IT Staffing for WordPress Developer

IT Staffing for WordPress DevelopersMany companies are developing websites that are hosted on content management system (CMS) platforms. WordPress is one such platform which provides companies the desired flexibility to create websites as well as update them regularly on their own.

Today, over 35 million websites are hosted on and the number is growing constantly. Based on its robust feature set, WordPress is being used by large multinational companies such as Sony, Disney, Time Magazine, LinkedIn, etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain website with added functionalities, you need to hire a WordPress developer.

Flatworld Solutions has a talent pool of the best WordPress developers which can be hired for your website development projects. Our WordPress developers are well-versed in the CMS-based website development platform, including the latest version of WordPress, and can build dynamic, fully-functional WordPress websites based on your unique project requirements.

Staffing Options for WordPress Developers

Our WordPress developers differentiate themselves by being PHP and MySQL experts, unlike many "so-called" experts whose knowledge is limited to WordPress theme development and extension support. Not only have they themselves developed several community patches, plugins, and themes, but excel at writing bug-free code for shorter development and QA times.

For a price that suits your budget, you can effectively hire a WordPress developer from Flatworld Solutions by choosing among many of our staffing options. IT staffing for WordPress Developers from Flatworld Solutions can be availed in any of the following ways -

  • Full-time-equivalent (FTE)
  • Part-time basis
  • Contract to hire
  • Long term hire
  • Hire for consultation

Our options are flexible and scalable, allowing you to scale-up or down your requirements and hire WordPress developers as and when required.

Features of Our WordPress Development Staff Augmentation Services

While some WordPress themes are freely available, everybody cannot make a WordPress website using those themes. You need relevant expertise in WordPress development to make a good website. That is when we you need WordPress developer staff augmentation services to understand the features available in WordPress and utilize those optimally.

Our WordPress developers also help you with the installation of some WordPress plug-ins as part of the website development process. No matter how complex your requirement may be, our professional WordPress developers are capable of working on it successfully. You can get a customized WordPress website that has elements such as videos, a dedicated Facebook page, a gallery, a slideshow, etc.

Our WordPress developers can help you with -

  • End-to-end WordPress web development services, including complete installation of WordPress CMS and themes with necessary plug-ins
  • Smooth installation of template, module, widgets and other components
  • Customizing themes or templates based on your requirements
  • Development of modules and extensions
  • Blog development
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Creating a responsive and fully-functional WordPress website
  • Provision to integrate additional functionalities depending on the theme selected
  • Implementation of effective spam filters on your WordPress website and other relevant security measures

Work Methodology of Our WordPress Developers for Hire

The success of our WordPress developers lies in their attention-to-detail, and their adherence to the proven methodology. A typical WordPress development process at Flatworld Solutions looks like -


Once a client approaches us, we understand their requirements in detail so as to select the best WordPress developer to work on their website development project. The client is free to choose how many developers they want for the project, and for how long they will work


Once we have signed the necessary documents, our WordPress developers begin their work earnestly, while remaining entirely dedicated to your project. All throughout we ensure that your requirements are strictly adhered to


Our developers form an initial plan containing project milestones, objectives, goals and other information about the project, which is then communicated to you so as to ensure clarity of purpose.


Our developers estimate how long the project would take to complete and plan the entire web development process accordingly, so as to ensure no time is wasted and project costs are kept to a minimum.


Our developers take care of all the aspects of developing the WordPress website, including designing, theme selection, customizing theme, selecting extensions, paying attention to technical specs of your website, etc.


We rigorously test the website code and fix any bugs, before delivering the complete product to the client. We further ensure that all the requirements are delivered on promptly, so as to reduce the number of revisions

Why Hire WordPress Developer from Flatworld?

At Flatworld, we constantly train and motivate our WordPress developers to think out-of-the-box and come up with creative ideas to make wonderful websites on WordPress. They have been trained to keep the architecture simple and make the best possible use of all the features of WordPress while also ensuring compliance with SEO and other Web standards. IT staffing for WordPress developers is no easy task. By choosing Flatworld Solutions' expert WordPress developers, you stand to leverage from the following -

  • Gain access to WordPress experts with a minimum of 5 years of industry experience
  • High-end infrastructure with unmatched facilities, along with a quality assurance guarantee that is second-to-none
  • Highly collaborative WordPress developers who can easily respond to pressing development times or which require them to be out of their comfort zones
  • Complete freedom to form the team structure, operational work processes, and reporting features as you deem to be suitable
  • Freedom to choose project duration and deadlines, while our developers strictly adhere to them
  • Affordable rates which guarantee better returns on investment

Choose a WordPress Developer from Flatworld Solutions for Better ROI

Our WordPress developers spend a lot of time to think through your requirements and understand them completely before commencing any development work. They can also help you migrate from one blog platform to WordPress while making sure that all your data, content, posts with respective comments, videos, etc. remain safe and intact during and after the migration.

Whether you are unable to integrate a payment gateway on your WordPress website or are having problems working with different plug-ins and themes, our dedicated and professional WordPress developers can help you address all these issues and more!

Reach out to us and hire a WordPress web developer today!

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