HS code or Harmonized System Code is the lynchpin of international trade. This system of coding allocates a unique ten digit figure to all the products that cross transnational borders through customs routes in different seaports and airports. Toriff was developed by Flatworld Solutions to standardize and simplify the tax levying process in a globally acceptable manner.

The codes are used to ascertain customs duties and trade statistics. So, it is important for all the stakeholders, such as, Customs authorities, Importers, and Exporters to deal with the harmonized tariff code efficiently. Inaccurate codes warrant wrong customs duty and harsh penalties.

Toriff - The Ultimate Coding Solution

Toriff is a simple, self-explanatory piece of HS code lookup software that can help you find out the accurate HS code for any type of product under the sun. Here is a list of some the great features of Toriff, the perfect harmonized commodity description and coding system:

  • Smart Search with Accurate Results

    Suppose you need to know the harmonized commodity code for "knit cotton trousers", all you have to do is to write down the keywords. Within a fraction of a second, Toriff will display the correct result. In case, Toriff is unable to load the exact match, it will come up with a list of all the categories where the specified keywords exist. Toriff's search algorithm is capable of providing you with a powerful refined search option, when the normal search fails to generate the required output.

  • Interactive Search Options

    Retrieving a set of results from the database is not the solitary purpose of this harmonized code lookup package. Its intuitive qualities help you to get the most relevant result. On the basis of keyword density, search results are shown in the descending order. Searching can be continued with ease, just by changing the chapter, even if earlier search results are taken from an incorrect chapter. The use of product properties comes in handy when looking for a product.

  • Synonyms Search

    Jargons used in the HS code for product names can be confusing at times. The "Synonym" feature will help you search for products in everyday language. For example, you can simply type "laptop", instead of "portable automatic data processing machine".

  • Maintains Search History

    A history of all the previous searches and HS code selections are properly maintained for the recurrent validation by Expert Raters. This exercise facilitates to amplify the searching prowess of the software.

  • User Management Conducive to Diverse Roles

    Toriff understands that different clients need distinct categories or chapters and search interfaces. Thus, it will not bother a client dealing in carpets with codes for electronic commodities. Administration of Toriff can be conducted by three roles, namely, Admin, Rater, and Expert Rater. The Expert Rater can make additions to commodity properties and introduce new synonyms. Operating within a particular chapter, Raters can search for products and fix the HS codes.

  • Easy learning mechanism

    Toriff's database can be modified by users for a better outcome. New attributes and synonyms can be added to products for refining the search function. By utilizing the "History" feature, Expert Raters can validate whether Raters have designated the correct HS codes.

Get the Toriff Advantage at Flatworld Solutions

You can count on the superior expertise of the Toriff team at Flatworld Solutions to manage the intricacies of this globally harmonized system. For more details on how to get started with Toriff, get in touch with us today.

If you are looking for off the edge software products customized to your precise requirements, get in touch with our software team today!

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