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Is your business ready to take the next big step towards a smart cloud-based technology? If yes, IoT is the silver bullet you need to have a connected infrastructure in business. Being a focal point of innovation, IoT as a Service has much to offer. As IoT continues to flourish in many ways, it is becoming a mainstay choice for transforming the way in which businesses like yours leverage IoT as a Service.

Flatworld Solutions can offer IoT as a service to systematically address challenges in your business. From deploying sensors that pick signals to deriving insights from smartly engineered platforms, we are thrusting the power of IoT in the hands of businesses like yours. Our solutions can enable you to act on new data and use advanced intelligence for better decision making.

IoT Services We offer

Flatworld Solutions is a company that is uniquely positioned to help you enhance your business value through IoT development services. Our IoT solutions can empower your business through connected experience by allowing operations, assets, and services to efficiently function as a unit. Despite having skills in engineering high-quality IoT solutions we focus on niche segments that will fuel your business growth.

Our focus area is as follows -

  • End-to-end Interfacing Protocol

    Using this protocol your IoT gadgets can pull data from other smart gadgets running protocols such as CoAP, MQTT, etc. In enterprises when users connect to a network via gadgets, the TCP/IP address is acquired to notify servers about its presence within the network. The gadget will be provided a uniform layer to interface with the platform.

  • Event Handling Solution

    IoT environments are a hub of smart sensors and devices that are constantly sensing events to register and transmit the data to larger and more complex processing units. To handle a stream of Hard Data you will need a large event processing platform to interpret the complex events and act on the input. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide a unique framework that can process Hard Data in real-time by matching the pace at which data is harvested.

  • Cloud Storage and Data Management

    The data harvested from IoT environments must to stored and processed efficiently. To this end, we provide the Cloud storage facility as well as CEP engine so that the Hard Data collected by IoT devices can be effectively preserved and processed for future needs. Leveraging the Cloud will end your woes tied to storage, access, and management of data where multiple infrastructures are typically needed.

  • Scenario Testing in IoT

    To test the durability of applications integrated with standard software development you will need scenario testing. Flatworld provides a robust framework that reiterates events that are handled by the CEP engine by leveraging dynamic programming language and advanced event processing platforms. Our solution will replicate test scenarios hinged on historical data to detect Boolean conditions registered by IoT devices.

  • Advanced Real-time Analytics Solution

    In the wake of stiff competition in the market more organizations are drawn towards real-time analytics for rolling out successful IoT projects. By harnessing the power of our model analytics and reports you can efficiently utilize real-time intelligence harvested by your IoT devices. This enables you to handle even the toughest mission-critical problems with lightning-fast efficiency.

  • Data Security and Integrity Solution

    With IoT devices poised to touch 50 billion by 2020, the industry is making its finest stride by growing its footprint across all major segments such as enterprise, home, and industries. This also calls the attention to the security of personnel and mission-critical data. Flatworld's IoT as a service can take care of potential risks by encrypting and signing data collected from IoT topologies. We proactively prevent unapproved sharing of data between system and devices.

IoT Process We Follow

We enable adaptation of industrial internet of things services across all segments with ease by following an efficient framework. Our solution will ensure transparency in IoT implementation in your business all the way until project completion. Here are the process steps we follow as part of IoT as a service topology -

Strategy Development  

01. Strategy Development

We provide support for planning complex business model by using scenarios and assessing collaboration with partners and stakeholders

Formulation of Business Design  

02. Formulation of Business Design

We help you design services from the ground up. We also take care of BPR by understanding critical needs and focus of your business

Analysis of Data & Modeling  

03. Analysis of Data & Modeling

Be it a product, equipment, or personnel, we provide a complete project mapping that is crucial to building a reliable business model. We also provide data analysis to interpret the Hard Data with precision

Designing & Building System  

04. Designing & Building System

We help to implement a proof of concept (PoC) to design a system that adheres to compliances. We aid in IoT platform implementation along with system and application development support

Operations and Maintenance  

05. Operations and Maintenance

From new process/service to platform operation, we offer a comprehensive support to back your teams with the best resources to ensure operational efficiency

Why Hire Flatworld Solutions for IoT of a Service?

With a team of skilled IoT engineers, we streamline a range of tasks from productization to operationalization and everything in between. We enhance the connectivity of IoT devices to enhance your business functionality. We gather data through connected devices and enterprises systems to identify areas that require optimization. We have a range of IoT solutions to improve collaboration and efficiency in the long run. When you outsource internet of things services (IoTasS) you can avail a list of benefits that are as follows -

  • Certifications

    Being a leader among internet of things companies we understand the importance of adhering to the stringent standards. To this end, we have invested time and efforts to be ISO certified. Our high-quality risk management measures have earned us merits to meet international quality standards.

  • Data Security

    We have a team that is fully compliant with the confidentiality policy. Our IoT specialists are professionals who are signatories of the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and are legally obligated to handle your project with discretion. Additionally, we are also conformant to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard of information security management ensuring a complete peace of mind.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization we meet the quality standards of the industry in every stage of the project. After implementing IoT as a Service across your enterprise or business, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that the resulting performance aligns with your expectation.

  • Short Turnaround

    By joining hands with us you can reduce the time to deployment by 35%. We save you from any accompanying hassles by shortening the time between project outsourcing and its completion.

  • Scalability

    We know that businesses are constantly looking for ways to scale up as consumption and technology evolve. But not many are equipped to keep with the pace at which industry is growing. When you join hands with the internet of things as a service company like ours we bridge the gap that you have been longing to fill without incurring additional expense.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Working with us is easy as we do not impose up-front charges. You can get a free-quote and affordably priced services without compromising the quality.

  • Single-point Contact

    We understand your concerns when you are being placed in a tentative wait to hear from subject matter experts. To spare you from further hassles we assign a dedicated representative who will work alongside to respond and provide support in an instant. This way, concerns (if any) are quickly resolved.

  • IoT Implementation Software Tools

    To implement a fully integrated IoT ecosystem you will need a not just sensing devices but also codes and instructions to command and instruct devices to perform relevant functions. This is made easier with a range of IoT implementation tools used by our IoT specialists.

  • Experienced Team of Certified Internet of Things Professionals (CIoTP)

    We have a team of highly specialized certified Internet of Things professionals (CIoTP) who possess deep experience in developing and implementing IoT as a service for a wide range of verticals. Your project will be handled with diligence using innovative methods.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    IoT is a game changer that requires a well-equipped infrastructure to fulfill your business objectives. With this being the core focus, we have knowledge centers that are ready to take on tough challenges that come in the way. With over 10 global delivery centers we mobilize resources to complete the project in the shortest time as per your expectation.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Sharing project files with us is easier than before. We have a secure FTP and VPN that is geared to support data sharing without risks. We routinely run scans and health checks to ensure the channel is in optimal health.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Get instant support on tap by phone call, email, or initiating an online chat. We are available to rescue your teams should they face challenges during the operation. We help on a 24x7x365 basis to ensure that your business is uninterrupted.

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Outsource IoT as a Service to FWS - Leader in Software Development Solutions


A Middle Eastern client wanted a smart app that registered blood pressure readings by integrating with a BP monitor. Flatworld developed a high-performance app within a quick time.

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