Outsource SAP Testing Services

SAP Testing Services

Our certified SAP testers create and execute tests to ensure performance and compliance of enterprise software for accelerating innovation & deployment at rates as low as $20 per hour

Not sure if your SAP software is performing as it should? It is understandable that as a business you may not possess the resources to conduct thorough SAP services testing. Outsourcing SAP testing services to an experienced testing agency is the right thing to do in this circumstance.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have been providing software testing solutions to several businesses cutting across industries - and this includes SAP testing services as well. Often, modules are added or removed, bugs are fixed through patches of code, and other changes are implemented in an SAP - this makes testing imperative. Ensuring that the system performs well after incorporating changes is crucial, and we can assure you of this aspect.

SAP Testing Services We Offer

Our team of testing experts are adept in helping business leverage their SAP to the maximum potential and implemented a fool-proof method for testing to mitigate risks. Our SAP automated testing solutions are comprehensive, and include -

  1. End-to-end Testing Services

    End-to-end Testing Services

    This is a combination of manual and automated testing; they help to reduce the possibility of errors in your SAP in every phase - from planning to deployment. Our team creates exhaustive test cases and procedures for all the phases and modules so that your SAP functions flawlessly and delivers results you need.

  2. Functional Testing Services

    Functional Testing Services

    With functional units in SAP systems undergoing alterations frequently, you need to ensure every unit functions as expected, and that there are no breaks in the application as a whole. Our functional and regressive testing services will help you ensure this.

  3. Performance Testing Services

    Performance Testing Services

    Performance testing services from Flatworld include an analysis of your SAP deployment's performance during peak loads, and refining the network infrastructure, host platform, software components, and other SAP tech stacks.

  4. Test Automation Services

    Test Automation Services

    During the deployment phase, manual testing of SAP is predominant; hence, automating the testing becomes all the more critical. The testing team at Flatworld is proficient in every phase of SAP setup, allowing us to deploy automated testing in the right places for the best results.

  5. Test Frameworks Services

    Test Frameworks Services

    When you outsource SAP testing services to Flatworld, you get a comprehensive, flexible, and sturdy testing framework that is capable of catering to your specific requirements. It is completely customizable - including testing tools, procedures, schedules, reporting, and so on.

  6. Test Optimization Services

    Test Optimization Services

    SAP testing services from Flatworld are optimized and include fine-tuning your current system through a variety of actions like prioritization, improving the efficiency of tests, a combination of procedures, integration testing, and more. This service takes into account the maximum performance and risk mitigation abilities of the procedure. This allows us to make sure that your testing infrastructure performs with optimal efficiency.

  7. Customized Testing Services

    Customized Testing Services

    With customized SAP testing services, we can test specific units or modules tested in detail for those customers who have budget constraints or want to test comprehensively by phase. This method is quick and efficient.

  8. Unit Testing Services

    Unit Testing Services

    The SAP systems and their components undergo unit testing to check their functionality. Our testing team includes domain and configuration experts who are adept at performing these tests thanks to their in-depth knowledge of functionalities of all the units.

  9. Scenario-based Testing Services

    Scenario-based Testing Services

    Based on specific business requirements, our team can conduct scenario testing for your SAP.

  10. Integration Testing Services

    Integration Testing Services

    These tests are conducted using data from actual data extraction sources, and it is performed to display how the SAP business process operates with actual data. It also helps to check the performance of the workflows, interface triggers, and reports.

  11. SAP Interface Testing Services

    SAP Interface Testing Services

    We can perform interface SAP testing to make sure that your SAP operates automatically, events are activated and that results are sent to the receiving system. In interface testing, after the implementation of the sending system, the interface output is generated automatically, and the receiving system utilizes that file - thus showing that the business process continues at the receiving end. As the project development continues, larger activities for interface testing are carried out to demonstrate that the triggers are successful, the data selection is precise, data gets transferred, and the receiver uses the data so sent.

  12. SAP User Acceptance Testing Services

    SAP User Acceptance Testing Services

    This SAP testing is conducted to check if end users can carry out their roles in the new SAP system. Our testing team takes care to have a perfect understanding of the specific business goals and ensures that the requisite features, functions, and capabilities are present.

  13. SAP System Performance Testing Services

    SAP System Performance Testing Services

    In this service, our team checks if -

    • There is an acceptable response time
    • There is support for a specific user load
    • Intermittent processes operate within acceptable times

    Incorrect code, blocks, and more in your SAP can be identified and rectified with the help of performance testing.

  14. SAP Load Testing Services

    SAP Load Testing Services

    In this service, our testers use periodic batch processing or online users to apply the max load on the system. They then check if the SAP can handle the load; remedial measures can be taken if the system can't handle the load.

