CRM Consulting Services

CRM Consulting Services

Boost your CRM strategy by making every customer interaction count.

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Establishing meaningful customer connections goes beyond mere acquisition and retention. To thrive, you should navigate the challenges of inefficient and siloed applications that curb successful customer interactions, impeding your sales opportunities. This is precisely why businesses worldwide are choosing our CRM consulting services. Providing multi-platform CRM solutions for clients across healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce, we help companies optimize their CRM systems.

Whether you are implementing a new CRM system, need assistance to manage your current platforms, or require guidance to realign your strategy, we have you covered. Draw from our 22+ years of industry experience to maximize the value of your CRM investments. Our customer relationship management consultants help you interpret customer analytics, streamline communication histories, get real-time updates, and automate enterprise-wide CRM processes. The result? Improved customer management strategy.

Partner with us to connect diverse data sets and map out strategies that give you tangible results.

Our Custom CRM Consulting Services

We offer CRM advisory services aimed at refining your customer relationship management operations. Our service portfolio includes CRM strategy formulation, CRM software selection, data handling, system integration, and user education. We extend our expertise to CRM analytics, providing insights into your customer's journey from the first touchpoint to conversion. Our services significantly improve the customer journey by facilitating smooth interactions, customizing engagement, and boosting customer contentment. Here are our diverse services that help you revolutionize your CRM operations.

  1. CRM System Selection and Evaluation

    CRM System Selection and Evaluation

    Our team excels in providing an all-inclusive CRM system selection and evaluation service. Our seasoned experts thoroughly assess your unique business requirements and objectives to suggest the most fitting CRM solutions. This indispensable service guarantees your investment in a CRM system that aligns with your strategic business plans and significantly boosts efficiency.

  2. CRM Software Development Services

    CRM Software Development Services

    Specializing in CRM software development services, we cater to your distinct business needs. Our adept CRM software consultants engineer custom CRM software solutions that streamline your customer relationship management processes, thereby fostering enhanced productivity and profitability.

  3. CRM Software Implementation Services

    CRM Software Implementation Services

    We offer end-to-end CRM software implementation services. From the initial setup to training your workforce, we ensure a smooth transition to the new CRM system, mitigating disruption to your business operations and maximizing user adoption rates.

  4. CRM Migration and Data Digitization

    CRM Migration and Data Digitization

    Our robust CRM migration and data digitization service ensures a smooth and secure transfer of your existing customer data into your new CRM system. Our CRM consultants meticulously manage the data migration process, ensuring data integrity and preventing data loss.

  5. CRM Consolidation Services

    CRM Consolidation Services

    We offer CRM consolidation services aimed at refining your customer relationship management. By unifying all your CRM systems into a single, streamlined platform, we simplify CRM management and enhance data accessibility.

  6. CRM Testing Services

    CRM Testing Services

    Our comprehensive CRM testing services ensure your CRM system functions to its highest potential. From system functionality to user interface, our rigorous testing methods ensure a seamless user experience.

  7. Custom CRM Development Services

    Custom CRM Development Services

    We offer specialized custom CRM development services tailored to your business's unique needs. Our expert team designs and builds a CRM system that aligns perfectly with your business processes and customer engagement strategies.

  8. CRM Strategy and Planning

    CRM Strategy and Planning

    Our CRM strategy and planning services provide your business with a clear direction for CRM objectives, aligning CRM initiatives with overarching business goals, and devising a strategic roadmap for CRM implementation and adoption.

  9. CRM Integration Services

    CRM Integration Services

    We provide CRM integration services designed to connect your CRM system seamlessly with other business applications. This service enhances the flow of data, improves the accessibility of information, and boosts overall operational efficiency.

  10. CRM Maintenance and Support Services

    CRM Maintenance and Support Services

    Our comprehensive CRM maintenance and support services ensure your CRM system remains current and performs optimally. We provide regular updates, troubleshoot issues, and offer 24/7 support to ensure continuous CRM operations.

  11. CRM Design and Customization

    CRM Design and Customization

    We offer CRM design and customization services to deliver a user-friendly and intuitive CRM system. Our team of seasoned CRM consultants configure the system to align with your workflows and branding, ensuring a personalized user experience.

