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ServiceNow is the savviest way to automate workflow management wherein the risks, data access, and scalability are smartly overridden by ServiceNow features at rates as low as $2200/min 160 hours

Workflows empower modern businesses with flexibility, scalability, and the ability to thrive in the distributed ecosystem. While ServiceNow is the driving force behind great experience, it needs to be implemented correctly to bring people, functions, and systems under one roof to move as a coherent group towards the organization's goal. This is why it's best to outsource ServiceNow services to Flatworld Solutions. What we do is use a single platform to drive productivity and cost-effectiveness. We make workflows smarter so it is resilient to evolving IT challenges. Plus, we deliver an automated experience that fosters creativity and innovation in every step.

As a top ServiceNow services providing company, Flatworld adds depth and meaning to workflow however complex it may seem. It's not just the speed and bandwidth that we improve, we also extend our expertise in ServiceNow to beat cyber risks posing a challenge to the workflow. It's always great to choose Flatworld's services over peers because we offer a value proposition that'll resonate with your purpose.

ServiceNow Services We Offer

If you have an ambitious project on the anvil, be ready to go the furthest mile to make it a reality. It is also something we do for our clients so they can be ahead of the change to evolve and adapt within the workflow. If you find our solutions hitting you in the right spot, here's a broader list of services we offer -

ServiceNow Express IT Service Management

Express IT Service Management

As a trusted provider, we offer assistance to your IT teams to overcome latency issues besides tackling complex IT hassles, so your IT infrastructure can work without downtime. Our Express IT services incudes standard solution for typical IT issues that are possible during day-to-day operation.

ServiceNow Express IT Operations Management

Express IT Operations Management

Any IT operation is going to have a rough time without a sound process and systematic planning. So organizations that have limited experience in running a clean IT operation will greatly benefit from our IT operations management workflow that is powered by.

ServiceNow Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Our senior resources offer implementation consultation to help you make the most out of the deployment. Before we begin the integration, we will make sure you fully understand the depth of implementation and its effect to have a measure of things. That way, you would know what is feasible and what isn't to avoid disruption downstream.

ServiceNow IT Business Management

IT Business Management

If you have strategic priorities we will help you stay focused with IT Business Management (ITBM) services. We help you align resources with organizational goals without affecting the fundamental capabilities. Our solution helps reduce the TAT and effort needed to manage IT from a business point of view.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

While typical HR operations followed an open-door policy for employees to directly engage the HR professionals, today it's much more complex and in need of sophistication. This is where HR service delivery comes in. It helps HR to elevate the employee experience by expanding their scope of operation into payroll processing, career advice, and employee benefits.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Taking a data-driven path we help you handle customer experience more engagingly with advanced reporting, transparency, and several customizable models that provides better satisfaction and a positive outlook.

ServiceNow Resource Management

Resource Management

There are more things involved in resource management to take a collective step in the common direction. This is what we aim to achieve for clients through resource management. It shapes the workflow that deals with task mapping, scheduling, and budget planning. We look into macro elements that are crucial for resource management to enhance operational efficiency.

ServiceNow Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We have ITIL certified experts who handle consultations that take care of implementation, application, development, and system administration functions to optimize the IT landscape and mitigate disruptions within the IT infrastructure. Through quality consultation, we help your team gain excellent visibility into the process, allowing them to work the way want rather than following a pre-determined course defined by the software.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management Services

ServiceNow Change and Release Management Services

Flatworld Solutions is a premium ServiceNow service provider that can help you effectively handle all change-related issues and make way for informed, successful business decisions. Our ServiceNow professionals provide customized services fully considering your needs.

ServiceNow Integration Services

Integration Services

Our integration helps you transform the experience you provide to your customers. It allows you to develop the exact solution you require to effectively engage your audience at every step of their customer journey. We help you leverage to integrate your functions with SaaS, ERP, applications, and databases.

ServiceNow Security Operations Services

Security Operations Services

Flatworld offers custom-built solutions utilizing cutting-edge security operations in to fulfill all the security needs of your business. We have a skilled and experienced team comprising of field engineers, advisors, technical architects and other security operations module specialists to help in successful planning and swift implementation of the security solutions.

ServiceNow App Development Services

App Development Services

Flatworld has acquired deep expertise in building custom applications using . Our development experts design, implement and integrate solutions that help businesses easily automate business processes and achieve efficiency across people, data, systems, and workflows.

ServiceNow Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We provide specialized ServiceNow advisory services to ensure that you unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow solution and platform. Wee also help you ensure that your IT infrastructure is set up to face all possible future disruptions and changes. When you choose our ServiceNow advisory services, you will be better able to achieve sustainable growth and draw the full value from your ServiceNow implementation.

ServiceNow Incident Management Services

Incident Management Services

When disruptions occur within the workflow, they must be handled sooner to avoid complications upstream. This is what incident management services take care of. The disrupted system is immediately isolated and released into the hands of solution handlers. Workflows powered by allow routing and supplementing experts with the necessary data to take place in the same thread of action.

ServiceNow Problem Management Services

Problem Management Services

If there is an imminent risk of incidents reoccurring in the future, Problem management mitigates the extent of the impact. To do so, FWS professionals will facilitate your IT team to commit to root cause analysis before developing countermeasures.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management Services

Change and Release Management Services

Any modifications to the current system pose an inherent risk associated with the change. This is where the Change and Release Management services come in. It allows smooth movement of inter-application data and operations after the change is implemented in the workflow.

ServiceNow Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services

If there is trouble tracking your IT assets and you want them accounted in the inventory list, the Asset management solution is the right choice. Once we implement and integrate it with your workflow, you will have complete visibility into your IT assets and have control over maintenance aspects through routine audits.

