Outsource Workflow Automation Software Development Services

Workflow Automation Software Development Services

Our automation software development simplifies workflow. We help you save cost, time, and manual processing by automating workflows starting at $20/hour

In any business where large amounts of data and paperwork are involved, it becomes a tedious job to find or extract a small piece of information from the long past. Also, when a task completion depends not on just one person or group but many different departments of a company, then those works require precision. When completion of work involves many groups, delay in project completion could be possible. The delay might have been caused for various reasons, yet it is less likely to know and understand who is/are causing the delay and why. All the above cases will directly or indirectly hamper the company's progress.

So, the solution is to have workflow automation software for your company. No, you do not have to have a separate team to get workflow automation software designed for you. The smart way is to outsource workflow automation software development services from Flatworld solutions who are your best-suited workflow automation software development service providing company.

Workflow Automation Software Services We Offer

With 20 years of experience, FWS is aware of varying client needs. This is why we offer a wide range of services in our workflow automation software, which include -

  1. Business Process Modelling [BPM]

    Business Process Modelling [BPM]

    Our distinctive workflow automation software will enable every company to visualize their workflow by providing automated routing and activity monitoring in the workflow automation software. This in turn will give users a friendly and easily adaptable experience.

    Being a workflow automation software development service provider, we at Flatworld Solutions can configure workflow automation software with a web-based interface which will ease Business process modeling graphically without worrying to have definitive IT sources.

  2. Compliance Regulation and Management

    Compliance Regulation and Management

    By adopting workflow automation software, helps a company to work with a definitive set of rules and regulations, controlled flow of information, thus improving workflow within a company. These Compliance data can be regulated as per the company's requirement and workflow.

  3. Data Integration and Work-span Management

    Data Integration and Work-span Management

    Workflow automation software development services enable integrating existing company data in the software to assign work in and out of the hierarchy of workflow. This will track work done by each team member and time taken for completion, distribution of work post-completion, etc. from the moment a task is conceived till it is completed.

  4. Documentation and Task Assigning

    Documentation and Task Assigning

    With workflow automation software, all paperwork and excel data can be stored under one single software which makes its access easy and less time-consuming. With a pre-defined company's working model, the same can be adopted in workflow automation software to assign tasks to individuals with distinct goals and responsibilities.

  5. Task Monitoring and Employee Performance

    Task Monitoring and Employee Performance

    When the workflow is digitalized, it enables upper management to analyses tasks completed by employees utilizing centralized automation of work. Real-time data availability in the software will provide constant feedback on employee's performance. This way, a company can get benefits to get efficient, effective work by their employees.

  6. Workflow Improvement

    Workflow Improvement

    Automating workflow within a business ensures business improvement. This is done by predefining critical scenarios within workflow automation software, to analyze how any situation may lead to delay or halting of a project at any given time.

Workflow Automation Software Development Process We Follow

Being one of the best workflow automation software development service providing company in India, our mission is to provide value-added services to all our customers for their long term sustainable growth. This is possible as we follow unique process-flow in all our services so that our client gets maximum benefit from outsourcing workflow automation software development services from us. Following are process flow we follow in our Open Source workflow automation -


01. Understanding Client's Requirement

Every client will have different requirements based on the business that they run. We, as a workflow automation software development service provider always give our first importance to understanding their requirements. Analyzing business flow will help us come up with accurate workflow automation


02. Data Gathering

Our team will gather all the necessary information required to build a suitable workflow model. With all the data available, we will send a quote to the client. Once the quote is accepted, approved, and finalized, our team will begin with designing


03. Workflow Automation Software Designing and Development

Once all the data is collected and analyzed, our team will begin to develop software tailor-made for the client's requirement


04. Testing and Installation

Upon completion of workflow automation software, it will be tested for its accuracy and error-free working. In case of any bugs are found, the same will be fixed. Post that, the software will be installed for the client's use


05. Supervising

Being your workflow automation software development service provider, we understand that any new technology up-gradation may initially cause troubles due to minor errors if it arises. Our team will supervise for a certain period to ensure trouble-free software working

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Workflow Automation Software Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

At Flatworld solution, we leverage technology and implement best practices to be an edge over all our other competitors. To list out, the following are a few of such advantages you get to benefit by choosing us as your workflow automation software development service provider -

  • Providing Services at Economical Pricing

    We help companies to go digitalize in their business. When prices are quoted very high companies may fall back to follow their old conventional work practices. We, at Flatworld Solutions, quote as per the client's requirement and we make sure that our prices are economical keeping quality work delivery in our minds.

  • Quality Work Delivery

    We may deliver work at economical prices, but we never compromise on our work quality. We aim to have long-terms customer relationship; this can only happen if the quality is uncompromised at every stage of work.

  • Qualified and Dedicated Professionals

    Our workflow automation software development services have highly experienced professionals who dedicate their time round the clock with dedication. We have a single work at a time policy so that we deliver our best work to all our clients.

  • Certified Workflow Automation Software Development Service Provider

    Flatworld solution is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with many years of experience in workflow automation software development service.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    We at Flatworld Solutions not just have dedicated, experienced professionals but we also provide them with all the latest new-generation technologies for ease of work-flow. This will help our team to work using upgraded software and be able to deliver work on time.

  • Quick Work Delivery

    Having all the latest infrastructure and facilities, our team will be able to deliver error-free, high-quality work well within the deadline set by the client.

  • Confidentiality and Security

    One of the reasons why few companies restrict themselves from outsourcing services from service providers is due to data theft and data breach. At Flatworld Solutions, our client's privacy, security, and confidentiality are our serious concerns and we follow certain measures which include a) having a Confidentiality agreement for our employees b) have a stringent process to monitor any kind of data breach c) encrypted data transfer from our side to client end and vice-versa d) office will be guarded by security personnel all the time, etc.

  • Single Point of Contact

    It is said that when communication is kept upright half of the work will be done just by that. Being your chosen workflow automation software development service provider, we understand that anyone miscommunication or lack of communication may lead to chaos. To ensure the right communication between our company and client, we maintain a single point of contact throughout the project completion and delivery. This gives the client confidence and allows them to communicate well.

  • Scalability

    With over a thousand professionals, partners, and consultants divided into multiple teams, we can always continue to serve you as you scale up your business to greater heights. So, when you outsource workflow automation software development services to us, there is always a large room for scalability.

  • Customer Support Round-the-clock

    Though we serve clients who work in different time zones, we always keep ourselves available whenever our clients need our support in the line of our services. At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that our services are not complete by delivering the services but by our relentless support is what makes it complete. Our experienced professionals will always be there to support you irrespective of your business time zone.

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Outsource Workflow Automation Software Development Services to Flatworld Solutions


We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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When a business has a lot of paperwork and data that carry huge information, then most of their time is invested in finding information. Few critical information might get lost in this process which could have been a valuable source of information to the company. When the same work involves different teams to complete a project, managing time that is lost, finding errors that might have cost a fortune is near impossible.

Having a workflow automation software will enable ease of workflow, workflow monitoring, work analysis by centralizing it. Outsourcing workflow automation software development and other enterprise solutions will take out the company's load in getting the right automated workflow model for the existing workflow. Our Clients are our most important key to our success story. Utilizing cost-effective mode, we deliver the best quality work one could ever have.

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