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If you are not leveraging Magento web development platform to create a user-focused website, you should be. The slack in high-quality user experience can put you at risk of losing your digital audience to the competition. If this is your concern, Magento web development is the answer to building lightning-fast digital touchpoint centered on your audience. Being a highly scalable platform, Magento web development services can make your website interactive and intuitive.

Flatworld Solutions is backed by many years of experience in Magento web development solution. We bring you our Magento web development suite that comprises of custom development services aimed to make you a leader of omnichannel e-commerce ecosystem. Our Magento web developers use qualitative and quantitative methods to develop a website that is truly scalable based on your business need.

Magento Web Development Services We offer

If you are unwilling to bet your money on partially delivering web development companies, then join hands with us. Flatworld Solutions is a name that is synonymous with trust. Being an experienced Magento e-commerce development company we develop solutions that can transform any vapid websites into a client magnet. In the fast-paced digital world, users are not going to stick around unless you have an irresistible value proposition. We know this better than anybody else. Which is why we offer the following services as part of Magento web development -

Magento Website Development

1. Magento Website Development
Think next-level web experience, think FWS because we offer a comprehensive Magento web development solutions that cover the need of your online business. You can customize user experience by giving your audience the complete control over how they view and interact with elements on your e-commerce site. All this is possible at a fraction of the cost when you outsource Magento website development services to us.

Magento Custom Module Development

2. Magento Custom Module Development
Empower your existing website with our Magento custom module development services. If you want to include additional functionality without impacting the performance. You can trust our Magento web developers to design modules that improve the functionality and performance in leaps and bounds.

Magento Theme Development

3. Magento Theme Development
Give your website a distinct visual makeover with Magento theme development. We have a team of UX designers and Magento developers who collaborate to understand user behavior on digital touchpoint. By gathering qualitative data, we customize the theme to not only attract more eyeballs but also to urge users to take the next step in business. Our visually pronounced themes can make your e-commerce website stand out rather than blending in.

Magento Site Migration and Support

4. Magento Site Migration and Support
To avoid botched up migration you will need a well-thought approach so that your search engine visibility is unaffected. This is where we come in. With Magento site migration and support, you can migrate your site without losing traffic and revenue. Our support team will keep a keen eye on search engine analytics data to monitor documentation every time you change the content, UX, platform, design, etc.

Responsive Magento Website with Mobile App Development

5. Responsive Magento Website with Mobile App Development
You can provide a refreshing shopping experience to your clients by choosing FWS' Magento website and mobile app development service. As part of this service, we develop a completely customized native application based on Magento platform. This solution will enable you to flesh out the complete functionality of your digital business by facilitating desktop-like experience on native mobile platform such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Custom Extensions Development

6. Custom Extensions Development
Broadening the functionality of your website to customize the experience is now easier with FWS' custom extension development. You can let users choose the functionality they prefer by harnessing the cohesive property between multiple web technologies.

Magento Web Development Process We Follow

We, at Flatworld Solutions, are an experienced Magento website development company that believes in bringing quick results by transforming your investment into measurable results. To achieve this, the first step we take is to make the process transparent. This way you can see how we handle Magento web development from inception to completion. We make no exception to ensuring that your website works as intended. After you outsource Magento web development services, we take the following steps to handle your requirement -

Requirement Analysis  

01. Requirement Analysis

We work side-by-side with you to collect, analyze, and interpret your requirements and objectives

Project Design  

02. Project Design

We plan a cost-efficient strategy that is ideal for your budget size by making best utilization of resources and accounting any accompanying risks, constraints, and assumptions

Project Planning  

03. Project Planning

We inform you the project roadmap including the estimated time, and resource requirements after a thorough estimation along with the cost. Additionally, we assign the project to a team of competent Magento developers

Web Development  

04. Web Development

By following the finalized design, we commence coding operations to develop a feature-rich website that will be integrated with your needs

Testing Website Elements  

05. Testing Website Elements

We benchmark each module developed by our team to ensure expected performance using a variety of test suites and test plans

Project Feedback & Revision  

06. Project Feedback & Revision

We collect feedback from your end and make revisions (if any). After gaining your approval and satisfaction the web development project is completed and queued for deployment

Website Deployment  

07. Website Deployment

We help you deploy the solution developed by us at your end as well as provide necessary back-end support to make maintenance seamless

