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Workforce Analytics Services

Better plan, recruit, manage, and retain a high-performing workforce by choosing our workforce analytics services at prices starting at $20/hour

Every employee in a workforce is an asset to the organization. To ensure their best utilization, special attention needs to be paid to their unique talents, capabilities, requirements, and functional values. Right from talent acquisition to performance and wellness development, it is crucial to objectively analyze every employee at every step and work with them accordingly. That's where workforce analytics comes in to digitize the process and make it smarter.

At Flatworld Solutions (FWS), we combine intelligent, AI-driven technologies with intuitive, analytical masterminds to produce data solutions that can enhance the productivity, performance, and well-being of your workforce. Our specialty is to mine, study, and analyze data which we use to produce actionable insights across 2000+ metrics. Are you ready to accelerate your company's growth with data analytics? Hop on this journey with Flatworld's effective workforce analytics services and empower your team by giving them a smart and digitally organized experience.

Our Workforce Analytics Services

As a reputed workforce analytics service provider, Flatworld's objective is to tap into the strengths of your existing workforce, add to them, and capitalize on them while ensuring the individual well-being of your employees. Our specialized services include a whole host of solutions catering to different aspects of workforce planning and analytics including -

  1. Strategic Workforce Planning

    Strategic Workforce Planning

    An effective workforce strategy forms the foundation of a constructive team. To plan and put together a strong and resilient team for your business, Flatworld uses meticulous position mapping, industrial intelligence analysis, prospect data analysis, and candidate searching tools.

  2. Talent Identification and Hiring

    Talent Identification and Hiring

    Our talent acquisition solutions are not just limited to helping you find the right people for the job. We assess the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can influence the hiring outlook, mine and map past hiring data to craft a better recruiting approach, and find the optimum hiring number, time, and positions.

  3. Employee Retention and Churn Analysis

    Employee Retention and Churn Analysis

    Finding good employees and building a strong team is only half the job. The main task is to retain them and eliminate factors that might influence attrition. Flatworld has a reliable team that comes up with attrition and churn analysis models that can mitigate these risks in time.

  4. Workforce Analytics Dashboard Development

    Workforce Analytics Dashboard Development

    Tons of data can be only of so much use if it is not visualized and channelized appropriately. A workforce analytics dashboard summarizes what all that data means, highlights it, and offers insights at a glance. Our dashboard development team is adept at developing smart dashboards that update in real-time so that you are always in the loop with the live status of your team's performance.

  5. Analysis Reports Development

    Analysis Reports Development

    While dashboards give you a super-quick overview of your workforce's progress, reports give you the detailed insights you need to have for accurate foresight and effective strategies. Our customized reports development solutions cover a wide range of analysis reports right from prescriptive and predictive analysis to payroll and employee grievances.

  6. Employee Satisfaction Management

    Employee Satisfaction Management

    One of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of workforce management is employee wellness. Employee satisfaction ensures employee loyalty and in turn productivity. Our team at Flatworld can develop a thorough employee feedback system to help you ensure every employee feels well-motivated and rewarded for their work.

Our Workforce Analytics Methodology

While we adapt and improvise our methodologies to produce specialized solutions for all our clients, the pivot of our workforce analytics methodology includes devising a multi-dimensional strategy and employing it in a mutually cohesive manner. The following is a generic framework of our end-to-end work process -


01. Requirement Analysis

Understanding our client's business needs is the first step to understanding their workforce needs. We evaluate their business operations and conduct a thorough requirement analysis


02. Planning and Strategy Formulation

From the analysis reports of the vacancies, current workforce, and business operations, we chalk out a strategy on what kind of workforce analysis tools and strategy would be needed


03. Analytics Applications Development

We use the above strategy to develop a network of applications exclusive to your workforce that can provide analytical intelligence to optimize several of the business operations


04. Report Systems Set-Up

Once your custom workforce analytics applications are up and running, we set up a system for generating daily, weekly, or periodic analysis reports for your HR teams and management staff


05. Support Services

Finally, we offer complete support from the back-end to solve issues, queries, provide back-ups, add newer metrics or upgrades, build new attrition models, and more

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Workforce Analytics Services To Flatworld Solutions

Here are some of the features that make Flatworld stand out as a workforce analytics services company that some of the leading brands trust -

  • Economical Price Packages

    Outsourcing workforce analytics services to Flatworld should mean that we help you save money by making the right HR decisions, not disturb your budget. That is why we offer highly economical and flexible pricing packages so that the returns are always greater than the investments.

  • Smart Workforce Analytics Tools

    At Flatworld, we believe that we should leave certain tasks in the capable hands of machines, and therefore, our workforce analytics tools are all smart and AI-driven. Our team is proficient with a wide range of classic tools as well including Power BI, Tableau, SPSS, CPLEX Optimizer, and more.

  • Safe and Secure Solutions

    Our system has been developed to be centered around our client's data confidentiality and security needs. Flatworld's workforce analytics solutions adhere to all the GDPR and FERPA guidelines so your data will always be in good hands and put to good use.

  • Advanced Analytics Services

    Not only is Flatworld well known for its cutting-edge technological solutions for workforce management but also for its team of inventive HR consultants and experts. We offer expertise and actionable advice on the implementation of analytics to help your business gain an edge in the market.

  • Global Prominence

    When we claim to be one of the most trusted brands in India for workforce analytics services, we don't mean for you to take our word for it. Our brand reputation is based on the feedback and success of our clients that have benefitted from our services across the globe.

  • Leadership and Workforce Management Training

    We are committed to helping our clients and their workforce obtain autonomy through our technological, consulting, and training services. We also offer the option to train your HR to shoulder and in time, improve the strategies and implementations of workforce analytics.

Client Success Stories

FWS Created a Live Healthcare Chat App for a Technology Firm

FWS Created a Live Healthcare Chat App for a Technology Firm

A company offering technological solutions to the healthcare industry contacted us to develop an AI chatbot. We developed the app using IBM Watson and created a 3D character to make the experience more interactive.

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FWS Provided a Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution for a US-based Client

FWS Provided a Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution for a US-based Client

We optimized the client's existing ServiceNow functionality with the latest multilevel catalog features. We also introduced a better ITIL process for better service delivery and more effective alignment with IT departments.

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Outsource Workforce Analytics Services To Flatworld Solutions


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Workforce analytics is the current day solution that ensures not only optimum workforce performance utilization but also satisfaction. It considerably advances HR life cycle interventions and the consequent profitability. Over the past 20 years as a workforce analytics services providing company, Flatworld has used this smart approach to help businesses operate with their highest efficiency, drive an enriched employee experience, and improve their ROI.

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