Up-selling & Cross-selling Services

Contact Up-selling services and cross-selling services refer to telemarketing or online selling of products and services handled by representatives at inbound call centers. Up-selling is when a customer's attention is drawn to a better quality and higher priced product or to the savings to be made by buying a larger quantity of a product.

Cross-selling is made when the customer is given to understand the advantage of buying a related or associated product. It is basically educating the potential customers about the choices available to enable them to make informed decisions. An estimated 30%-40% of the time the upgraded or additional purchase is made, which is a very significant boost any business can hope for.

Up-selling and cross-selling to existing clients is very important to sell more and to get more profits, since they know you and trust you to help them make their choices. The other side of up-selling and cross-selling is crucial in enlightening a client about the benefits of an offer, to answer questions and to resolve objections if any. This where the leaders in the business of up-selling and cross-selling outsourcing such as Flatworld Solutions are of critical importance for your sale strategies.

Why outsource up-selling and cross-selling services to Flatworld Solutions?

Your organization can now get access to competent up-selling and cross-selling services by outsourcing to state-of-the art offshore call center services providers in countries such as India. Flatworld Solutions, located in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, is one of the world's leading provider of up-selling and cross-selling services. Outsource to Flatworld and get access to these advantages.

1. Experienced workforce: At Flatworld, we have well-trained and adaptable professionals who can competently up-sell and cross-sell your products. Their warm and pleasant manners can help retain the customers and bring in new business.

2. Stringent training programs: At Flatworld, we organize regular employee training programs and evaluation systems to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. After all in the end it is all down to turning up, having the right attitude and playing the game by the rules!

3. Best-of-breed technology and infrastructure: We have state-of-the-art fully automated call desks. We have a duplicated system for uninterrupted connectivity and Data Entry.

4. Stringent processes: We pay meticulous attention to call center metrics and industry practices. We can provide a customized access to centralized customer databases for quicker assessment of customer preferences and market trends. We also ensure optional connectivity across communication spectrums: voicemail, e-mail, auto attendant etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Up-selling and Cross-selling services

  1. Contact selling eliminates the need for an expensive intermediate supply chain management.
  2. By helping customers to make informed decisions, customer loyalty can be ensured.
  3. Call traffic Data Entry can help streamline sale campaigns and ensure that market changes are made in real time.
  4. Outsourcing up-selling and cross-selling services is cost effective in terms resources, manpower and infrastructure.
  5. Cross-selling and up-selling can educate customers to buy better quality or higher priced products.
  6. Cross-selling and up-selling services can help build a rapport with customers and promote brand-loyalty.

Cross-selling and up-selling are tested methods to drive sale volumes and retain customer loyalty. Flatworld Solutions with their excellent track record in providing online and contact up-selling and cross-selling call center services can be the ideal partner you are looking for.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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