Outsource Call Quality Monitoring Support Services

Call Quality Monitoring Support Services

Make your customers see your business in a new & improved light after speaking to your call center executives by monitoring your call quality at rates starting at $8/hour

A superlative customer experience is essential to the success of any organization. We all know what defines a high-quality call - polite, professional, & understanding customer service representatives conversing with the customers and providing an acceptable, timely resolution to their problems. It all looks good theoretically. But how can you ensure the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your call center operations with respect to customer's expectations in the real-time?

The answer is 'Call Quality Monitoring'. It is the most effective approach to improving your customer service by keenly observing an agent's call and evaluating it across pre-defined KPIs keeping your customer's requirements in mind. Let's take a closer look into Flatworld's call monitoring services.

Our Call Quality Monitoring Support Services

FWS is a leading call quality monitoring support company and our call monitoring support services give you an overall picture of your customer service operations, by including KPIs to measure customer experience, agent experience, operational efficiency, & outbound dialer. We monitor the performance and efficiency of your call quality by benchmarking & tracking the following metrics to achieve better results. Our services include -

  1. Customer Experience Metrics

    Customer Experience Metrics

    To check for any gaps in your customer interactions and learn if your customers are satisfied and willing to promote your offerings to their peers, we monitor and track the following metrics.

    1. Average Wait Time - This defines how long your customers must wait to reach one of your call center agents.

    2. Call SLA - Your customers need to spend less time waiting to speak to one of your call agents if the SLA is higher.

      Call SLA = What % of the calls are answered in X seconds

    3. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - CSAT measures how satisfied your customers are with your products/services. CSAT is generally measured by sending surveys after a ticket has been resolved following a phone call or live chat.

    4. Downtime - High downtime signifies poor service quality as it negatively affects customer interactions.

      Downtime = Minutes/hours your contact center software was down or unavailable

    5. First Call Resolution - High first contact resolution means that your agents were able to resolve customer queries at one go, without repeated interactions, which means happy customers.

      FCR = Number of customer issues resolved on the first call or interaction

    6. Net Promoter Score (NPS) - NPS surveys indicate the willingness of your customers to recommend your company/products/services to others.

    7. Self-Service Usage Channels - IVR is an example of a self-service channel. An intuitive & functional IVR that can help customers resolve their queries without engaging with an agent increases customer satisfaction greatly, as customers get faster results without having to spend too much time on the call.

  2. Agent Experience Metrics

    Agent Experience Metrics

    Happy agents make happy customers, which is the foundation of ensuring optimum call quality. Therefore, it is imperative to define metrics to understand your agent engagement and find areas to improve agent experience. We achieve this by measuring the following KPIs.

    1. Agent Absenteeism - No agent, no customer service! So, it is understandable how important this metric is. It is the percentage of the number of days lost per year due to an agent's absence as supposed to the total number of contracted days.

    2. Schedule Adherence - This KPI tracks how often agents stick to their scheduled shifts, scripts, telephone etiquette, empathy, etc. So, lower schedule adherence means unhappy agents, or need of a better Workforce Management tool.

    3. Agent Attrition Rate - It measures how long agents stay in your company or how soon they leave your company. Contact centers spend a big portion of their revenue on agent training, therefore, reducing agent attrition rate is important to keep the costs in check.

    4. Call Center Shrinkage - It is a metric to measure the number of activities that prevent your agents from responding to customer service requests, which may be either a team meeting, company functions, or bathroom breaks, among others. Lower the call center shrinkage, higher the productivity.

  3. Outbound Dialer Metrics

    Outbound Dialer Metrics

    Tracking the following metrics will ensure that your call center complies with regulations and achieves the desired business objectives. We track & monitor the following dialer metrics.

    1. Call Abandon Rate - Percentage of calls terminated between the IVR before an agent replies, is known as call abandonment rate. Simply put, it measures how often an agent is not available to take up a call when your outbound dialer connects. In case, the customer does not need to speak to a representative after getting his/her query gets resolved by the IVR, it will not be termed as call abandonment.

      Ideally, the abandon or abandonment rate for call centers should be below 3%, which signifies that the team is adequately staffed, call routing is optimized, and agents answer quickly.