  15. SAP Security and Authorizations Testing Services

    SAP Security and Authorizations Testing Services

    To improve the security of the SAP system, our team can ensure that users get access to data and can perform transactions for only areas of the project that is relevant to them. Our testers can establish that the authorization process and security is working as intended.

  16. SAP Cutover Testing Services

    SAP Cutover Testing Services

    This is one-time, full-scale testing of all tasks involved in importing data from legacy systems. Results are input into the SAP and thoroughly validated to perform data conversion.

  17. SAP Regression Testing Services

    SAP Regression Testing Services

    When a new SAP system is configured or when an existing one is upgraded, regression testing is performed to check the performance and functionality of the existing and updated codebase. Upgrading a system or applying a patch should ideally be no reason for the decrease in functionality, and it should not impact any feature negatively.

  18. SAP Consulting Services

    SAP Consulting Services

    With our consulting services, our team can provide a thorough end to end testing recommendation, with complete guidelines to create a proper ecosystem for testing. The recommendation includes tools, paths of execution, schedules, nature of testing, generating reports, procedures, and more.

Benefits of SAP Testing Services

SAP ERP has gained popularity over the years thanks to its ability to enhance workflows by integrating various modules in a business. It allows management to handle complicated operations smoothly, and to overcome business challenges efficiently but it's testing which counts to ensure businesses get complete benefits that include -

 Perform end-to-end testing and validation of every module of your SAP ERP
 Helps reduce expenses and increases revenues through output-based SAP testing
 Boost predictability and cut development costs
 Ensure compliance of SAP with regulations
 Check that all incorporated changes made in the modules have not affected the performance
 Measure the level of system integration between modules
 Ensure that the SAP displays optimal performance, with strict adherence to SLAs

SAP Testing Process We Follow

At Flatworld, our elite team of software testers has what it takes to get your systems in ship-shape. Being a reputed SAP testing service provider, we follow a systematic approach -


01. SAP Test Planning

This is done in three stages like gathering the requirements and understanding what exactly needs to be done, developing a test case for manual and automated testing, and last, reviewing the test case.


02. SAP Test System Setup

Here we create the environment to run the tests, and we also identify the key metrics to be checked.


03. Execution and Evaluation

The tests are performed and the results noted. In this phase, we report and take care of defects. Evaluate the test plans, make note of defects, and measure the results against key metrics.

Testing Tools We Use

As experts in SAP testing services, we use the best tools and technologies to provide you the most accurate results. These are some of the tools we leverage -

DEVPARTNER DevPartner Java Edition JUnit nunit QTP hpmi Selenium TestDirector LOAD RUNNER Open STA Jira

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource SAP Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As a leading SAP testing service provider, we always strive to upgrade our skills, implement efficient work methodologies, and use the latest tools. When you outsource SAP testing services to Flatworld, you get these advantages -

  • Affordable Testing Solutions

    Exceptional, custom solutions thanks to our in-depth experience and understanding of business challenges and testing needs at affordable rates.

  • ISO Certified SAP Testing Company

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can expect 100% confidentiality, superior quality services and strict adherence to SLAs.

  • 100% Data Security

    Our data management policies meet or exceed ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations. Therefore, you can confidently trust us to offer the best data security.

  • Certified Testing Team

    In-depth industry experience over nearly two decades and a top team with operational knowledge of the latest testing methodologies and testing tools.

  • Quick TAT

    We have multiple global delivery centers to assure delivery within stated times.

  • Scalable Services

    Scalable in-house automation solutions and test scenarios that can be readily deployed in your SAP.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    Vast infrastructure with the latest equipment, state of the art office spaces, power backup, and more.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    A dedicated project manager who will be accessible for resolving any concerns or queries from the customer.

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Outsource SAP Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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Flatworld Solutions is a leading SAP testing service providing company that offers end-to-end SAP testing solutions. Our solutions are based on the industry best practices and consistent testing approach that guarantees optimal performance. We can guarantee better test coverage in a shorter period, reduced testing efforts, and fewer defects after going live.

Do you want your SAP testing service provider to have these qualities? Then contact our team with your requirements straight away.

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SAP Testing FAQs

  • What are SAP tools?

    SAP is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) used across enterprises to consolidate all processes to prevent information silos. SAP has custom modules for every organizational function.

  • Can SAP be automated?

    The codes in SAP can only be automated by using VBScript. The recorder or Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) is provided by SAP to facilitate automation.

  • What is the latest technology in SAP?

    • S4 HANA - In-memory platform for applications and analytics
    • SAP Hybris - to create custom cloud-based solutions
    • SAP Fiori and Persona - Aging technology with renovated UI