CCTV Monitoring Services

Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services

Immediate identification and action, on the problem situations and intrusions through a professional, comprehensive CCTV monitoring service: that's how Flatworld Solutions contributes to your organization's safety and security. Our trained teams monitor your premises and your project sites to provide the top-quality surveillance you would expect from an on-site personnel - but much more cost-effectively.

A Proactive Team that Thinks Ahead

Problem prevention is better than providing a solution later. Our IT security experts look for signs that indicate any potential security lapses in order to take swift action against them before it actually happens. We alert you about situations that may leave you open to a breach of security, such as damage to perimeter barriers or enclosures. We can take real time action to warn intruders to leave your premises directly and timely call in the authorities to protect your site and assets.

State-of-the-art CCTV Monitoring Technology

With monitoring plans to suit your needs (includes full 24/7 video surveillance services), our systems use the most up-to-date technology and capabilities. In particular -

  • High quality surveillance recordings are securely backed-up and stored. They can be used in legal proceedings if necessary (contractual, civil, and criminal)
  • Surveillance systems can be linked to other software systems for personnel identification, call tree applications, crisis management, and more
  • CCTV monitoring software can be integrated with onsite access control and perimeter alarm systems, as well as body-worn video cameras, for on-site inspections and lone workers
  • We use centralized and decentralized IP camera technology for optimal surveillance robustness, network bandwidth utilization, and cost-efficiency

CCTV Monitoring Applications

Any situation that requires attention to health and safety, protection of assets, and the exclusion of unauthorized person can benefit from the professional CCTV monitoring / CCTV surveillance. CCTV remote monitoring services come handy in following situations -

  • Construction sites in an unfinished state storing valuable equipment can be dangerous for unauthorized visitors
  • Industrial sites that mandate special staff protection, such as wearing of hard hats or operator-less functioning because of mechanical or chemical hazards
  • Public areas with concentrations of population and possible exposure to theft, vandalism, aggression, or terrorism
  • Conditions that challenge workforce safety or effectiveness such as adverse weather and night-time working

Testing, Checks, and Maintenance

CCTV monitoring service from Flatworld Solutions also includes regular testing of facilities to make sure that the desired quality surveillance is provided to the clients. We check light conditions, camera operations, remote control capabilities for panning and zooming, audio levels, network signaling strength, and volumetric, motion and other detection devices. Besides making sure that surveillance data meets appropriate standards, we also implement robust data storage for all recordings.

Get Peace of Mind with Advanced CCTV Monitoring

Not only can you be assured of our professionalism and effectiveness, but you can also retrieve information and status reports at any time. By contacting us over phone or email, or by connecting over the Internet, you can get instant reassurance that your site as well as your possessions is being properly monitored to the full extent of your agreement with us.

Find out more today about how CCTV surveillance system or CCTV monitoring service from Flatworld Solutions can bring you increased security at lower costs, with solutions precisely adapted to your requirements. Read this case study to find out how we implemented a robust CCTV monitoring service for multiple outlets, and spread out over two continents for a renowned restaurant chain. For maximum safety and security or your valuable assets, contact Flatworld team today!



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