      Abandonment rate = Number of abandoned calls / Total number of inbound calls

    2. Conversion Rate - The number of calls required to get a positive outcome is known as the conversion rate. The definition of conversion can be different for each company. Resolution of an issue, generating sales, filling out a form, downloading whitepaper, etc. are some examples of conversion.

    3. Calls Per Hour - The number of successful calls handled by your highest and lowest performing agents is tracked to define and analyze the overall efficiency of your call center operations. This metric defines how many calls are made or answered by your agents per hour.

  4. Operational Efficiency Metrics

    Operational Efficiency Metrics

    Optimum resource utilization and keeping costs in check are essential to ensure the long-term viability of your call center operations. Operational efficiency metrics do just that - they help you understand how effectively your contact center resources are being utilized and if there is a scope to increase efficiency. We check the performance of your call center business operations based on the following KPIs and suggest solutions to improve its efficiency.

    1. Average Call Handle Time (AHT) - It is the total time spent by a customer to get a resolution or the total time a customer must spend on the call to get results. It includes wait time, hold time, call transfer time, after-call work, as well as the time spent with the agent on call until the issue is resolved.

      AHT = Total call duration + hold time + Transfer time / Total number of calls

    2. Average Talk Time - Most people confuse AHT with average talk time, as both metrics focus on the time spent by an agent/customer on a call. However, there is a key difference. Average talk time just determines the amount of time an agent talked to a customer and does not include the call hold/transfer/wait time or time spent on after-call work.

      Average Talk Time = Total Talk Time / Total number of calls Handled

    3. Call Wrap-Up Time or After-Call Work - After a call wraps up, an agent needs to document the call minutes or take notes related to the customer issue. This is known as call wrap-up time or after-call work. Higher after-call work signifies issues in CRM integration that need attention to ensure that the agents are available to handle calls faster.

    4. Cost Per Contact - As the name suggests, this KPI tracks how much cost each customer interaction is costing your call center.

    5. Service Level - Service level is one of the most important service quality performance metrics for a contact center as it measures how accessible a company is to its customers. It defines what percentage of the inbound calls are answered within the predetermined threshold time. This targeted threshold time does not include IVR flows or post greetings. Service level can be measured for any duration (minutes/hour/day/week) and each agent, department, team, or the entire company.

      Service Level = Calls answered within the threshold + Calls missed within the threshold / Total calls answered + Total calls missed

    6. Average Speed of Answer - Average time taken by agents to answer an inbound call is known as ASA and includes the time an agent's phone rings, excluding the time caller spent in queuing or IVR. Lower ASA signifies that customers reach the agents faster, resulting in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT), operational efficiency, and cost-efficiency. This metric indicates whether the agents lack the necessary setup and tools to reach performance levels expected of them or not, and if they need further training to improve performance.

      Average Speed of Answer (ASA) = Total time spent ringing / Total number of calls

    7. Forecast Accuracy - It is common for contact centers to experience seasonal spikes or drop in customer inquiries. This metric helps you to accurately forecast expected calls over a period allowing you to staff the required number of agents, ensuring optimum performance of your contact center.

Our Call Quality Monitoring Process

Understand and document customer objectives and KPIs
Establish metrics and weightage for each metric
Listen to and score calls
Identify gaps and training needs
Agent and/or team-specific feedback
Implement training (by customer)
Score calls and provide feedback on effectiveness

Other Services You Can Benefit From

USP of FWS' Call Quality Monitoring Support

Our solutions are ideal for monitoring sales, business, and support calls while carefully auditing and measuring their effectiveness. We can further make use of real-time data obtained from our proprietary systems not only to improve the interactions between your agents & customers but also to recognize a pattern and forecast future trends, empowering your organization to be prepared for the future.

Here are some of the key service USPs that make Flatworld a leading contender when it comes to outsourcing call quality monitoring services.

  • Defining Call Quality KPIs

    Before analyzing the call quality, we define quality benchmarks and create custom call quality KPIs as per your business needs. The purpose of each KPI is defined, a strategy & contingency plan is formed to reach those KPIs, the right tools are selected to measure the results, and finally, an agile system is followed to redefine the KPIs if the need arises in the future.

    Our team reviews your long-term business objectives to understand where you currently stand and how to achieve those goals. We use quantifiable metrics to measure your progress and make adjustments to ensure the progress is on track.

