Outsource Hyperledger Development Services

Hyperledger Development Services

Add security, transparency, and scalability to your business by integrating your blockchain network with Hyperledger at prices starting at $20/hour

If advancing your business is on your mind and if scaling across industries is your objective, Hyperledger development is the go-to technology for enterprise blockchain networks of today. Often referred to as a community that provides a platform for open-source industrial blockchain development, Hyperledger provides a similar architecture to Ethereum. However, the intent is what distinguishes the two.

While the latter is attributed to products for mass consumption, Hyperledger is focused on advancing businesses using blockchain projects; and so is Flatworld, India's leading Hyperledger development service provider. Whether it's an elaborately advanced blockchain ecosystem or secure, immutable, and auditable transactions; whether your enterprise is a financial service or health care start-up, our experts can take care of it all. Outsource Hyperledger development services to Flatworld and upgrade your business, secure your global settlements, and advance your cross-industry collaborations.

Our Hyperledger Development Services

Our team is proficient in developing blockchain and distributed ledger products on the following primary Hyperledger frameworks -

 Hyperledger Fabric
 Hyperledger Iroha
 Hyperledger Burrow
 Hyperledger Sawtooth
 Hyperledger Besu
 Hyperledger Indy

While the above-mentioned frameworks are most popular among large and small-scale businesses, our adept team also holds experience in working with tools like Caliper, Cello, Composer, Explorer, and Quilt.

Being a complete Hyperledger development service providing company, our solutions are comprehensive and span the following key Hyperledger development areas -

  1. UI/UX Design Services

    UI/UX Design Services

    Our team of professionals is skilled in developing immersive Hyperledger user interfaces using industrial insights. Right from wireframing and developing high-fidelity prototypes to ensuring cross-platform compatibility, we offer specialized services under this umbrella.

  2. Dapps Development and Deployment Services

    Dapps Development and Deployment Services

    Decentralized applications run on distributed computer systems and are used to efficiently synchronize and integrate dispersed workflows. We have a team of certified Hyperledger development experts who can build efficient, fast, and secure blockchain apps within several Hyperledger frameworks.

  3. Chaincode Development Services

    Chaincode Development Services

    Chaincodes are the programs that facilitate the interaction between applications with the ledger by implementing business logic. Flatworld specializes in developing chaincodes for a range of purposes including business contracts, asset definitions, and transaction management.

  4. Consulting and Support Services

    Consulting and Support Services

    For businesses that have their blockchain applications already up and running on the Hyperledger framework, we provide complete consulting, assistance on glitch identification, and resolution support.

  5. Planning of Hyperledger Roadmaps

    Planning of Hyperledger Roadmaps

    Hyperledger development involves dealing with a whole host of frameworks and tools. Our team specializes in identifying which Hyperledger solution is best for building your blockchain projects. This service involves a thorough analysis of your business, departments, franchises, and structural frameworks to design a sustainable Hyperledger roadmap.

  6. Developing Smart Contracts

    Developing Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts demonstrate and execute functions, terms, and conditions that are agreed upon by the parties involved. Our team of programmers is highly experienced in writing robust and automated chaincodes for transactions that take place through a smart contract and need no third-party interference.

  7. Developing the Latest Products, Solutions, and Apps

    Developing the Latest Products, Solutions, and Apps

    When it comes to blockchain applications, the varieties and specializations keep increasing by the day. Our team is up-to-date with the most cutting-edge technologies, tools, and applications on platforms including Corda, Stellar, and Ethereum. Using this expertise, we can develop custom solutions for your business on the Hyperledger Fabric.

  8. Blockchain Performance Evaluation

    Blockchain Performance Evaluation

    Performance testing involves a range of assessments from transaction processing speeds, encryption levels, security, cross-country database synchronization, and much more. Flatworld has been offering such performance evaluation services for blockchain applications on Hyperledgers whether they are work-in-progress or well-established.

  9. Migration and Maintenance

    Migration and Maintenance

    We offer complete support in migrating your blockchain infrastructure from frameworks like Ethereum, Multichain, or Eris Industries to one of the suitable Hyperledger frameworks. Moreover, we help you through any upgrades, maintenance, and modifications you may need in the process.

Our Hyperledger Development Process

Hyperledger development is a complex process, to say the least. Since the main objective of Hyperledger frameworks is increasing collaboration within and across industries to develop better performing open-source blockchain networks, Hyperledger development needs extremely meticulous planning and execution.

At our Hyperledger development company, we have mastered the ideal methodology that suits every Hyperledger development project we take up. The break-up of the steps are as follows -


01. Blockchain Ideation

We begin with analyzing your business practices and sector/segment-wise needs to ideate and chalk out a Hyperledger blockchain ecosystem that will be ideal for your enterprise


02. PoC Creation

Our next step is to collate all our analytics into a Proof of Concept, determine the Hyperledger framework and tools required, and the overall feasibility of the project


03. Design and Development

This is the part where technical architecture comes in. We execute our plans with respect to UI, chaincodes, and other fundamentals to develop a robust, scalable design


04. Testing

Our product undergoes several stages of testing. Flaws are detected, the scope for enhanced performance is identified, and the product goes through modifications


05. Deployment

The final product undergoes stages of approval from the client-side. The deployment and demo phase follows where we integrate the application or system with your main network


06. After-Sales Support

Throughout your Hyperledger life-cycle, we assist you through updates, modifications, and issues, if any

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld as your Hyperledger Development Service Provider?

When you outsource your Hyperledger blockchain development services to us, you partner with a brand that is trusted by major global players across different industries. Some of the key benefits that you obtain with our services include -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    We provide our Hyperledger development services at highly cost-effective rates and also provide you with a lot of flexibility in choosing exactly what you need.

  • Diversity in Experience

    Over the past few years, we have successfully delivered Hyperledger development projects for major global businesses. Our reputation precedes us in global blockchain development markets across a diverse range of industries including identity management, real estate, retail, financial services, and more.

  • Use of Latest Tools and Technologies

    From Caliper and Composer to Quilt and Ursa, our team is proficient in working with the most cutting-edge tools and technologies to build immutable, scalable, and futuristic products for your business.

  • Cross-functional Development Team

    We understand that each business is unique and so are the needs of its organization and customers. We are a team of certified, experienced, and award-winning technical consultants, blockchain architects, solidity developers, business analysts, and more. This cross-functional specialty enables us to develop personalized solutions for all our clients and projects.

  • Quality Assurance Best Practices

    Our dedicated quality assurance team takes special care that all our products and services pass the highest international standards of safety and reliability.

  • Fast Turnaround

    We understand the critical nature of such projects and work with a commitment to meeting delivery timelines and schedules.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld Created a Robust App to Help Our Client Analyze Large Amounts of Data

A leading logistics company required an app to help them analyze large amounts of data obtained from customer feedback. We developed a robust app based on Power BI at cost-effective prices.

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Flatworld Created an App to Download and Edit Songs from Popular Streaming Services

We developed a high-performance music app to help users download and edit songs from popular music streaming web services.

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Outsource Hyperledger Development Services to Flatworld Solutions

Building a well-structured blockchain network can be a transformative point for your business. A truly modular and efficient Hyperledger framework can give an exceptional edge to your business and management practices. With our consistent performance and unparalleled results, we have proved time and again that our Hyperledger blockchain development services are among the best in the world.

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