constantly prospecting new customers, your company can be guaranteed of continued success

Why should cold calling be handled by an expert?


Cold calling is a niche field and requires the skills of professional agents. Lead generation is an art that requires exceptional communication skills, persistence and determination. With more than 60,000 hours of cold calling experience, proven success and several satisfied customers, you can count on us for quality leads.


At Flatworld Solutions, we use several time-tested and established cold calling lead generation techniques to successfully converse with a prospect on the phone. We then generate a lead and set up a phone consultation or face-to-face appointment.


Before working on a cold calling project, our experts will be thoroughly trained on your company's telesales campaign. Throughout the course of the project, our cold calling agents will be monitored to ensure that your desired professional message is delivered to every new prospect.

Cold calling techniques used at Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we hire only the best cold calling agents who have expertise in converting cold calls into sales. Our agents are then given intensive training on the following cold calling techniques -

Cold Calling Techniques used at FWS

While making a cold call we focus on the goal of setting an appointment so that our customer can make the sales presentation and close the deal

The cold calling agents at Flatworld Solutions write and edit genuine calling scripts, according to the specific requirements and preferences of the customer

Our cold calling experts develop powerful opening statements which include the advantages of your product/ service and motivators for prospective customers to buy the product/ service

Our cold calling agents are given intensive training on the potential objections that they might encounter on a cold call and how to respond to them in a positive manner

Our lead generation services are backed up by good research, scripts, presentations and deliveries, to ensure that our calls result in business opportunities

Our agents target the right leads by analyzing potential customers and the business market

Our Call Center Portfolio

Flatworld Solutions can help your company to quickly increase your customer base through - effective lead generation, phone consultations or face-to-face appointments. Your company and sales professionals can concentrate on making the sales, while we handle the cold calling. We also specialize in real estate cold calling, b2b cold calling services, and insurance cold calling. Partner with us today to reach more prospects and increase your bottom line.

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