  • Preparing your Contact Center for Uncertainty

    As each contact center and its quality KPIs vary, we leverage an advanced analytics suite that allows an organization to define, customize, & measure their KPIs in a way that matters to them the most. Real-time analytics, outbound dialers, customer journey mapping & overview, Business Intelligence (BI) integration, Virtual agents, & real-time agent assistance are some of the handy tools we use to prepare organizations for the future and ensure an improvement in CSAT, Average Handle Time (AHT), First Time Resolution (FTR), and NPS, etc.

  • Agent Call Quality Training

    We provide call center agent training services that help agents understand the quality processes and determine ways in which the experience for the customers can be improved. We closely monitor your agents during and after the training process and help in the evaluation of their quality from multiple perspectives for a better overall picture of the agent's attributes. Our training sessions consist of -

    • Call quality score calibration for better consistency
    • Real-time monitoring of all audio and screen interactions
    • Creating balanced scorecards and coaching agents on the new workflow
  • Call Quality Evaluation

    When it comes to outsourcing quality monitoring support, most clients believe our call quality evaluation is one of the best in the industry. Our expert call quality evaluation team measures all the metrics carefully to ensure better calls from your call center agents. Throughout the process of evaluation, we keep sight of your organizational goals to tweak the process to suit your requirements. Our program consists of -

    • Call data mining (based on both structured and unstructured data)
    • Developing the call quality roadmap
    • Collecting data from a variety of different channels such as voice, chat, non-voice, etc.
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Regular corrective improvements
    • Team and agent scorecard and leaderboards for better competitiveness

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

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Advantages of Outsourcing Call Quality Monitoring Support to FWS

When you partner with FWS, a renowned call quality monitoring support services providing company for call quality monitoring, we review and analyze your call quality based on certain metrics and find the areas where it is currently lagging, while suggesting the necessary improvements to be made.

Service-related benefits of working with us include -
  • A holistic outlook towards improving agent call quality by integrating performance management tools, ongoing call quality calibration process, & creating individual scorecards for agent experience, customer experience, operational efficiency, and outbound dialer.
  • Use of proprietary call quality monitoring software which is delivered through SAAS and features a web-GUI to help incorporate the latest features promptly. We also ensure there is zero downtime between updates, and it works with multiple hardware easily without any tweaks.
  • Singular consistency in evaluations across national and international teams as we deploy the same mechanics everywhere while scaling up the evaluation criteria in a streamlined manner.
  • Feedback and operational transparency is maintained throughout to ensure complete client satisfaction. We provide full access to the call records which are stored on third-party servers in a secure location with multiple redundancies.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager who will be a single point of contact for all your needs and will keep you always updated about the project status.
General advantages of partnering with Flatworld Solutions to outsource call quality monitoring support services -
  • 4000+ staff, servicing over 10k customers across 104 countries from offices across the US, Europe, India, Philippines, and South America leveraging the best workforce, pricing options, rapid scalability.
  • Team of native multilingual call center agents with fluency in popular global languages - Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Mandarin & Cantonese, Arabic, etc., who can handle clients from different parts of the world and cultures.
  • Time-zone advantage and 24/7/365 workdays.
  • 19 years of domain experience with ISO, ISMS, SOC2, and HIPAA accreditation.
  • Well-defined systems & reporting ensuring transparency, early detection, and consistency in the quality of deliverables while ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure equipped to handle mission-critical processes with redundancy.
  • Leveraging technology (Inbound as well as Outbound) including RPA, ML, and AI to increase efficiency and productivity.

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We have a large volume of players who use our games daily. For this reason, we needed a solution that would help us monitor the live streams from each table game in real-time. Flatworld Solutions have been able to manage our requirements promptly able to scale up or down when required with little time before notice.

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Partner with Flatworld Solutions for Reliable Quality Call Monitoring Support

Call quality monitoring overhauls your entire call center operations and allows you to figure out which areas of your business are functioning optimally, and which areas need to be focused upon. Our systemic and standardized call support monitoring process ensures that your call center team is always working at its peak performance, there is an increase in the effectiveness of your agents, as well as the customer satisfaction ratio, thereby improving your business ROI.

To know more about our call center services, advantages of partnering with us as your call quality monitoring support service provider, and our call quality monitoring success stories, contact us now!

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