Direct Mail Follow-up Services

Direct mail or email promotions are highly effective if you get every step of the process right - attractive design, specific targeting and efficient follow-up. Without follow-up though, you will never get to be as successful. One-time advertising won't do the trick. Follow-up ensures that your customer is reminded about your product and eventually places an order.

Outsourcing your follow-up services will increase your sales three-fold. Flatworld Solutions offers a one-stop service for your advertising campaigns - right from email marketing services to customer follow-ups on your behalf. With global expertise as an outsourcing company, Flatworld Solutions knows how to approach your prospective customers and convert them into your customers for life.

Customer Follow-up with Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions' call center executives are experts in increasing the business conversion rate. We will optimize your promotional campaign by establishing a great customer relationship through our direct mail follow-up services. At Flatworld Solutions we can handle a high volume of calls in the shortest of time period.

First we call the customers to verify their name and addresses so that your message reaches the right prospects. After mailing we will then follow-up with a personal phone call to convey the product/service benefits in an endearing way. This will reinforce the message successfully.

The combination of direct mail with call center follow-ups will triple your product response rates. Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions will not only increase lead qualification & quantification rates but also reduce cost per lead. Our direct mail services are entirely flexible and highly cost-effective.

Flatworld's Email Marketing Management Solutions

E-mails are a vital component in most effective marketing strategies. With every other company sending their promotional email to every prospective customer, how do you make an impression on the customer? Competent follow-up is the key.

Motivating the customer to connect with your product/service is essential for successful sales. E-mail follow-up gives you the ability to contact your prospective customers any number of time without any disturbance to them. The keyword here is re-contact and not merely contact.

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and your email management and marketing services will be taken care by the most excellent and professional operators. Marketing frequently with e-mail has a benefit of prompt response from the prospective customer and we cash in on this ensuring that the customer is well informed about your products/services.

Email follow-up entails sending the prospective a client-centered message and following up the same with no extra marketing expense. With Flatworld Solutions this is even more cost-effective. Another cost saving factor with e-mail marketing is that you can re-use most of the marketing communication!

Benefits of outsourcing client follow-up services to Flatworld Solutions

  • With Flatworld Solutions' direct mail follow-up, email marketing and email follow-up management services, you will achieve high-impact, short-term sales.
  • Your business will be known for a focused and result-oriented campaign.
  • Cost-efficient lead generation and sale conversion.
  • Precise targeting of prospects to optimize sales.
  • Mailing followed by professional call operators will enhance the impression of your product or service.
  • Additional services such as 800 answering services and order-taking services will improve your business.

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and reap the benefits!



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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