Remote Monitoring Services

Remote monitoring is nowadays increasingly being used to provide secure and real-time monitoring of a company's physical infrastructure. If properly utilized, remote monitoring services can act as useful IT management tools at a fraction of the maintenance cost.

At Flatworld Solutions, our proactive remote monitoring system offers you significant peace of mind when it comes to your IT infrastructure's health and maintenance. As a result, your technical staff gets enough time to focus on other core issues, thereby significantly improving their performance. Our services guarantee a swift and timely response to all IT issues without any major downtime. From sending emails and reminders, to diagnosing issues before they become potential threats, to logging all events as per the service agreement, our remote monitoring services can help you increase your business productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Our Service Portfolio - Remote Monitoring

Our 24/7 remote monitoring and management services act as perfect primary or secondary support for your IT infrastructure. Our trained professionals monitor the status of your systems continuously in order to diagnose, notify, and resolve all problems instantaneously without hampering any day-to-day work.

Our remote monitoring and management services include -

Application Monitoring


Network Monitoring


Website Monitoring


Server Monitoring


  1. Application Monitoring

    Our remote application monitoring services are suitable for a variety of platforms including Windows, MAC, UNIX, Linux etc. and our remote monitoring administrators ensure your applications not only function properly, but also deliver a superior end-user experience. By monitoring typical web based transactions such as customer logins, purchase and cart order fulfillment, filling of web forms, and other user interactions, we can provide exceptional application monitoring with intervals set from 5 minutes to 1 hour, as per your request. Features include -

    • Immediate error detection with a three-step independent verification process
    • In-depth monitoring and verification for MD5 checksums, missing strings, etc.
    • Multi-step scripts to run applications and check for errors
    • Robust event log monitoring
    • Remote desktop monitoring including all installed applications
    • User-friendly maintenance schedules so as to ensure minimum downtime
  2. NOC Network Monitoring

    Our 24/7, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) helps to monitor all your network devices, routers, switches, etc. with the help of trained network administrators and operators. We understand that proper network maintenance in an IT environment requires actively monitoring and filtering thousands of network alerts, troubleshooting problems, and finally fixing them as soon as possible. Our NOC operators proactively safeguard your network and IT infrastructure, reducing network downtime, thereby having a direct effect on your business productivity and ROI. Our NOC network monitoring features include -

    • Multi-metric monitoring for bandwidth utilization, link status, etc.
    • Monitoring for network connected UPS, generators, and environmental information such as temperature, airflow etc.
    • Extensive support for Syslog and SNMP traps
    • PCI DSS and SSAE16 Certified processes
  3. Website Monitoring

    A poorly performing website or one which suddenly becomes unavailable or goes offline can have a negative impact on your business, especially if online presence is critical for your business to perform well. Flatworld's remote website monitoring services are ideal if you require an NOC partner who not only alerts you regarding your website's performance at regular intervals, but also takes necessary steps in order to ensure your website is always up and running. Some of the features of our website monitoring services include -

    • Performing synthetic transactions to mimic actual traffic such as loading web page, logging in, file downloading, etc. This further ensures web servers and security mechanisms are working properly
    • Performance website monitoring and full-page website monitoring
    • Instant alerts using SMS, Emails, etc.
    • In-depth performance reports including DNS resolution time, connection time, and redirect time for all monitored webpages
  4. Server Monitoring

    Our remote server monitoring services help to easily manage and diagnose your virtual, physical and even hybrid cloud server infrastructures, while ensuring increased server uptime and reliability. Our server administrators are trained to monitor, analyze and configure database servers, internet servers, mail servers, etc. on 24/7 basis, resolving issues before they turn into major problems. Features include -

    • Monitoring Linux, Unix, Solaris and Windows servers
    • Web server monitoring including HTTP checks
    • Robust remote monitoring software and APIs for monitoring, configuring, and providing easy notification access

Benefits of Using Our Trusted Remote Monitoring System

Flatworld Solutions has been a leading provider of website, application, network, and server remote monitoring services for the past 20 years. With delivery centers all over the globe, we can guarantee you responsive, round-the-clock remote monitoring support with the following value-added benefits -

  • A simple, single location remote monitoring system for managing IT infrastructure, providing user support, performing routine upgrades, etc. without any hassle
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtimes especially for organizations located at multiple locations by providing a dedicated, centralized support for all your requirements
  • Highly scalable practices ensure we are always ready to push ahead with rapid IT deployment, wherever you are
  • Tried and tested processes which ensure highly cost-effective business practices while cutting IT costs
  • Increased security with the help of continuous backdoor patching, regular updates for software and websites, foolproof server maintenance and remote backups whenever required
  • Improved employee and customer interaction owing to stable and well managed IT infrastructure
  • 24/7 support from highly trained and experienced NOC operators and administrators

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Reliable Remote Monitoring Services

Over the years, the top priority for our Infrastructure Management and NOC services has been to ensure a stable and healthy IT infrastructure for our clients' network, servers, applications, websites, etc., ensuring they can focus on their core deliverables while our NOC operators focus on the background tasks.

At Flatworld Solutions, our NOC operators focus on the background tasks to ensure a stable and efficient IT infrastructure for our clients' network, servers, applications, websites, etc., ensuring their core deliverables are met at all times. With us remotely monitoring your IT assets, you eliminate the risk of revenue and credibility loss, while enjoying significantly better ROI and extensive cost savings. We also provide Managed IT Services, Dynamics set up & customization services, Server monitoring services, and much more.

Contact us now to learn more about our remote monitoring services and how they have helped countless global businesses over the past years!

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Remote Monitoring Services FAQs

  • What does remote monitoring mean?

    It's a process where the IT systems are remotely monitored by a third-party remote monitoring services provider who supervises and controls desktops, servers, and networked devices.

  • How does remote monitoring work?

    The internet allows third-party remote monitoring experts to establish secure connections with the service receiver. This way, their infrastructure is remotely monitored from a secure ODC.