e-Learning Instructional Design Services

In the contemporary business world, employees of major organizations have to constantly acquire new skills and update their knowledge base in order to fulfill the changing market requirements. In the global village that the world has become today, it is not feasible to offer classroom-type of training to people across geographies and time zones.

In such a scenario, e-Learning may prove to be fruitful in enabling learners to become experts in their respective fields, using customized training methodologies. Today, e-Learning opportunities and online courses are being offered to graduates, employees and basically anybody who is willing to learn and acquire a new skill. In this competitive era, where professional development largely depends on one's skills and learning, it is of utmost importance to opt for e-Learning instructional design services offered by a reliable service provider like Flatworld Solutions.

Our Approach to e-Learning Instructional Design

At Flatworld Solutions, we focus on providing a global e-Learning service that focuses exclusively on the training and development needs of your employees. Based on the in-depth analysis of your business and learning objectives, we design an e-Learning solution that suits your organizational culture, and aims at improving the basic skills and necessities of your workforce.

Our team specializes in delivering high-quality and tailor-made e-Learning content that can be deployed anywhere and anytime, as per your employees' convenience. Our instructional design and technology services include providing training and continuous e-Learning support, assuring prompt troubleshooting as well. We also provide recommended learning suggestions for future improvement and follow-up on the present e-Learning process as well.

Our Instructional Design Services

We provide customized learning programs that are relevant and interactive, and help in achieving the academic requirements of our clients, while ensuring their overall analytical development; facilitating lifelong learning and self-improvement of those who opt for our e-Learning and instructional design services.

Our design approach to e-Learning instructional design is rooted in cognitive and behavioral psychology. We follow ADDIE model among many other instructional design models, which stresses on following the five key phases to effective design - analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

We take care of e-Campus as well as general university courses. Our instructional design services include:

  • Consultation about online program design with different departments
  • Individual and customized design and development of courses, after consulting with faculty members
  • Workshops and skill development sessions
  • Instructional multimedia services
  • Planning and conducting the best e-Learning sessions

Why Opt for e-Learning Services from FWS?

We specialize in creating instructional design tutorials for e-Learning that can perfectly align your e-learning and business strategies, and help you achieve your organizational goals. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest changes in the field of e-Learning, and makes use of the best procedures methodology and skills to deliver effective trainings.

Some of the benefits of our instructional design services are -

  • Helps you create an individualized and asynchronous e-learning experience for your clients
  • Motivate learners to change their behavior
  • Encourages interaction between learners and trainers
  • Incorporate latest e-learning technologies and popular rapid authoring tools
  • Ensures prompt feedback for enhanced learner satisfaction
  • Develops mutual cooperation amongst trainees belonging to different geographical locations and time zones
  • Emphasizes on time management and other skills
  • Offers the flexibility to adjust the module based on learner skills and other talents
  • Allows easy analysis of management and incurred costs while deploying instructions online
  • Incorporates ADDIE principles and more contemporary rapid prototype models

Outsource Instructional Design Services to Flatworld

What makes our instructional design modules ideal for a great e-Learning model is our ability to gain the attention of learners and trainers alike. Our team of professional software professionals believe that all forms of instruction should permit improvising and reasoning, and tailor our modules to suit the same.

Contact us to outsource e-Learning instructional design services and education software development. We will be glad to develop a customized instructional design solution for your private, academic or corporate requirements.



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