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Stellar Development Services

Get access to world-class Stellar development services according to your customized business needs at prices starting at $20/hour

Today, as leading banking and non-banking financial institutions are turning to Stellar, large and small businesses are riding along with the wave for secure, cheaper, and lightning-fast transactions across borders. Ever since its launch in 2014, the scale of application and integration of Stellar has been expeditious, to say the least.

Flatworld has established itself as a pre-eminent Stellar Development company in India. We have curated a team of some of the best blockchain experts in the industry to cater to all your Stellar development and support needs. So, if you think it's time to step up and advance along the lines of your business transactions, join hands with us to build a robust Stellar payment network.

Our Stellar Development Services

Stellar is more than just a payment network, a blockchain channel, or a transactional application. Studded with veterans from the industry, our team at Flatworld recognizes that Stellar's functionalities as a protocol are only limited by a business's scope of applications. And hence, we tailor our solutions to the unique needs of businesses.

Here are the main categories of Stellar development that our services cater to -

  1. Stellar Development Services

    Stellar Development Services

    Being one of the broadest categories, this is also the bestseller bracket of services at Flatworld. Our expert team of professionals is best known for a range of solutions right from IEO, ICO, STO development to blockchain and hyper ledger development. We also help in building Decentralized Finance networks and Crypto Lending Platforms.

  2. Smart Contract Auditing Services

    Smart Contract Auditing Services

    A small, unnoticed bug can lead to dysfunctionalities in your Stellar applications and lead to major losses in the long run. Our team is trained and experienced in vetting out networks to provide accurate and reliable audit reports. Moreover, we are one among the handful of Stellar development service provider companies that also offer ISO Auditor training to your internal team handling the infrastructure.

  3. Stellar Consulting Services

    Stellar Consulting Services

    These services include studying your businesses' financial and transactional history, scalability expectations, and helping you develop a strategic pathway through the Stellar ecosystem that can best amplify your profit potentials.

  4. Stellar Blockchain API

    Stellar Blockchain API

    A Stellar blockchain API completely decentralizes your information transfer and communication systems, not just between data providers and consumers but also between APIs of different software across the channel. This involves using Stellar's client-facing API server, Horizon along with different SDKs, to develop a backbone for the financial tools and blockchain apps we develop for your network.

  5. Stellar App Development

    Stellar App Development

    Whether you want a simple peer-to-peer payment app, a slightly more complicated asset digitization app, or an elaborate platform for sharing economy, our team always brings the best of strategy and specialized unique solutions to the table.

  6. Stellar Wallet and Token Development

    Stellar Wallet and Token Development

    Your Stellar wallet is the safest place to store digital currency and a convenient way to move funds across digital channels. Tokens, on the other hand, help to create track of that currency or any arbitrary asset. Our developers are experienced in creating safe wallet applications and custom tokens on your Stellar network.

  7. Smart Contract Development

    Smart Contract Development

    Stellar Smart Contracts or SSCs formalize and secure relationships over digital networks. We develop such sophisticated codes by leveraging features like multi-signature sequence, batching, time bounds, and by integrating them with network nodes.

  8. Stellar Design and Architecture Support

    Stellar Design and Architecture Support

    For your technical execution requirements, our expert strategic management and design teams join forces to offer complete architectural support needed for Stellar development or upgrading.

Our Stellar Development Process

We moderate and modify our work methodology according to your personalized Stellar development needs. However, to give you an idea of how we work here's a step-by-step overview of the process followed -


01. Requirement Analysis

We conduct several team discussions and then multiple technical analyses to reach a sound judgment regarding the most appropriate course of action for proceeding with the Stellar framework


02. Architecture and Design

Once a mutually consented strategy is established, our Stellar architects and developers design a structural roadmap that can best reach the goal of optimized and customized solutions


03. Application/Wallet/Network Development

Next follows the main development process. Here's where the integration of applications, tools, and technologies begins to meet your custom business needs


04. Testing

Having a product in hand is only the beginning of producing a furnished, polished end-result. Besides the basic interactive, automated, and system testing, our product goes through several specialized phases of testing


05. Deployment

Once all parties and stakeholders are satisfied with the testing results, deployment takes place in three stages: environment deployment, production deployment, and finally going live


06. Support and Maintenance

Finally, we make sure to be at your beck and call for any support you need after the deployment. From migration to repairs and upgrades, we'll have your system's back

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Stellar Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Over the years of our operations in the IT industry, we have earned a name that's synonymous with competency, timeliness, and class-apart results. Behind this name, are these pillars of our Stellar development services, that make us the best in the market, and also ideal for your project -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our Stellar development services are priced very affordably, ensuring that you always get more than your money's worth when you work with us.

  • 5 Years of Experience in Stellar development

    Our experience spans 5+ years of cross-functional services in not only blockchain but also related IT services. Our immense expertise in this field gives us an edge as the foremost Stellar development company in India.

  • Proficiency with Tools and Technologies

    Stellar development requires knowledge and expertise of specialized tools and technologies. Our team of experts has mastered working with tools like Stellar Core, Horizon, Federation Server, Bridge Server, and more.

  • Variety in Application Development

    With Flatworld's adept guidance and support, you will never run out of solutions for your application needs and problems. From remittances, micropayments, mobile agency branching to custom mobile finance, we cater to all your business needs.

  • Global Prominence

    Right from our international partners, global open-source contribution sponsors, to our loyal base of diversified clientele, we have ensured that our prominence and brand reputation precedes us across the world.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our end-products are finalized only after running them through meticulous testing processes. Our consistency in quality has been fundamental to our growth in the industry and of several successful Stellar blockchain projects.

Client Success Stories

FWS Created an App to Download and Play Songs from Popular Music Streaming Services

FWS Created an App to Download and Play Songs from Popular Music Streaming Services

We developed a high-performance and feature-rich music app to help users download and edit songs from many popular music streaming web services.

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FWS Created a Feature-rich App to Help Our Client Analyze Huge Amounts of Data

FWS Created a Feature-rich App to Help Our Client Analyze Huge Amounts of Data

A leading logistics and transportation firm required an app to help them analyze large amounts of customer feedback data. We developed a feature-rich app based on Power BI at cost-effective prices.

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We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program.

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Outsource Stellar Development Services To Flatworld Solutions

Stellar was designed to bring all of the world's transactions on a single, efficient, and secure network. As a Stellar development service providing company, our team at Flatworld works in accordance with this agenda on any project. We prioritize creating a scalable, robust, and resilient Stellar ecosystem that can build a foundation for our clients' business development.

Are you looking for a reliable Stellar development service provider to trust the future of your international transactions with? Your search ends here. Reach out to us today to build your own Stellar payment network and start scaling your business.

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