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SAP Testing Services

SAP Testing Services

SAP has become one of the integral parts of an enterprise, and as with any implementation, SAP implementation too expects a significant amount of time being spent on testing. With growing infrastructure and dependencies, companies are obligated to dedicate precious hardware and software exclusively for testing. Although this is a viable solution, the resources and time involved in maintaining them are substantially high. At Flatworld, we provide end-to-end SAP testing services for all your business needs. Our solutions are result driven and we are committed to help you get the best return on your investments.

Our SAP Testing Solutions

Our SAP consulting services are encyclopedic; and from SAP FICO testing to SAP automated testing, we can handle it all. Apart from testing, we also provide SAP Support Services. We offer integrated process-driven SAP testing solutions:

  • Complete SAP Lifecycle Testing

    Our capabilities in the field of SAP testing will help provide a single point of control for managing all the phases during SAP implementation, customization, integration, and maintenance. Typically, these phases include test planning, test creation, test execution. We also offer solutions for defect/issue tracking, and project status reporting.

  • SAP Functional Testing

    Functional SAP testing, manual or automated testing is crucial to application success. An efficient and accurate regression testing helps in achieve considerable value in complex SAP systems, especially with frequent change releases and system upgrades.

  • SAP Performance Testing

    At Flatworld, we will help you identify bottlenecks and problems during the pre-deployment phases. We can help tune your SAP technology stack including operating systems, network infrastructure, databases, hardware platforms and SAP software components. This will ensure that your system can handle the user load during peak hours of activity.

  • SAP Test Automation

    Our SAP test automation frameworks, test accelerators, standardized testing processes and experienced testing professionals will help you discover defects before they affect your operations. SAP automated testing will ensure that all the development and customizations on your SAP implementation are bug-free and high performing.

Testing Tools Specialization

We specialize in SAP-CATT - SAP in built tool, and other testing tools including:

White Box Testing
Defect Tracking/Issue Management
White Box Testing
  • Dev Partner Studio
  • Dev Partner for Java
  • JUnit, NUnit
Defect Tracking/Issue Management
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla - Open Source
Test Management
Black Box Testing
Test Management
  • Test Director
  • Quality Center
  • Digite' ALM
  • Mantis
Black Box Testing
  • QTP - HPMI
  • Selenium - Open Source
  • JMeter - Apache Friends
  • RFT - IBM Rational
  • Rational Robo - IBM Rational
  • LoadRunner - HPMI
  • OpenSTA - Open Source

7-Step Test Automation Process

We customize the automation process after understanding your set-up, however, the base on which we develop our solutions are as follows:

  1. Study the environment
  2. Gather requirements
  3. Identify critical areas in the process
  4. Develop a test plan
  5. Identify testing approach: Manual, automated or a combination
  6. Implement solutions
  7. Record results and present reports

Outsource SAP testing to Flatworld Solutions

SAP solutions can be easily customized, and allow each organization to have their own version implemented. This requires consistent and ongoing testing solution that spans the entire SAP implementation. With our expertise in SAP consulting services, we are able to offer unique advantages to our clients in order to optimize their business processes.

  • Advanced SAP testing solutions:

    For a long time, companies were content with basic testing that would just test the GUI, the usability of the SAP solutions and SAP software testing but with ever growing infrastructure and ever changing technology, basic testing is not enough and the need for thorough testing has become conspicuous. Flatworld ensures that your SAP implementation is tested from root to tip.

  • Ongoing testing:

    Once a SAP solution has been implemented and rolled out, it is up to the organization's resources to mitigate any risks that occur during upgrades, changes or re-implementations. Errors in the previous implementation (if un-detected) can hinder application performance and business-wide productivity. This requires a consistent testing strategy.

  • Customized testing:

    Most companies have tailored solutions; hence a standard set of test scenarios wouldn't be of much help. Each implementation is thoroughly understood by our experts before a testing solution is presented. Capturing the business process knowledge in the test plan helps accelerate the SAP testing process.

SAP is known to provide a constant stream of upgrades, fixes and enhancements. For an organization that has a customized SAP solution in place, these changes do not always work well. This is where its gets important to test the affected business thoroughly before applying any new changes. Flatworld Solutions is the right partner for you to aid in testing and refining your SAP infrastructure. Our SAP outsourcing services constantly focus on quality, thus enabling organizations to work more effectively and deliver consistent, high quality applications for business, and end users.

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