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Did you know some of the popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, etc. are built using react native?

With Android and iOS operating systems dominating the mobile market from a long time now, businesses usually fall into a dilemma of whether to develop apps which have a better user experience or which have a shorter development cycle and can run on multiple platforms. They end up compromising on one of the ends during mobile app development stage. In such situations react native turns out to be a suitable option for companies.

Thousands of businesses across the globe are using this for developing their apps, including some of the well-established Fortune 500 companies and even some of the new startups. Companies usually look for shorter mobile app development cycles, quick deployment, and amazing performance. All this is provided by the react native hybrid app development and it has proved to be beneficial for many companies across numerous industry sectors.

What is React Native?

React native is a hybrid app development framework which provides the performance of a native app and also the ease of development of a web app. It lets developers build the mobile app using JavaScript and develop it at a faster rate. It easily combines the components written in Java, Objective-C, or Swift. For instance, Facebook's react native app uses a part of the app in react native and a part of it is created using native app development. Some of the benefits of react native apps include -

  • Easy integration with any third-party apps and are compatible with these apps
  • The code written for a particular platform to be reutilized
  • The mobile app development process is made highly efficient
  • Help in developing a great mobile UI
  • Highly portable

Benefits of Using React Native for Your Apps

The use of react native in ads manager app or Facebook's react native app are some of the key examples that can be evaluated while choosing this app for your company app. Hybrid apps help companies to develop the app easily like web apps and get the performance on par to the native apps. Some of the reasons for you to choose it include -

  • Covers iOS and Android - Be it react native for iOS or react native for Android, companies do not have to worry about developing the app for different platforms and can use the same code for multiple operating systems
  • Reusable Components - React native's components are built in such a way that it can be reused for any native platform. All the components have a similar counterpart in react native which allows developers to maintain a consistent look and feel
  • Adding Components is Easy - Any native UI components have the option of adding it to the existing app's code and do not need any code rewriting
  • Highly Efficient - Unlike native app development, react native app development is much more efficient, has higher developer productivity, and lesser time for deployment
  • Third-party Plugin Compatibility - All the third-party plugins are easily compatible with its framework. This means developers need not rely on WebView for certain functions. It also uses less memory and loads much faster

Future of Hybrid App Development

Over the past few years, we have seen mobile app developers from different industries and domains shift towards react native or hybrid app development. Its role in the future of mobile app development can be summarized as below -

  • As it provides a series of benefits to the developers including faster development, code reusability, and quicker loading times, this trend will continue to grow at an exponential rate in 2018
  • The demand for hybrid apps is definitely increasing when compared to native apps, as companies prefer apps which are simpler and compatible with multiple platforms
  • The hybrid apps also allow them to develop the product in a short time and can reach the market before their competitors. This competitive edge has made several big companies to actively choose react native for developing their apps

Hybrid App vs Native App - Which is Better?

Both hybrid apps and native apps have their pros and cons and the companies need to carefully analyze which option will be more beneficial. When it comes to getting a stable and a good performing app, the native apps definitely make a smarter choice. On the other hand, native apps can be easily integrated with other mobile phone features such as camera, calendar, GPS, etc.

But today, most of the companies are looking to develop their apps in the shortest possible time. They also look to develop the apps for multiple platforms at once and try to capture the market at one go before any of their competitors do. For such organizations, react native or hybrid app development is the way to go!

Partner with Flatworld for Custom Hybrid or native Mobile App Development

Flatworld Solutions has been providing quality hybrid app development services and a host of other mobile app development services to global clients. Our experience in the industry of over 20 years has helped us understand different app development methods and its pros and cons. We analyze the client's requirements and then follow a streamlined app development process to create apps that deliver consistent performance time after time. Our team of mobile app developers are skilled, experienced and can assist you with developing react native apps for different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. We have access to the best infrastructure and use the latest mobile app development tools and technologies for developing the apps, to provide quality services at affordable rates.

Therefore, if you are looking for custom mobile app development services, then just get in touch with us today.

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