800 Answering Services

The 800 answering service or the toll-free answering service, as it is referred to more commonly, is a special call answering service wherein the person calling is not charged for the call. Instead the party to which the call has been placed to and which receives the call is the one who pays the charges.

The customer doesn't have to pay for the long-distance call and hence it is a valuable asset for businesses as it serves to portray a customer-friendly image. It shows that you value the customer and are willing to pay the cost of the call while helping with your customer's query. An 800 answering service offers what no other voice mails or answering machines can provide - a personal, individual reply to your customer's inquiry.

Why outsource 800 answering services?

Now that the benefits of the 800 answering service are established, the first question that arises is why to outsource this service. You don't want to keep your customers waiting on the line because you don't have enough lines and staff to answer them, do you? Neither do you want them to ring-out the phone with no one answering it just because one of your employees has gone to grab a coffee. These customers might never call back!

We all know how essential it is to not only gain new customers but also to maintain the existing customer base and keep them satisfied. So to ensure an efficient network with a trained, competent staff accountable to your customer at all times, at any given time, you need to outsource it to a professional call center service provider.

And now, the next question - where to outsource this call answering service? It's a vital decision to make as the minute someone answers the number, the caller senses the voice of the receiver as the voice of the company/business. The customer service staff will either make or break the impression of the business on the customer.

Choose Flatworld Solutions as your 800 answering services provider

  • You need a proficient, well-spoken and knowledgeable phone staff to take care of your customers.
  • They need to be efficient in handling high volume phone traffic, 24x7.

And so your best bet is the Flatworld Solutions. Our team provides the most remarkable 800 phone answering outsource services. Irrespective of your company/business profile, our toll-free answering service team will help in the best manner while answering your customers.

The best employees, most excellent answering services and the pure commitment to work makes Flatworld Solutions a pro to outsource your offshore labor to. It aims to supply quality outsourcing services to any business. All you have to do give detailed information and directives for handling calls from your customer and Flatworld Solutions will strive to surpass your expectations.

  • Our call answering service will ensure that all your customers are catered to every time they place a call to you.
  • You will experience no ringing-forever or busy or wrongly processed calls ever with the Flatworld Solutions.
  • Your toll-free 800 number will be always manned by polite, efficient staff who will turn your phone calls into a profit-stream with happy customers coming back to you for more.

So outsource your 800 phone answering services right away to Flatworld Solutions and enjoy the profits!



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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