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Whether it is healthcare, insurance or any other type of finance and accounting service, claims processing deals with the requests from customers for settling outstanding due amounts. For claims processing, every company will have a separate claims division to deal with. Claims processing is a transaction processing service that is opposed to call center services which has inbound and outbound services. Transaction processing essentially deals with the back-end work or what is called the "back office work". This typically includes the workflow management for the claim once a formal request is made.

Organizations today prefer to outsource claims processing services as they can get access to competent services and concentrate more on core competencies. If you want to outsource claims processing services, consider outsourcing to India. India is an attractive destination for claims processing services and the business is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

Flatworld Solutions' Claims Processing Services

Flatworld Solutions, a pioneer in outsourcing offers a range of services that include claims processing call center and claims processing BPO services, among others. We not only offer high quality claims processing service but are also reliable and trustworthy.

The Claims Processing Process at Flatworld Solutions

Claims processing includes:

  • Customer filing a request
  • The claim getting registered
  • Validation of the claim
  • Settlement of the claim

Getting a claim through the door involves all of the steps listed above and a successful claim is measured by the less number of iterations it takes for the claim to be processed. Also, the throughput (number of claims processed per person, per unit, per service provider) and the SLA compliance measures have to be good for a provider to be successful in this field.

Why outsource claims processing services to Flatworld?

1. Quick turnaround time: The time taken to settle a claim right from the time it is filed to the time it is settled.

2. Zero tolerance for errors: Error free claims processing as measured by the number of times it goes in iterations between the customer and the claims processing BPO.

3. Adherence to the service level agreement: This is the contract that is signed between the company and the vendor stipulating the various parameters of the services.

4. Reliable and committed management: Flatworld Solutions is promoted by people with solid management experience and sound credentials who bring a rich experience to the table.

5. Highly skilled resources: Flatworld Solutions hires experienced resources that are adept at global business practices and are competent on the job.

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Get the Flatworld advantage

In this context, Flatworld Solutions scores over many of its competitors. They offer end-to-end transaction processing for claims as well as claims processing call center services. They have an impressive list of clients that they are servicing to date and you can get good customer references from them.

Finally, you have to remember that claims processing services need highly skilled resources that are conversant with global business practices. The level of service has to be as high as or better than that offered by the host company. If you are looking to outsource your claims processing needs, you can start with Flatworld Solutions.

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