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Patch Management Services

Flatworld offers manual and automated patch management services to shield networks from security threats and breaches at prices starting at $20/hour

Regular patch management is like a health check-up that your systems require to keep functioning smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Patching security loopholes and updating software, firmware, and operating systems are cardinal to keeping threats from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is the foremost patch management services company and has been shouldering the responsibility of updating and maintaining the systems of our clients' businesses for 20 years. With our astute team of IT, cybersecurity, and DV professionals, we make sure that every layer of security on your system networks is air-tight. If you want to steer clear of ransomware, malware, and threats like viruses in your systems, Flatworld is the right company to trust for effective and efficient patch management services.

Our Patch Management Services

Security threats to your technologies can enter your software and hardware in any form. Over our extensive 20 years in business, we have diversified our portfolio as a patch management service provider to cover the following exhaustive range of patch management services and solutions -

  1. Software and OS Patch Deployment

    Software and OS Patch Deployment

    Shield vulnerabilities in your software and operating systems by configuring and deploying patches to seal the threats, and seamlessly manage updates through Flatworld's patch deployment services.

  2. Third-party Patch Management

    Third-party Patch Management

    Third-party applications like Adobe, Java, and Chrome can be easily used to access, hack, and exploit your systems. With Flatworld's third-party patch management solutions, however, you can eliminate the threat by fixing issues and sealing loopholes.

  3. Risk Mitigation and Data Protection

    Risk Mitigation and Data Protection

    Under this bracket, we offer routine check-ups, maintenance, and updates to help you maintain the health of your systems and mitigate security risks before they present themselves. By putting all of the latest fixes in place at the right time, we ensure the steely protection of your data through our patch management services.

  4. Patch Deployment Automation

    Patch Deployment Automation

    If you would rather prefer a smarter way to have machines distribute patches to thousands of other machines on your network within a matter of minutes, Flatworld can arrange for automated patch management for you. With Flatworld, you can automate the entire patching lifecycle, right from discovery and assessment to deploying the latest updates.

  5. Patch Management Reporting

    Patch Management Reporting

    Keeping track of your system's patching solutions need not be a task as long as Flatworld's task force is by your side. We create intuitive dashboards and develop smart portals that can generate comprehensive, flexible, and real-time reports to keep you up-to-date with all the patchwork. Outsource patch management services now!

  6. Patch Management Centralization

    Patch Management Centralization

    Managing software updates need not be as tedious as you think. Flatworld can equip you with centralized software and an open-source patch management system that can give you complete control over your software and patches from a single interface.

Our Patch Management Process

From compiling and categorizing IT assets to creating test lab environments and effectively reporting every minute progress, Flatworld ensures that its managed patching services approach is systematically thorough. Here is a peek into our patch management methodology -


01. Network Study and Inventory Management

To begin with, as part of our patch management services, we conduct a study of the organizational network and create an inventory of all its servers, switches, routers, laptops, and other distributed devices


02. Remediation Planning

With the conclusions drawn above, we curate a list of issues to be fixed, set limits to possible damages, estimate the patches needed, and plan out remediation for the client's IT environment


03. Patch Scheduling

We evaluate the existing patch release cycles and align them to our remediation plan to timely schedule the automated release and application of patches with minimum disruption


04. Testing

Before deployment, we make it a point to run the patches through multiple tests to ensure compatibility with your business systems and adequate backup development


05. Deployment

In the next crucial step, we systematically deploy the patches. The deployment is accompanied by minute monitoring in case of mission-critical hardware/software


06. Auditing

This step involves audit and analysis of the patches to check whether the client's systems are operating without any interruptions or discrepancies


07. Documentation

According to our clients' general security policies and procedures, every step of our patch management process, including updates and audit reports, is documented

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Patch Management Services to Flatworld Solutions

Customer loyalty, unmatched success rate, cost-effectiveness, and technological prowess are just a few of the attributes that make Flatworld the best patch management services providing company. Here are some of the more compelling advantages of hiring us -

  • Cost-effective Services

    Our patch management services are highly affordable, enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage our expertise to manage and update patches.

  • Personalized IT Team

    Flatworld's goal is to keep your business running and employees working while your technological stack remains up to date. We allot dedicated IT teams to all our clients to manage and update patching across multiple platforms, domains, applications, and more.

  • Real-Time Support

    Whether manual or automated, our patch management services team is available 24/7 at your service in case any issues were to arise during patching, or in case it is causing any disruptions to routine operations. Our prompt response and support team will have your concerns resolved at any hour of the day.

  • Heterogeneous Platform Support

    When multiple operating systems are involved, sorting and streamlining patching can be tedious. Leave the hassle to our experts who will draft and schedule an effective patching plan with minimal interruptions to regular business operations.

  • Remote Patching

    Patching devices doesn't necessarily require physical vicinity and with Flatworld, you can easily use that to your advantage. Whether a device is offline or online, active or on sleep, behind the firewall, or on the road, we can patch it anywhere, anytime.

  • Security Compliance and Best Practices

    At Flatworld, the security of your systems and data is given utmost priority. We ensure all our policies and procedures operate according to standard patch management compliance and security compliance guidelines, thereby making sure any sensitive information or intellectual property we are exposed to remains safe and confidential.

  • Support Services

    Updating applications and upgrading firmware are only a part of the patch management services we provide. We also help you find missing patches by scanning connected systems and identifying discrepancies.

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Outsource Patch Management Services To Flatworld Solutions


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Failure to install an efficient patch deploying system can put your systems and networks at serious risk of malware attacks, security breaches, credential stuffing, and more. Patch management has become an indispensable solution to ensure network safety for every business and organization. Some of the world's leading brands have turned to Flatworld for our peerless patch management services.

Get in touch with us today and leverage our patch management expertise to build and maintain resilient software and application networks for your business.

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