Training and Support  

08. Training and Support

We train your back-end team to troubleshoot and run routine maintenance to ensure optimum performance

Why Choose Magento Web Development Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a reputed provider of a Magento web development services in India with service footprint that is already spread across 150+ nations worldwide. By choosing Magento web development you can make your business visible across search engines to increase customer interaction and revenue. We offer an array of reasons why you choose Magento web development and they are as follows -

  • Certifications

    We are an ISO certified web application and software development company that is actively involved in top-tier web development projects for small, medium, and large businesses

  • Data Security

    We understand that Magento web development involves confidential and mission-critical processes and data. So, we ensure compliance of our web development teams with the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the commencement of the project. We are ever-vigilant about security risks and have taken robust measures to prevent your data and codes from falling into wrong hands

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We make no exceptions in quality control of web development projects. After the development phase, we use testing suites to ensure the end user's expectations are met and all features on your site are operational under various testing parameter

  • Short Turnaround

    If you require completion of the project within stipulated time we can meet your goals in a timely manner. You can save 35% of the time spent on optimizing your website by outsourcing Magento web development to us

  • Scalability

    When your website ages, it may become essential to keep up with the new e-commerce trends. By using Magento web development you can scale up in no time. Without spending extra, you can get the best results by revamping your site from the ground up

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Our clients like us because we offer flexibly priced solutions that are ideal for you if you have budget constraints. While other developing companies are busy minting money with a slow rate of delivery, we aim to complete the project in the shortest time to save you from the stress of depleting budget

  • Single-point Contact

    No more scouting for members in the upper hierarchy. At the project outset, we assign a dedicated project handler who will assist you throughout the project. You can provide inputs and get information when needed without a tentative wait

  • Experienced Team of Magento Web Developers, Project Managers, and Testing Experts

    With a team of 200+ professionals comprising of certified web designer associate (CWDSA), certified web developer associate (CWDA), certified web administrator associate (CWAA), and certified webmasters (CWM) we handle Magento web development with utmost professionalism. Our team possess over 10 years of experience in HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JS, and JSON

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have a world-class infrastructure that houses advanced web development tools, testing technology, and skilled developers. All that in an access-controlled project development facility that is well-equipped to maintain the project confidentiality

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Send your project files and data without hassles by using our secure FTP and VPN. Our data sharing networks are routinely cleansed and monitored to ensure your data is handled in a secure way

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can get help when you need by phone call, email, or online chat. We are available 24x7x365 basis so that we are never too far when you need training or support. Our team is ready to serve you by being available at your local time zone on tap

Magento Web Development Tools

Enhanced Admin Product Grid FireGento Debug Magento Developer Toolbar MageTool Percona Toolkit WATIR Xdebug Z-Ray for Magento

Client Success Stories

FWS Developed an e-commerce website for Multinational Client

FWS Developed an e-commerce Website for a Successful APAC Socks Manufacturer and Retailer

The client did not have a digital presence, so, we were elected to design a fully-functional, secure, and SEO-friendly e-commerce website for their business growth, with a client-focused interface.

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FWS developed Web Portal for World's Largest Logistics Company

FWS developed a Bilingual OpenCart e-commerce Website for Canadian Boat Manufacturer

Flatworld used OpenCart and HostGator to develop a fully functional e-commerce site in English & French. The client's needed integration of payment gateway along with accurate currency conversion and automatic tax calculator.

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Outsource Magento Web Development Services to FWS - The Leader in Software Development


I can't say enough about the excellent work that Flatworld Solutions have done on our website. They took a below-average website and transformed it into an appealing and informative website. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The designer listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. There were minor problems along the way; these were sorted out quickly and efficiently. We are looking forward to working with them on future projects. Anyone seeking a reference can call me anytime. You would be extremely unwise to overlook such a dedicated and professional team.

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Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified software development services company with 12 years of experience in various development projects. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in Magento web development. Our development practices encompass high-performance web development tools with updated modules.

We follow a tried and tested framework that shortens the time to deployment while boosting the click-through and conversion on your site. We are specialists at providing comprehensive support to launch or optimize a high-performance e-commerce website that is SEO friendly, customer-focused, and easily visible across search engines. We also provide other development services such as mobile app development, software testing, infrastructure management service, and more.

Contact us now cost-effective Magento web development services to connect and convert your digital audience.

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