How It Works

You can hire a virtual remote assistant from Flatworld Solutions by following a simple process.

The Process

  1. You tell us your requirements: Firstly, we learn more about your requirements, ensuring that we have completely understood what you are looking for
  2. We find the right virtual assistant for you: Based on your requirements, we find the particular virtual assistant (VA) who would be ideal in meeting your service requirements
  3. SLA and workflow formed: Once we identify the right assistant for you, we design the workflow and reporting processes. A service level agreement (SLA) is created
  4. Commencement of work: Our virtual assistant starts working for you as per your time zone and requirements, once you sign the SLA
  5. We monitor the VA's performance regularly: We constantly monitor the performance of the virtual assistant that you have hired in order to ensure that your tasks are performed as per your requirements
  6. Follow-up: We follow-up with you with regards to your feedback on the performance of the virtual assistant that you hire and address grievances, if any

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