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Are you looking for an expert who can assist you in web analytics software configuration? We at Flatworld Solutions can help you with configuring your web analytics software. You might already be using a web analytics software but not using the reports from that software or you might not be using a web analytics software for your website.

We can help you in both scenarios. Our web analytics team can help you make sure that the data that you get from your current software is accurate. We can also help you make full use of your existing web analytics software. In case you have never used a web analytics software, we can help you choose an appropriate web analytics software that would suit your business needs.

Our web analytics software configuration service includes the following steps -

1. Web analytics software installation

In this phase we would plan the minimum system requirements needed to install the web analytics software. These requirements include hard drive space needed, number of servers needed and the minimum memory needed. Some factors which decide the length of this phase include type, size, design of the website, number of page views on the website, business objective of the website and lastly the web analytics software.

2. Streamlining the data collection system

Data collection through the data collection system can be classified into page tagging and log file analysis. In the page tagging method, a JavaScript code is inserted into every page of the website. In the log file analysis method, the log files stored on the web server are fed into the web analytics software.

3. Configuration of include/exclude filters

These include/exclude filters are configured to include or exclude the appropriate website traffic in the website analysis. The types of website traffic can be classified as internal traffic, vendor traffic, robot traffic and conventional traffic. However for the purpose of an analysis only conventional visitor traffic needs to be counted. We have trained professionals who can setup the web analytics software to accurately pick up only needful traffic.

4. Standard reports

Web analytics software will generate reports to show the page views, referrers and top keywords. These parameters can be used to improve your webpage settings. We have a comprehensive experience of generating standard reports so that these can be used to develop web traffic into your website.

5. Creation of content groups

Many a times your website may contain information related to diverse topics. Each one of these topics may be managed by a different individual or a group of people. We can categorize your website based on content and see to it that only relevant people are informed about the different content group analysis. This avoids managers having complete information about the website at all times.

6. Configuration of funnel analysis

Funnel analysis is used to track the path taken by the visitor to reach the goal page of the website from any given page of the website. This analysis could be used to analyze the reason for fallout by the visitor to order a product. The Web Analytics tool could be used to have a track on the exact point of exit from a complete conversion funnel. This could provide vital information related to losing visitors from completing a ordering or enrolling process.

7. Configuration of path analysis

Path analysis is used to study the path followed by a visitor from a certain page of the website to the page where the visitors finally land up. The web analytics tool can be used to configure the most favorable path taken by the visitor to get maximum dividend.

8. Configuration of campaign analysis

A campaign analysis is used to analyze multiple keywords, banner ads or e-mail ads in sponsored campaigns, banner ad campaigns and email marketing campaigns. The web analytics tool can be used to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign. We can also define some best practices for campaign-tagging like the landing page parameter and so on. Since these parameters differ with different software, we have the expertise of organizing these functions on the software.

9. Dashboard designing

One of the most critical aspects of a web analytics tool is dashboard designing. Some of the vital aspects of a dashboard design include graphical reports and their appearance. We can help you develop dashboards to provide maximum information about the visitor analysis.

10. Creation of custom metrics

Since the utility of a web analytics software lies far more than just a standard report and a web metrics, we can configure custom metrics like page views/visit, average time spent on a specific page on the website and the keywords used to reach the particular page on the website.

11. Creation of data correlation/hierarchical reports

Hierarchical reports can be used to associate a relation between two different set of metrics. These can be used to calculate the accumulation of the dividend based on the variation of a parameter. Some typical examples include the conversion value for a particular keyword, page view for a particular keyword or the time spent by visitors following a specific search engine.

12. Exporting data from web analytics software

A very essential aspect about the reports is it exportability to different formats. Since these reports have to be stored for later analysis, the integrity of the exportable formats is very significant. These reports can be slotted into the various internal CRM or ERP software. We are capable of creating custom export formats with your web analytics tool.

13. Configuring and scheduling e-mail alerts

Web Analytics tool can be used to send e-mail alerts based on a certain threshold criteria. These thresholds can either be lower thresholds or higher thresholds.

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