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An e-Learning Management System in its simplest form is a software mechanism or an online-only portal for distributing online learning courses, as well as a repository to store them. It is an effective means to deliver, track, and assess learning for SCORM-compliant online training.

Today, Learning Management Systems, or LMS, have transformed into sophisticated cloud-based software with a growing list of features and functionality, enabling collaborative learning through forums, blogs, wikis, and social media sites, amongst others. The LMS market is expected to grow from $2.65 billion in 2013 to $7.8 billion in 2018.

An increasing number of teachers and industry experts are now leveraging e-Learning management systems to create, manage, and deliver content, while actively monitoring participation and assessing learner performance.

Advantages of Online Learning Management Systems

An effective and well-implemented learning management system has several inherent benefits. We have compiled the top 8 key advantages of Learning Management Systems, and includes the following -

  1. Creating Engaging and Interactive Courses

    Instructors can place a combination of relevant videos, images, text, and audio from different sources on the online learning management system, in addition to core course content, in order to create engaging e-Learning courses. Learners can also communicate and collaborate with their instructor and course-mates through online discussion forums, which makes learning interactive, and personalized

  2. Effective Learning Assessment

    Learning Management Systems act as a centralized source for information distribution and education. Instructors who use a Learning Management System can add quizzes and tests to their course easily by uploading to a central database, which can then be used online, and in certain cases, be downloaded as well by the learners. Built-in security controls help to prevent cheating, while it becomes easy to measure learning levels on an individual basis as well as automate grading. Therefore, the organization can ensure consistency right from the delivery of study and learning materials to the evaluation of learners

  3. Easy Content Customization

    Learning Management Systems make it very easy for trainers to update existing content or add new content in a short time. This in turn keeps the training program fresh and relevant.

    As a result, the online e-Learning management system makes blended learning possible, wherein scenarios such as simulation-based learning, classroom-based learning and mobile learning are all made possible

  4. Consistent and Scalable Content Delivery

    Since all training materials, resources, development plans and assessment results are stored on a single platform, the task of distributing study content becomes uncomplicated. This further ensures that training is not limited to the seating strength of a class. All users get to see updates and additions made to content, and the number of user can be easily scaled as per the requirements of the program. Course materials on an effectively deployed LMS can be access by people across geographies, without affecting the quality or consistency of training

  5. Conservation of Time and Money

    A Learning management system offers anytime flexibility and can be delivered to employees and students according to their convenience. As a result, these virtual classrooms can save money by reducing transportation costs and time-away-from-work costs. Money spent on renting lecture theatres, printing paper material, and other relevant costs can also be saved.

    Since learners can drop-in and drop out of online e-Learning classes at any particular time and get back to work or other courses, a large amount of time is also saved

  6. Monetize Courses

    A Learning management system also subtly serves as an e-commerce platform, wherein Instructors can earn money by charging learners for their courses, once they have registered and signed up for a particular course. Many SCORM-compliant LMS systems are now in-built with the ability to sell single courses or bundled courses, have payment gateway integration, support check and phone orders, provide options for free trials, discount codes and gift cards, etc. to support this trend

  7. The Open Source Advantage

    Open Source LMS platforms such as Moodle, are popular because they are free to use. An Open Source LMS has zero license cost, but with all the functionality of a branded E Learning Management System. So much so, Moodle has the most number of learners registered on its platform, with 73.8 million users. Open source LMS platforms also ensure you are never tied down to a single vendor for support, maintenance, and service, and can also easily troubleshoot problems by collaborating with other people using the same system

  8. Reduced Dependency and Flexible Access for Learners

    An effective LMS system ensured learners have flexible access to the program, and classroom interactions are no longer trapped within hard copies of course material. An always online, learner-centric program ensures learners can access learning materials through a variety of media such as HTML courses, podcasts, videos, text files, etc., all stored within the LMS. This flexible approach in-turn enables learners to reduce their dependency on a single mode of learning and communication, and access the information whenever and wherever they need it

Make Learning Meaningful and Interactive with Efficient Learning Management Systems

Whether, you are creating an e-Learning course for your students or a training and certification program for your employees, it makes perfect sense to deliver your course through a Learning Management System.

At Flatworld Solutions, our e-Learning services include an extensive experience in developing open source LMS systems, as a result of which we can develop a feature-rich, high-quality online learning management system for global clients. Whether you want support designing eLearning modules or adding e-commerce capabilities to an already existing LMS, Contact us for timely and cost-effective services.

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