  12. CRM Customization and Configuration

    CRM Customization and Configuration

    Our CRM consultants expertly customize and configure your CRM system to meet your specific business needs. We enhance user adoption and productivity by adjusting system settings, workflows, and interfaces to fit your business operations.

  13. CRM Monitoring and Optimization

    CRM Monitoring and Optimization

    We provide CRM monitoring and optimization services to ensure your CRM system performs at peak efficiency. Our team conducts regular system performance reviews, identifies potential areas for improvement, and implements necessary changes to optimize system effectiveness.

  14. CRM Data Management and Quality Improvement

    CRM Data Management and Quality Improvement

    Our CRM data management services ensure the accuracy, currency, and accessibility of your customer data. Furthermore, we implement data quality improvement measures to enhance data integrity and reliability.

  15. Mobile CRM Solutions

    Mobile CRM Solutions

    Our mobile CRM solutions ensure your team can access vital customer data and manage customer relationships, irrespective of their location. This service ensures your business remains agile, responsive, and customer centric.

  16. CRM Improvement and Optimization

    CRM Improvement and Optimization

    Our CRM improvement and optimization service is designed to help your business consistently enhance your CRM operations. By analyzing system performance and user feedback, we identify areas for enhancement and implement changes that boost system efficiency and user satisfaction.

  17. CRM Security and Compliance

    CRM Security and Compliance

    Our CRM security and compliance services are designed to protect your valuable customer data. Our team implements stringent security measures, conducts regular audits, and ensures your CRM system adheres to all relevant legal and industry regulations.

Our CRM Consulting Process

Having a proper process in place helps us offer the best CRM consulting services to all our clients. Our multitier process helps us monitor the quality of our services so that the outcome is uncompromised and flawless. Here are the steps that we follow -


01. Understanding Client Requirements

When you contact us for our CRM consulting services, our consultants get back to you and understand your business and requirements. This brings us closer to tailoring the subsequent process and we make suitable recommendations


02. Design and Planning

When you approve our SOP, and cost and time estimates, we move on to planning and strategizing our operations for implementation. This is when we bridge the gap between your CRM system and business processes


03. Development

In this stage, we integrate your system by creating customized programs. This is also when we make complete preparations for integrations, migration, etc


04. Installation and Configuration

At this stage, we assist you in installing and configuring the CRM software. We help you through the process for easy and error-free installation, data importing, and conversions


05. Testing

Once everything is in place, we test the software and look for any inconsistencies that are then fixed


06. Training

We train your teams to handle the operations concerning the CRM systems


07. Support

Our job does not end at training your team. We are here to help you with post-implementation and post-training support so that you're equipped to deal with any problems. We also share tips and materials that can help you in better CRM management

Our Technical Proficiency

SalesForce Lightning Web Components Microsoft Dynamics Xamarin Android Vue.Js Heroku Java Microsoft .Net Elasticsearch Azure SAP CRM Zoho CRM HubSpot Zendesk Monday sales CRM LeadSquared Sales and Mobile CRM

Industries We Serve

Media and entertainmentMedia and entertainment
Travel and HospitalityTravel and Hospitality
Finance and bankingFinance and banking
Custom BrokerageCustom Brokerage
Oil and GasOil and Gas
Logistics and TransportationLogistics and Transportation
Public servicesPublic services

Why Should You Choose Our CRM Consulting Company?

As a leading CRM consulting firm, we bring numerous benefits your way. If you are looking for reasons to partner with us, here are some reasons that validate the quality of our services and our dedication to performing well -

  • ISO Certification

    We are an ISO: 169001:2015 certified company. This adds credibility and reliability to our services. We strictly adhere to the industry standards in our processes, methodologies, and operations so you can be confident about our work approach.

  • Team of Experts

    We have created a strong team over the years by carefully picking the best CRM experts from various parts of the world. We have a well-defined hierarchy for all the operations to ensure everything is handled efficiently.

  • Expertise in CRM

    We specialize in CRM platforms such as Zoho, Vuture, SAP, QuickBase, HubSpot, NetSuite, and Dynamics, to name a few. When you work with us, you can be confident about our expertise and expect superior services.

