Outsource iBeacon App Development Services

iBeacon App Development Services

We develop advanced & robust Android and iOS iBeacon apps for clients belonging to different industry verticals at cost-effective rates

Is insourcing iBeacon app development complex and out of reach for your budget? Are you opposed to adding full-time iBeacon app developers on your business's payroll? If yes, outsourcing iBeacon App Development to specialists like us can save you considerable time and money because we can build a unique and feature-rich iBeacon app for your business to retarget mobile users.

Flatworld Solution's iBeacon app development is a smartly engineered choice for retail businesses, healthcare providers and many horizontal markets to serve customers by understanding their brick and mortar world. With a clear understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, our iBeacon app development team can build apps that analyze the foot-traffic, track conversations, enable secure payments, and send custom marketing communications based on user's location and behavior.

iBeacon App Development Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, our team has a collective experience of over a decade in creating apps for the iOS platform, which also includes the iBeacon app (enterprise-grade). We can offer smart iBeacon-based app solutions for your enterprise to simplify retargeting customers based on their preferences and search pattern. Here are the iBeacon app development services offered by FWS -

  1. iBeacon App Development for Healthcare

    We can develop iBeacon apps for our clients in the healthcare industry, which can be seamlessly integrated with wearables devices. Hence, providing a more personalized recommendation to the wearers of health gadgets.

    The app we develop for your healthcare practice can provide customized health content to your customers using the iBeacon technology. Besides, the intuitive apps can also provide information related to medication, diet, appointment schedules, navigation within a hospital and much more near real-time conditions directly on their mobile devices or on their wearables.

  2. iBeacon App Development for Vehicle Tracking & Inventory Management

    We can develop a custom iBeacon app that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to track logistics movement. By pulling micro-location tracking data from gadgets mounted on the delivery vehicle, our apps can track a near-real-time location of the consignment and transmit the estimated delivery time updates to your tracking dashboard.

  3. iBeacon Apps Development for Event Management Companies

    We can create user-friendly iBeacon apps for event management industry. Our apps will enable your clients to stay abreast on venue, schedule, agenda and other aspects of event management. The app can be configured to receive up-to-date notifications pushed by event management company like yours.

  4. Operations Management in Retail Business

    Using iBeacon app development, we can design a smart operations management app that allows you to track audience insights such as buying behavior and shopping preferences to intelligently recommend products and services that aligns with their preference. Additionally, the app will allow you to customize the sales campaigns, offers, and discounts to pull prospective buyers away from the competition.

  5. iBeacon App Development for Mobile Payments

    FWS' iBeacon app development can be leveraged by payment processing companies to process payments at blazing speeds. This will drastically reduce the waiting time and enhance payment efficiency leading to higher client satisfaction. With the ability to process more payments you can successfully focus on revenue growth rather than dealing with payment hassles.

3 Things We Take Care of While Developing iBeacon Apps

A lot of companies face these challenges in developing iBeacon apps, some of which includes -

Problem of Frequency

Problem of Frequency

iBeacon transmit signals at varying frequencies and signal intensity. Hence, it is difficult to ensure that an iBeacon transmits messages to users in the zone where signal strength is high. Temperature, device power and weather conditions are other challenges we overcome with our development expertise.

Triangulation Tracking

Triangulation Tracking

In the absence of Wi-Fi triangulation and Bluetooth signals, identifying the accurate location of a user becomes difficult. Hence, we ensure that this issue is taken care of while developing an iBeacon.

Heavy Battery Consumption

Heavy Battery Consumption

Older mobile phones tend to draw more battery power when present in the vicinity of an iBeacon. Our experts have a unique strategy to prevent quick drain.

The Steps We Follow in iBeacon App Development

Our team of iBeacon app developers is well-versed with the different frameworks related to iBeacon app development, such as Xcode 8 and Swift 3. We follow these simple and transparent steps in our iBeacon app development process -

Understanding Requirement  

01. Understanding Requirement

We will gather the client requirement via a steady stream of communication. Our finalized iBeacon app development workflow will be based on the insights derived from analysis


02. Prototyping

A prototype will be submitted for client approval and upgrades (if any) will be implemented and the approved design will be used as a reference for finalized iBeacon app development

Development and Testing of iBeacon App  

03. Development and Testing of iBeacon App

The approved prototype will be moved to full-scale development by integrating all critical features. After completion of coding, the modules are beta tested to remediate glitches and bugs

Deployment and Maintenance  

04. Deployment and Maintenance

After successful testing, we will deploy the iBeacon app in the app store. Additionally, we will push routine updates and security patches to ensure consistent performance during app lifecycle

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld for iBeacon App Development solutions?

We can develop customized iBeacon apps which are compatible with iOS and even Android devices (latest). We have trained our staff in technologies required to develop iOS apps, which include Cocoa Touch Development, Objective C, Xcode 9, HTML5, SQLite database, and C++. We adhere to robust app development standards to give you more reasons to outsource iBeacon app development to us. Here are more reasons why you should choose Flatworld Solutions for iBeacon app development services -

  • Certified iBeacon App Development Company

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified iBeacon app development company that has close to two decades of experience in software development services. Our iBeacon app development services have made milestones by delivering superior satisfaction to clients across the globe.

  • Secure Data management

    We ensure security to all the information that our clients share with us. Everything remains confidential and secure. This effort has earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The iBeacon app development services are carried out with precision to prevent buggy real-time performance. We take strenuous efforts to eliminate errors while coding. By subjecting the code modules to a plethora of tests we can successfully deliver robust apps.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our clients commend our ability to deliver high-quality iBeacon apps for them within a faster turnaround timeline, as per their requirements.

  • Scalable and Flexible

    The iBeacon apps that we develop are flexible in nature and can be scaled as per the requirements of our clients.

  • Friendly Pricing

    We offer the best rates that cannot be matched by other app developing companies when it comes to developing user-friendly iBeacon apps professionally.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We can provide a dedicated manager who will assist you with project updates and inputs so that you can always stay informed. Since we do not rotate our point person you will be assisted in a personalized manner.

  • Brilliant Team

    Our team comprises experienced iOS developers, data architects, UI/UX experts and project managers who have been developing iBeacon apps for over a decade and have worked on and delivered numerous app development projects.

  • Secure File Sharing

    We rely upon VPN and secure FTP to send and receive files. Our data sharing channels are monitored and scanned using the latest security software to ensure it is risk-free to send project files.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    As we work with companies across the globe, we work round-the-clock to ensure we are available for our clients, at any given point in time.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided iBeacon Technology-Based Parking App Solution For iOS

FWS Provided iBeacon Technology-Based Parking App Solution For iOS

A UK IT consultancy services contacted FWS to develop an iBeacon parking app for iOS devices to help motorists in crowded metropolis. We developed an intuitive and user-friendly app in quick TAT.

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FWS Provided IT Support to A Motorcycle Insurance Company

FWS Provided IT Support to A Motorcycle Insurance Company

A top UK motorcycle insurance company contacted FWS to outsource IT services. We provided highly efficient IT services within stipulated TAT.

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Flatworld Solutions has been a go-to partner in software and app development for over a decade. Our expertise in iBeacon development has already seen a surge in the number of happy clients. Our tested and proven development methodologies have resulted in over 300 successful projects and we take pride in our team's ability to deliver truly promising iBeacon apps. Our practices comply with the global app development standards of iOS as well as follow the industry best practices to develop high-quality iBeacon apps for Android as well. Flatworld Solutions can deliver other services such as enterprise solutions, custom software development, software testing, infrastructure management services, and much more.

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