ServiceNow Service Catalog Services

Service Catalog Services

If you're striving to deliver a better customer experience, through a high-performance delivery model with minimal expenses, then we help you improve the service delivery through automation which comes as part of the Service Catalog Services. It helps you reach pockets within the workflow that field requests and ticketing.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management Services

Knowledge Management Services

While data is seen as the driver of today's business, managing heaps of knowledge or even collecting them in the first place has become a challenge. This problem is deftly handled by a team through knowledge management services. It centralizes the data to make it reachable throughout the operation and ensuring high availability at all times.

ServiceNow Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

Data migration is a complex process for most organizations because there is more than one way in which the process might result in unpredictable disruptions due to human error. To minimize the risk, data migration services automate most of the source-to-source data migration. The system carefully identifies data and reconciles it before migration to avoid issues arising from the process.

ServiceNow Pilot Project

Pilot Project

Not everyone prefers going headlong into unknown waters. This is where testing the implementation is easier with Pilot Project. It helps in assessing the 2-33 core ITSM processes to understand what's in store before full-scale project implementation.

ServiceNow Configuration and Customization Services

Configuration and Customization Services

To provide a user-centric experience, it's important to have a customizable configuration to make the deployment tailored to user needs. Be it workflow or UI we use to configure and customize the user-end to the requested specs.

ServiceNow Production Launch Services

Production Launch Services

Once the implementation is complete, we run tests to measure the performance of in the integrated environment. The tests can be partial or comprehensive depending on what aspects you want analyzed or optimized.

ServiceNow User Training Services

User Training Services

One of several challenges that most organizations face is adapting the freshly implemented changes or the platform without running into deadlocks or operational hassles. To address the challenge, we provide user training support that equips your team to move into the uncharted workflow with confidence and knowledge about the operation.

ServiceNow Maintenance and Support Services

Maintenance and Support Services

Implementing a new workflow or migrating from an old one is usually not a one-time process. The system within the workflow would need planned maintenance to keep all operations in great shape. This aspect of workflow management is cumbersome to organizations with a small team and budget. To such organizations, we become the go-to service provider because we have both qualified resources and the bandwidth to keep up with the maintenance needs.

ServiceNow Process We Follow

As one of the leading ServiceNow services company, Flatworld has adopted a methodology that is simple to absorb and implement into the existing workflow without pushing the cost or complexity -


01. Service Request

We collaborate with the client to understand their requirement and accept service request that is appreciated for their needs


02. ServiceNow Subscription

The client will be assisted in the selection of the right solution and an SLA will be signed for subscription


03. Knowledge Base

We will expand the knowledge base by curating client input. We will create a profound knowledge bank that can be referenced at a later stage to finetune workflow


04. Workflow Implementation

We will begin rolling the implementation through respective teams through contextual collaboration. The ServiceNow will be orchestrated as needed by the client


05. Reporting

We will create extensive reports on the project and save the data for local and global teams connected to the project

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Benefits of Outsourcing ServiceNow Services to Flatworld Solutions

In the last 18 years, we have adopted umpteen technologies to handle complex challenges faced by IT teams and organizations with intricate infrastructure. Through ServiceNow services, we help our clients hold ground against their peers and even excel when the opportunity presents. Here's what we stand apart for -

  • Economical Pricing Plans

    Flatworld's services are affordable than many of its peers so you will always have room to order our solutions at competitive rates.

  • Certified Workflow Developers

    It counts to have the right people with the risk skill to deliver performance better than you could expect. This is what makes us unique because we don't cut corners when it comes to delivering on the promise. Our team of certified developers ensures we hold our standards to all customers, however big or small.

  • Years of Experience

    Being a service provider for the last several years and having an overall experience of 18 years, we have proven that our team knows the pulse of every segment we've served with workflow solutions.

  • Global Standards

    Our services are always compliant with the prescribed standards and even set new ones that others can follow. Today, we take pride in doing what we do best.

  • Custom Solutions

    We design workflows to be more efficient and cost-effective whilst being scalable on demand. No matter which function you have trouble with, we will make it better than what it is today.

  • Customer-friendly Services

    Flatworld knows the importance of having somebody within arms reach to convey concerns and get help. This is what we offer as part of the grand Flatworld experience. We offer our clients a way to communicate and feel assured each time. We are reachable through voice calls, email, and webchat.

Client Success Stories

FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

FWS Delivered Customized ITSM ServiceNow Solution To Improve Catalog Workflows For a US-Based Client

An award-winning construction conglomerate in US contacted Flatworld to have their ServiceNow functionalities improved to newer standards. Our team delivered a custom ITSM solution enhancing the system efficiency.

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Case Study on ServiceNow Solution for a Logistics Company

Flatworld Implemented ServiceNow for a Dubai-based Logistics Company

A well-known Dubai-based logistics company was looking for a reliable service provider who could help them implement ServiceNow solutions. Our team provided the client with cost-effective services.

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Outsource ServiceNow Services to Flatworld Solutions


I am impressed by the quality of services I received from Flatworld Solutions. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. I have got a good e-commerce site for my products. My revenue has increased because of Flatworld and I will use your services again.

General Manager, Sports Equipment Company, UK More Testimonials »

Flatworld Solutions is a top ServiceNow implementation expert with intricate knowledge of workflow and strategies. When clients come to us with a broken workflow and disruptions we don't straightaway walk them into our lengthy service portfolio. Instead, we read their concerns carefully and form opinions about what solutions are best for their needs. We enhance productivity and ensure targeting the cruxes with a specific solutions that would elevate the quality and robustness of the workflow conceived by us.

Contact us today if you have a broken or inefficient workflow and we'll present the best ways you can turn the outcome.

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