Video and Image Analytics Services

Video and Image Analytics Services

Have you always wished to derive useful business insights from large volumes of business videos? It is now possible with video analytics services. Relevant images and critical information across video files can now be used to your advantage. With the information extracted from the captured videos, you can uncover useful patterns and insights. However, doing this in-house can be labor-intensive and often error prone. Outsourcing these services to a reliable outsourcing partner will help businesses in making the most out of their marketing, promotional, or other important business videos.

Flatworld Solutions can help you find numerous valuable insights from different types of business videos, related to operational efficiency, security, customer behavior, safety, etc. With our image analytics services, enterprises can get a better understanding of all their current operations and enable better channelization of their marketing, security, and operational leads for evaluating actionable business insights.

Video & Image Analytics Services We Offer

Streamlined video analytics services provided at Flatworld Solutions are designed to offer accurate, reliable, and high-quality services to global clients. Some of the key video and image analytics services we offer are -

  1. Video Summarization

    We summarize your video files and provide you with the consolidated information from the video for your customers to quickly get a preview of long videos. For example, a brief summary of your video will be provided when your customers hover the mouse over the thumbnail

  2. Emotion Detection

    In this, our video analysts will quickly identify various emotional attributes present on the faces that are identified. Based on specific emotions, expressions such as anger, happiness, sadness, etc. are used for further analysis

  3. Moderation of Video Content

    Designed for moderating video content, this technique is used to quickly detect and moderate any sort of profanity, racism, violence, or other similar non-acceptable content in the videos. We have a team of content moderation experts efficiently screen illicit, offensive, and inappropriate video content

  4. Video Indexing

    Our video indexing services automatically generate caption files with the help of vocabulary adaption and recognize the speech content, in different languages. We also extract spoken keywords to help in search

  5. Video OCR

    This process involves extracting typeset words from particular parts of videos at a selected rate of sampling to strike a balance between quality and performance

  6. Motion Detection

    Here, video feeds are analyzed for any sort of motion with a stationary background. We have optimized our processes to filter out false positives, such as changes in lighting or shadow interferences

  7. Face Detection

    Designed to track and identify human faces present in the video feeds, we offer top-quality face detection services. Faces that are briefly obstructed or those that have partially out of the screen are also successfully identified

Benefits of Outsourcing Analytics Services

Outsourcing video analytics and image analytics services to Flatworld Solutions can give your enterprise not one, but multiple benefits, which include -

  • Deriving valuable business insights from your current video feeds and using it to optimize your customer services and operations
  • Effectively use insights from your existing infrastructure to influence your merchandising and marketing decisions
  • Avoid the need to pay more for video security solutions, with the help of built-in video analytics, which is easy to install and without any additional hardware requirements
  • Get actionable marketing and operational insights
  • Combine and analyze multiple video sources of information to get meaningful business insights

Tools We Leverage

We have the required infrastructure and leverage some of the latest software, such as -

CONTEMPLAS DARTFISH Prosuit ELITE SPORTS ANLYSIS motion view Quintic Siliconcoach Sports Motion Tracker V1 PRO

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Image and Video Analytics?

Offering quality web analytics services for over a decade now, we have the skilled analytics, technology, and industry-best infrastructure to handle requests from global clients. By partnering with us, you can avail the following benefits -

  • Cost-effective Services - At Flatworld, we offer quick, efficient, accurate, and reliable services at cost-effective rates
  • High Accuracy - We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to video analytics, and hence ensure uncompromised accuracy in our services
  • Industry-best Tools - We leverage latest and industry-best software, tools and technologies to provide all our clients with services that are second to none
  • Swift Turnaround Time - In our efforts to strictly adhere to our clients' deadlines, we provide a variety of services within a quick turnaround time
  • Operational Transparency - Whatever services you avail with us, you can be assured of complete operational transparency and have control over the entire process from start to finish
  • Complete Data Confidentiality - Our proficient video analysts follow stringent data security and confidentiality policies to ensure that all your video feeds remain completely safe with us

Hire Flatworld Solutions for Video Analytics Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we integrate a wide array of technical capabilities, functionalities and technology to provide quality web analytics services. Our video and image analytics services can be tailored as per your business requirements to achieve the desired results. We make use of latest tools to provide all our clients with quick and accurate services at cost-effective rates. Our analysts strictly follow all the data security policies and provide you with valuable insights from your business video feeds and raw images.

Get in touch with us today to outsource video analytics and discuss your image analytics project requirements with our professionals.

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