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UiPath Consulting Services

Develop and implement UiPath RPA tools to boost the operational efficiency of your business at prices starting at $20/hour

One of the strongest pillars of digital transformation has been Robotic Process Automation (RPA); a technology that takes off the burden of mundane, repetitive tasks off the workforce and assigns it to the robots that can accomplish the same in a fraction of time with multiplied accuracy. UiPath, one of the world's most sought-after RPA tools, is best known for its ease-of-use and efficiency in automating small to enterprise-level business processes.

At Flatworld, we recognize that the key to the successful execution of a UiPath Robotic Process Automation project is a team with cross-functional prowess in advisory, planning, investigation, implementation, as well as knowledge transfer. And that is exactly what we offer. If you are ready to take the next step towards enhancing and automating your core business processes, let us help you get started with our UiPath consulting services.

UiPath Consulting Services We Offer

UiPath consulting is a broad category and the scope of its services is limitless. As a complete UiPath Consulting services providing company, we do much more than strategizing and formulating a roadmap for efficient business process automation and modeling. Our expertise spans a varied range of specializations including the following -

  1. UIPath Consulting Services

    UiPath Consulting Services

    Our consulting services include investigating business operations, operational speed and cost assessment, and evaluation of the right use case for your unique business needs. Further, we help in UiPath implementation roadmap planning, strategy formulation, process definition, and establishing a simplified governing structure to make things easier for you.

  2. UiPath Implementation Services

    UiPath Implementation Services

    Our UiPath implementation services include a wide range of development and execution-focused solutions. We deliver attended and unattended software bots that can seamlessly take over repetitive tasks meanwhile also saving you time and money.

  3. UiPath Management and Troubleshooting Services

    UiPath Management and Troubleshooting Services

    To ensure an undisturbed upward growth graph, it is crucial to keep monitoring and upgrading your UiPath software and bots. Our UiPath management and troubleshooting services cater to medium to large scale enterprises with hundreds of implemented RPA projects so that your digital workforce never falters.

  4. Robot Design and Configuration Consultancy

    Robot Design and Configuration Consultancy

    This service involves working with the classic software-study and application manipulation approach. We analyze the scope of your business, your system software, explore the various possibilities of enabling a robot to automate your processes, and offer expert consultation based on the optimum design and configuration to achieve your goals.

  5. UiPath Installation and Deployment Support

    UiPath Installation and Deployment Support

    For businesses that have specialized RPA teams of their own, we also offer UiPath consulting services in installation and deployment. Our team of expert professionals offers support with both, UiPath Studio and Orchestrator configuration so that you have the groundwork ready for your project before you roll.

  6. End-to-End RPA Project Development

    End-to-End RPA Project Development

    Whether you need chatbot implementation services for lead collection and consumer guidance, cloud integration on a single virtual environment, or machine learning support to help your systems learn from an accumulated data set, when it comes to UiPath solutions, our team is experienced in all things automation!

  7. RPA Audits and Health Checks

    RPA Audits and Health Checks

    This involves thorough investigation and mitigation practices. We assess your business model, calculate the risks involved in automating a particular platform, project, or process, study your organization's automation strategy, and evaluate how the entire process will comply with the IT requirements.

  8. Digital Team Organization and Management

    Digital Team Organization and Management

    No matter how efficient, a robot is still a robot and needs human supervision. Our digital team management experts take care of your UiPath projects, post-implementation, and make sure they attain maximum productivity.

Flatworld's UiPath Consulting Methodology

At Flatworld, we highly value our work ethics and methodology. The organized and optimized nature of our workflow has played a key role in our success in the industry. While most of our consultation services revolve around multiple meetings with clients, understanding their needs, devising a strategy, and employing it, our specialized implementation and development projects are worked on with a laser-focused, separate plan. The following is a framework of our end-to-end RPA project development work methodology -


01. Data Collection and Strategy Formulation

We conduct multiple workshops with our clients to ensure that we have data and inputs from all the parties concerned before we design a strategy suitable for your RPA project


02. Project Development

Once we have a plan in place, our hybrid team of software architects, developers, and RPA experts work in co-ordinated, simultaneous phases to ensure that the result is synergic


03. Testing and Troubleshooting

Next follows the exhaustive phase of testing and troubleshooting. Our team is proficient with conducting efficiency and accuracy checks using the UiPath Testing Suite


04. Deployment

Once every party is convinced that the bot is time, cost, and accuracy-efficient, we help you in the implementation and deployment of the application


05. Post-Deployment Management

We also offer UiPath services in management and upgradation after the application/bot is live. Our 24/7 customer support is always there to cater to any case of emergency and issues

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld As Your UiPath Consulting Service Provider?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and thousands of successful collaborations with some of the most technologically advanced companies worldwide, Flatworld has emerged as a leading light in robotic process automation. Out of the several reasons why you should avail of our UiPath service, here are a few notable ones -

  • Brand of Global Prominence

    Actions speak louder than words and, in our case, our satisfied global clientele does. Over the years we have grown to emerge not only as one of the best UiPath service providers in India but across the globe.

  • 100% Success Rate

    A lot of businesses hesitate to build their UiPath bot team because of the investment risks involved if the implementation is not done right. With Flatworld's 100% success rate, you can rest assured that you will receive a rapid return on investment.

  • Cost Reduction and Optimization

    Besides offering some of the most competent service packages in the industry, we also help you save money by integrating cost reduction strategies in our development projects. Our focus is to reallocate those valuable funds for more rewarding processes to maximize smart profits.

  • Accuracy and Quality Assurance

    Our processes and products are all designed by international standards quality compliance so when you avail of our services you can always be sure of getting nothing but the best.

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I am highly impressed by your attention to detail that is reflected in your superb quality of service. Thank you!!

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Why waste invaluable time, money, and resources when you can have bots developed, implemented, and managed to do the same at a minimized cost and a promise of maximized profit? UiPath tools can have a multi-dimensional enhancing effect on your business processes right from improving productivity and extensibility, to code quality and a lot more. At Flatworld, we are committed to exploiting that potential to create solutions that ensure that the utility of your human resources can be concentrated on higher-value tasks.

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UI Path Consulting Services FAQs

  • What is UIPath?

    UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor providing a complete software platform to help entities efficiently and effectively automate business processes.

  • What are the key features of sequences in UiPath?

    Sequences are the smallest type of project that are suitable for linear processes as they enable the movement from one activity to another seamlessly, and act as a single block activity.