Harmonized System Classification

For smooth trading of goods across countries, the World Customs Organization has set up an international system of names and numbers to classify products that are traded. This system is known as the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). Every good that is traded, is assigned a ten-digit code, which is meant for the classification and identification of the good, while it is being imported or exported.

What We Do at Flatworld Solutions

As part of the customs brokerage support services we provide HS classification (rating). For every good that is traded, we find the harmonized system code depending on the category or sub-category it belongs to. We use a mix of technology and relevant experience to ensure accurate rating at a minimal cost.


On the technology front we have developed a software called "FindmyHS" which helps us in identifying the right HS code number for every given description. This software has been made exclusively for the Canadian Customs Brokers; however, it could easily be customized for other countries as well.


  • Accurate rating at significantly lower cost
  • Our 24x7 operations help us serve you at any time
  • Our wide range of customs brokerage support services help you focus on your business without worrying about the operations
  • Our expertise in serving Canadian Customs Brokers for over 11 years helps us understand your business requirement and provide you a solution that suits your requirements
  • A single-point contact for all other customs brokerage services, including PARS entry, B3 Forms Building, NAFTA verification, etc.

More About the HS Code

The code aids in compiling trade statistics and determining the tariff that should be charged as customs duty. The harmonized system code groups goods into 5,000 categories and sub-categories. It is followed in most countries that participate in the international trading of goods. This system of coding aids in streamlined trading of goods across nations.

If you are looking for accurate B3 form building services, which encompass HS classification services as well, we are ready to help you.

Contact us to outsource your HS code classification service requirements.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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