  • Strategic Workflow

    We divide the whole project into smaller steps to manage the entire process better. With the little milestones we create, it becomes easier for us to control the quality of each step so that the result is flawless.

  • 24/4 Assistance

    You can reach us via different communication channels to raise your queries regarding our services. We will get back to you quickly and provide the information you need.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We follow transparent billing and present a detailed proposal to give you complete information about the cost estimates based on the operations. This helps you experience cost efficiency, preventing you from digging into your working capital.

Additional Services We Offer

CRM Development Services

Create scalable and intuitive CRM systems that streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service processes to boost customer satisfaction.

CRM Database Management Services

Maintain a well-organized and up-to-date CRM database that helps you make informed business decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences.

CRM Testing Services

We thoroughly test the functionality, performance, and user experience of your CRM platforms to maximize your CRM efficiency.

IT Staffing Services

Delegate the challenges of IT staffing to us. We help you hire the right technical experts with relevant experience to support your IT projects.

e-Commerce Development Services

Create seamless and secure e-commerce platforms that drive sales and enhance customer experiences with our e-commerce development services.

Web Development Services

Build customized websites that deliver engaging web experiences to attract and retain customers, driving business growth and success.

Mobile App Development Services

Develop multi-platform compatible mobile apps for seamless user experiences that enable you to reach a wider audience and drive growth.

Enterprise Software Development Services

We design and build custom software that optimizes your business processes, from enterprise resource planning systems to supply chain management solutions.

Client Success Stories

FWS Created a Power BI-based App for Robust Data Analytics

FWS Created a Power BI-based App for Robust Data Analytics

A leading logistics company required an app to aid with the analysis of large amounts of customer feedback data. We developed a robust Power-BI-based that did the job flawlessly.

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FWS Created a Feature-rich Music App

FWS Created a Feature-rich Music App

We developed a feature-rich music app to support collaboration, music download, and playlist creation based on the location of users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CRM consulting, and why do I need it?

CRM consulting is a process of seeking expert guidance to implement and optimize CRM systems. It helps you streamline operations, improve customer interactions, and drive growth. With CRM consulting, you gain access to industry expertise, best practices, and customized strategies to maximize the value of your CRM investment.

How to choose the right CRM consulting services company?

Consider their experience, industry knowledge, and track record. Look for a company that understands your unique business needs and offers tailored solutions. Evaluate their CRM implementation methodologies, integration capabilities, and ability to align CRM with your objectives.

What are the key benefits of choosing a CRM consulting services company?

Engaging professional CRM consulting services makes a significant difference. Professionals provide expert insights, industry best practices, and strategies to optimize your CRM system. Their guidance helps enhance customer relationships, boost sales and marketing effectiveness, and improve operational efficiency.

How much do the CRM consulting services cost?

The cost of CRM consulting services varies based on factors such as project complexity, customization requirements, and scope of implementation. Pricing models can include hourly rates, fixed project fees, or retainer-based agreements. CRM consulting services should be viewed as an investment, considering the significant improvements they can bring to your business performance and customer satisfaction.

What does the CRM implementation process involve?

CRM implementation involves multiple stages, including requirements analysis, system selection, customization, integration, data migration, user training, and support. CRM consultants work with you to understand your needs and align the CRM system accordingly. They guide you through each stage, ensuring a seamless implementation and helping you harness the full potential of your CRM solution.

Can CRM consulting services help with marketing and sales automation?

Certainly! They help optimize your CRM system to automate marketing campaigns, lead management, customer segmentation, and sales processes. CRM consultants provide guidance on selecting and integrating automation tools, ensuring smooth data flow and efficient collaboration between teams.

How do CRM consultants handle data privacy and security?

CRM consultants prioritize data security by implementing robust measures, including access controls, encryption, and regular backups. They ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations while offering guidance on data handling best practices and providing security protocol training to your team.

How experienced is your team in CRM consulting services?

Our team is highly experienced in providing CRM consulting services, serving diverse global clients across industries. We constantly deliver tailored strategies, implementations, and support. Our team possesses a deep knowledge of top CRM platforms, emerging trends, and industry-specific requirements.