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As technology is becoming one of the prominent aspects of the service industry, new technological solutions are being developed at an accelerating pace. Every business is focusing on developing and leveraging pioneering technological solutions which can help it gain an edge over its competitors. 2017 can clearly be regarded as the year of new technology trends and one of the top buzzwords that dominated this year is "IoT" (Internet of Things).

Defined as a network of physically connected devices capable of accumulating data from their surroundings in a semi-structured or unstructured form, the Internet of Things is one of the newest ways of collecting the customer information. The data collected by these physically connected devices is put under analysis to derive resourceful insights along with the vital information on how to improve the customer service. IoT was among the top ten strategic trends of 2017, and some of these new trends have already started emerging and might dominate the technological space in the coming year, 2018. One such trend is "Ambient User Experience".

What is Ambient User Experience?

Ambient User Experience, as the name suggests, is an experience which customers will be provided for easing out their problems. It would be a sort of experience that will subtly align with the users' expectations. It can be comprehended as a design applied to the context in which the users get the required things done in the course of using an online website.

As per the concepts of "Ambient User Experience", the business websites would be integrated with advanced elements and features, which would be regarded as the elements of Ambience. So, the ambient user experience will be one of its kind experiences that users will get on the websites, mobile devices and at many other places to simplify their tasks, and to deliver them the services they are looking for in a technology advanced manner. With a cardinal focus on expanding the endpoints, which people use for accessing the information and applications, the Ambient User Experience aims to facilitate the immersive environments delivering the amalgamated version of virtual and augmented reality.

IoT and Ambient User Experience

In order to deliver the Ambient User Experience IoT plays a significant role. The IoT network enables the mobile apps developers, wearable device manufacturers and others to deliver the ambient user experience.

Here are the top 5 opportunities in IoT and key takeaways of IoT and Ambient User Experience -

  1. IoT Paving the Way for Ambient User Experience

    When the diverse technology systems and devices work together for gathering data, the ambient user experience occurs. Such systems interact seamlessly while adapting to the users' needs on the basis of the context in which they are being used. Such systems may or may not need the human touch. Owing to the proliferation of the IoT, the Ambient User Experience seems like a reality now. As per Gartner, the Ambient User Experience is going to be one of the top strategic technology trends, which possess the power to transform the way we use and interact with the technology. For Ambient User Experience to become a reality, it needs the support from the network of physical objects which contain the embedded technology for communicating and sensing or interacting with the external environment or with their internet states.

  2. IoT's Device Mesh is the Foundation of Ambient User Experience

    The device mesh (connected devices) creates the foundation of the new, innovative and ambient user experience. The immersive environments, delivering the virtual and augmented reality hold great potential, but are only one aspect of the entire ambient user experience. This experience is anticipated to flow seamlessly across the shifting set of connected devices and the interaction channels, blending the electronic, virtual and physical environment, as the user moves from location to the other.

  3. Mobile Apps and the Ambient User Experience

    While designing the avant-garde and next-gen mobile apps remain one of the most vital strategic focus for the enterprises worldwide, but most of them are now emphasizing on incorporating the ambient user experience through their mobile apps being used by individuals over mobile devices, tablets, and wearable smart devices. Some experts are saying that the leading edge of the mobile app design will be focused on providing an inimitable experience which flows seamlessly and exploits the different smart devices, including common objects such as automobiles, electronic appliances as well as IoT sensors. It has also been anticipated that designing these advanced user experiences will become a significant differentiator for the enterprises and the ISVs (Independent software Vendors) alike by the year 2018.

  4. Device and Platform Independent User Experience

    The developers of Ambient User Experience want to deliver an experience that allows seamless transition for users out of one facility to the other, without requiring human intervention. The Ambient User Experience focuses on automatically communicating and connecting the preferences of users without their inputs. Imagine leaving your home for work in the morning and your phone automatically switches the music that you were listening to from the Bluetooth sound bar of your mobile/iPod to the car's radio automatically. Then, when you reach the office elevator, your desk powers up, your phone unlocks the door and your workstation displays your schedule for the day!

    This is what the Ambient User Experience is all about. Its device independent, platform independent and location independent - it is everywhere. All it needs is the support of the connected device's network.

  5. Ambient User Experience Is Going To Change the Way We Live

    The ambient user experience is soon going to change the way we live, work and complete our day to day tasks. It will enable a smart environment around us, in which, you will get everything as per your preferences and requirements. Imagine, you reach a hotel and book a room as soon as you enter the hotel room, your comfort profile changes the air conditioning settings and the lighting levels while configuring the computer on the desk with access to your content along with personal preferences.

    The concept of smart homes, where you will have automatically adjustable lightings, air conditioning, security, etc. is the part of ambient user experience. As soon as you reach the home, your door gets unlocked automatically and the air conditioner switches on.

    The Ambient User Experience has been regarded as one of the most powerful technology trends in the coming years, and every technology firm will be busy in determining ways to introduce ambient user experience in their services.

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