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CRM Consulting Services

Our professionals CRM consulting services help automate customer relationship management operations, sales, and marketing for increased efficiency at prices starting at $15/hour

Customer relationship management (CRM) software aid in an improved informational organization through a better understanding of clients. When you leverage the right CRM platform, you can expect enhanced communication, customer services, automation of everyday tasks and operations, and better analytical data and reporting. CRM consulting services from a cognizant company assists in process automation, application management, and an overall increase in efficacy in client relationships.

Flatworld Solutions has over 19 years of experience in helping clients identify the best CRM platforms and software for their business and providing expert assistance to work better on these systems. We have been helping clients from diverse fields, like healthcare, banking, mortgage, and law in establishing better relationships with clients using superior technology. We help our clients make the most out of CRM technology by strategically planning processes, automating tasks, and bringing objectivity. As a responsible CRM consulting service providing company, we follow the best practices to help you run your business more efficiently.

CRM Consulting Services We Offer

As an experienced CRM consulting service provider, we offer a complete range of CRM consulting services to fulfill all the CRM-related needs of our clients. When our clients collaborate with us, we recommend the best practices and services that would be most apt for their business while also taking their inputs. Following are the CRM consulting services that we provide -

  1. CRM Strategy and Planning

    CRM Strategy and Planning

    We understand your business requirements and collaborate with you to come up with the required framework of planning and strategizing for implementing CRM systems.

  2. CRM Customization Services

    CRM Customization Services

    We understand that each business is unique and so are its requirements and operations. To suit unique business needs, you might need CRM customization services. We have the required expertise to understand your needs and customize CRM solutions for your work culture.

  3. CRM Integration Services

    CRM Integration Services

    Different firms have a variety of tech ecosystems and many business owners prefer to integrate all the platforms that they leverage for minimal disruption and seamless functioning. Our expert team can assist you with our CRM integration services.

  4. Sales and Marketing Automation

    Sales and Marketing Automation

    You can consult us to understand how to automate sales and marketing operations and processes. We provide complete assistance in integrating or migrating your sales and marketing platforms with the CRM system for increased efficiency. When that is done, we help your sales and marketing team to offer CRM consulting services for the execution of sales and marketing processes.

  5. Customer Services Automation

    Customer Services Automation

    Our team of professionals can help you in customer service process automation by selecting the right platform to work with and customize it to fit your needs. We also integrate it with the other existing systems for a seamless experience and train your teams to operate the automated platform.

  6. CRM Software Implementation Services

    CRM Software Implementation Services

    We understand what your CRM requirements are, help you pick the right CRM platform that is closest to your business needs, and help you with the implementation of the CRM software in your company.

  7. Migration and Data Digitization

    Migration and Data Digitization

    If you have a large set of offline data that needs to be digitized, we're here to make the process a lot more effortless for you. In addition to that, we can also help migrate the data to your CRM platform when the data you need is stored in different CRM databases.

  8. CRM Maintenance and Support Services

    CRM Maintenance and Support Services

    Once we make all the required changes to suit your CRM requirements, we also provide dedicated support and maintenance services for a certain period. You can choose to extend it based on your requirements.

  9. CRM Training Services

    CRM Training Services

    Once we establish a CRM platform that fits your needs, we also help train the team at your organization to operate, implement, and troubleshoot CRM systems such that you can master client retention and improve sales and productivity.

Our CRM Consulting Process

Having a proper process in place helps us offer the best CRM consulting services to all our clients. Our multitier process helps us monitor the quality of our services so that the outcome is uncompromised and flawless. Here are the steps that we follow -


01. Understanding Client Requirements

When you contact us for our CRM consulting services, our consultants get back to you and understand your business and requirements. This brings us closer to tailoring the subsequent process and we make suitable recommendations


02. Design and Planning

When you approve our SOP, and cost and time estimates, we move on to planning and strategizing our operations for implementation. This is when we bridge the gap between your CRM system and business processes


03. Development

In this stage, we integrate your system by creating customized programs. This is also when we make complete preparations for integrations, migration, etc


04. Installation and Configuration

At this stage, we assist you in installing and configuring the CRM software. We help you through the process for easy and error-free installation, data importing, and conversions


05. Testing

Once everything is in place, we test the software and look for any inconsistencies that are then fixed


06. Training

We train your teams to handle the operations concerning the CRM systems


07. Support

Our job does not end at training your team. We are here to help you with post-implementation and post-training support so that you're equipped to deal with any problems. We also share tips and materials that can help you in better CRM management

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions For CRM Consulting Services?

Rated as a leading CRM consulting service provider, Flatworld Solutions brings numerous benefits your way. If you're looking for reasons to partner with us for CRM consulting services, the following are some reasons that validate the quality of our services and our dedication to performing well -

  • Pocket-Friendly Prices

    We are transparent about our costs and we come up with a detailed proposal to give you complete information about the cost estimates based on the operations. We don't believe in charging you exorbitantly for services that you don't opt for.

  • ISO Certified

    We are an ISO:169001:2015 certified company. This adds credibility and reliability to our services. We strictly adhere to the industry standards in our processes, methodologies, and operations so you can be confident about our work approach.

  • Team of Experts

    We have created a strong team over the years by carefully picking the best CRM experts from various parts of the world. We have a well-defined hierarchy for all the operations to ensure everything is handled efficiently.

  • Expertise in CRM

    We specialize and have complete knowledge about countless CRM platforms like Zoho, Vuture, SAP, QuickBase, HubSpot, NetSuite, Dynamics, which are just a few to name. When you work with us, you can be confident about our expertise and expect superior services.

  • Strategic Workflow

    We divide the whole project into smaller steps which helps us manage the whole process better. With the little milestones that we create, it becomes easier for us to have control over the quality of each step so that the result is flawless.

  • 24/4 Assistance

    You can reach us via different communication channels to raise your queries regarding our services. We will get back to you in a short period and provide you the information you need.

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Outsource CRM Consulting Services to Flatworld Solutions

With over 19 years of experience, we have been able to collaborate with the best CRM consultants, developers, and support professionals to offer unbeatable CRM consulting services. We are committed to being completely transparent, helping you stay updated about our step-by-step progress when you work with us. We involve you in the planning and strategizing phases and take your inputs seriously. With our technological edge, our services are accurate and characterize high precision.

What makes us the best CRM consulting service providing company is our commitment to providing post-implementation support so that your business runs smoothly and you're able to focus on other operations without stressing over the CRM processes. Trusted, reliable, and professional— we are the best partners if you want to work with a company that prioritizes your growth.

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