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Sports App Development Services

Fast track your team's success with our intuitive, bespoke, and cutting-edge sports mobility apps at highly affordable prices starts at $20 an hour

At Flatworld Solutions, we have almost 10 years of in-depth experience in crafting sports mobility solutions for coaches, sports goods manufacturers, and sports teams all over the world. Our innovative and immersive sports apps have served a wide range of sporting requirements of our customers and have served to improve the performance of athletes and equipment.

Our secret to success in professional sports app development is our dedication to our customers, mastery over the most suitable software, and our state-of-the-artwork methodologies. Our sports app developers are adept at incorporating every feature that you may need in your sports app, from analyzing data to training solutions and live streaming of the action.

Sports App Development Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing quality end-to-end sports app development services to global clients for over 20 years now. We understand each customer's requirements and provide them with customized solutions that will suit their business requirements. Some of the sports app development services we offer include -

  1. Sports App Data Analytics Solutions

    Sports App Data Analytics Solutions

    Our sports app developers are proficient in building solutions to help you improve the performance of your team or individual athletes by analyzing data (scores, timings, and so on). The apps offer real-time, analytical insights into performance, and helps to analyze profiles of rival athletes. This facilitates the formulation of strategies to improve performance. We also offer analytics tools that enable coaches, players, and managers to make informed decisions during training as well as when play is in progress.

  2. Sports Coaching and Training Apps

    Sports Coaching and Training Apps

    We have already delivered unique, top-notch training apps that help sports institutions or coaches to provide continuous training to their trainee athletes. The apps can be built to help newbies learn a sport, provide support to athletes of various age groups for fitness training, and also to serve as a ready reckoner for training.

  3. Sports Management Solutions

    Sports Management Solutions

    Sports league management apps enable hassle-free scheduling and management of games, rosters, and player profiles, and in statistical analysis as well. Our developers can create individual dashboards so that each athlete can monitor their own performance. If you need to check on the availability of a particular player and track their performance even while on the go, our cloud-driven sports apps can help you. These apps also foster easy, anytime management of communication between players and coaches.

  4. Virtual Reality App Solutions

    Virtual Reality App Solutions

    Virtual Reality sports apps enable players to train more realistically and define their aims better. VR sports apps provide an immersive experience with an all-round view, which helps both athletes/players as well as coaches.

  5. Sports Streaming App Solutions

    Sports Streaming App Solutions

    Probably the most popular and in-demand sports apps, live streaming solutions help sports enthusiasts follow their favorite teams even when they are away from their TV sets. These apps are capable of keeping records of highlights of major games or sporting events so that fans can watch them at a later date as well. Streaming apps in a way help teams and individual athletes to ensure that their fans can always view them in action.

  6. Online Ticket Booking Apps

    Online Ticket Booking Apps

    We can create apps that help fans book tickets for major sporting events and games in a secure and transparent way, along with seat selection, so that they can be there to cheer you on the big day. The app will display a list of upcoming sporting events or games your team is participating in, the venue, seats available, and so on.

Sports App Development Process We Follow

Being a leading fantasy sports app development service provider, we believe in providing quality services to our clients within a quick time. This is made possible by leveraging a streamlined and systematic process. We diligently follow industry best practices and employ the latest work methodologies like Agile, DevOps, Scrum, and more. Some of the key steps involved in our process are -

The first step in our development process is conducting an in-depth survey of our target audience, and your goals and requirements.
We then draw up a detailed blueprint of what the app will look like and do - including user profiles, social media buttons, alerts, match highlights, player rankings and so on. We also finalize the technology we will use to get there.
Then begins the actual development work of the project; we release the product in iterations, allowing us to rectify flaws and fix bugs immediately.
The app goes through a series of rigorous tests to ensure its performance.
Once we are satisfied that it functions perfectly, your app is made live.

Technologies We Leverage

At Flatworld Solutions, we take pride in our work, and a great deal of dedication, hard work and commitment go into every product we craft. Our software engineers, coders, and designers are proficient in a range of technologies, that help them produce enthralling sports apps. Here are some of them -

iOS Android Microsoft .NET Swift C++ Java PHP PhoneGap Appcelerator HTML 5 RhoMobile React Ionic Xamarin

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for Sports App Development Services?

Outsourcing sports app development services to Flatworld Solutions, a leading sports app development company, will give you access to a series of benefits that you can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us as your sports app development service providing company are listed here -

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    We provide our clients with highly flexible pricing options which will suit their business objectives and budget perfectly.

  • Quick Time to Market

    We guarantee that the project will be completed within the set date and that your product will make it to the market quickly.

  • Dedicated Team Managers

    This ensures smooth, on-schedule progress of work, and a dedicated contact point for customers for seamless communication.

  • Error-free Services

    We are an ISO certified organization which ensures that we deliver only the best quality services. Our team ensures that we deliver services of superior quality at all times.

  • Technical Knowledge

    Our sports app development team is highly skilled in the various technologies required for sports app development.

  • Business Expertise

    As a matter of principle, we employ work methodologies that increase efficiency and productivity like Agile and DevOps and stick to industry best practices.

  • Flexible Models of Engagement

    We offer our customers several options for hiring our resources so that they can choose according to their budget and requirements; dedicated, single resource, a team, an entire project, and so on.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have the excellent infrastructure - multiple global delivery centers, ample office space, a deep pool of talented professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and access to the latest tools and technology.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided iOS Task Management App for an Australian Client

iOS Task Management App for an Australian Client

A leading Australian client was looking for a reliable service provider who could help in task management app development. Our team provided the services within a quick time.

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Flatworld Created an Interactive 3D Game App for Android and iOS

Interactive 3D Game App Development

A leading client was looking for a reliable app developer who could develop a 3D game app. Our team at FWS provided the client with cost-effective services.

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