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e-Learning Instructional Design Services

Enable learners to become experts in their field of interest with great e-learning instructional designs at affordable prices by partnering with us

The present-day business realm requires employees of major organizations to constantly acquire new skill sets and update their knowledge base in order to keep up with the changing market requirements. In the global village that the world has become today, it is not feasible to offer classroom-type of training to people across geographies and time zones.

In such an ever-changing and evolving technological world, e-Learning has become one of the most powerful tools in enabling and assisting learners to not only become experts in their respective fields, using customized training methodologies but also, start new enterprises and businesses. Today, e-learning courses and online courses are being used alike by graduates, employees and anyone who is willing to learn and acquire a new skill.

In this dynamic era wherein the public feeds on new inventions, wherein career based development is largely dependent on one's skills and ability to acquire new learning, it is of key importance to choose e-Learning instructional design services offered by a reliable and efficient services provider like Flatworld Solutions. A custom-designed e-learning service can help you cultivate an efficient and competitive workforce. Organizations today require a well-equipped and well-trained workforce which can seem like a challenge. This challenge, however, has helped create a need for a change in the current paradigm and want for innovation ineffective corporate e-Learning.

e-Learning Instructional Design Services We Offer

The service entails a highly relevant and interactive learning program which is customized to the academic requirements of our clients, ensures their overall analytical development and facilitates lifelong learning and self-improvement to those who opt for our e-Learning and instructional design services.

Our design approach to e-Learning instructional design is rooted in cognitive and behavioral psychology. We follow the ADDIE model among many other instructional design models, which stresses following the five key phases to effective design - analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

We take care of e-Campus as well as general university courses. Our instructional design services include the following -

  • A comprehensive consultation about online program plan with various offices
  • An individual and modified structure alongside improvement courses, after due consultation and discussion with the client
  • Various workshops and aptitude improvement sessions
  • An immense scope of Instructional mixed media administrations
  • Planning and directing the best e-Learning sessions

Our Approach to e-Learning Instructional Design

At Flatworld Solutions, we stress on providing universal e-Learning services that put special focus on exclusively training, developing the needs of your employees and feature a personalized style of learning which suits the employee's learning style with their ability to learn. We design an interactive and targeted e-Learning solution that suits your organizational culture and the work environment of your employees based on a thorough and in-depth analysis of your business and learning objectives with the sole aim to improve your work force's basic skills and necessities. We develop effective performance-based training modules which help in improving the adaptability and scalability of employees. Such a comprehensive form of training ensures that the employees reach a high and desired performance level which can ensure maximum efficiency.

Our team specializes in delivering premium quality customized e-Learning content that can be deployed anywhere and anytime, as per the ease and convenience of your employees. Our technology provides for an instructional design which strives for continuous training and ever-available e-Learning support with guaranteed troubleshooting for a smooth and hassle-free e-Learning experience which would engender continuous development, thus upping the current skill set of your employees.

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for e-Learning Instructional Design Services?

Here at Flatworld, our expertise lies in making instructional plans and exercises for e-Learning courses that can transform your work culture along with your e-learning business methodologies and assist you with creating, managing and training a wiser, smarter and more skilled workforce. Who doesn't want a reliable, efficient and trained workforce? Having a strong workforce is the backbone of any business today, be it big or small, in order to survive, transform and continue to transform and function effectively. Our team of expert e-learning service providers will help you throughout your journey of e-Learning which will further assist you in keeping up-to-date with the most current changes and developments in the given field of e-Learning. We believe in utilizing the best yet simple strategies, procedures and solutions to convey viable training sessions. Some of the benefits of choosing us as your e-learning instructional design service providing company are listed here -

  • We provide clients with flexible pricing options which will suit their budget
  • We assign a dedicated project manager who will be the SPOC for all your needs
  • Helps you make an individualized and non-concurrent e-learning background for your customers
  • Helps in motivating students to change their conduct
  • Encourages cooperation among students and mentors: an intuitive learning condition
  • Incorporation of latest e-learning advancements and prominent fast composing instruments
  • Ensures brief criticism for upgraded learner fulfillment
  • We operate through multiple delivery locations across the globe which enable us to deliver quality services within a quick time
  • We provide highly scalable services and can be ramped up as and when the client needs it
  • Develops common participation among students across to various geological areas and time zones
  • Emphasizes on time management and other relevant skills
  • Offers the adaptability to change the module dependent on student abilities and different gifts
  • Allows simple examination of the executives and brought about expenses while conveying directions on the web
  • Incorporates ADDIE standards and progressively contemporary fast models

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After evaluating a few outsourcers I decided to work with Flatworld Solutions because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted.

University in the United States
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Flatworld Solutions is a leading e-learning instructional design service provider in the industry today. What makes our instructional design modules ideal for a great e-Learning model is our ability to gain the attention of learners and trainers alike. Our team of professional software professionals believes that all forms of instruction should permit improvising and reasoning, and tailor our modules to suit the same. Having a form of learning which is not only designed to captivate attention but is also interactive in nature assures maximum retention, and thus ensures maximum skill development along its course of progress.

Opting for an instructional design service will then ensure a workforce which is not only skilled in their tasks but also up-to-date with the recent developments in their fields with a state-of-the-art continuous learning paradigm. Outsourcing instructional design is a smart move for a better workforce and an effective business strategy to steer ahead of the challenges in business today. Flatworld Solutions helps you in utilizing your business prospects by offering first-class Microsoft counseling administrations customized by your advancing needs. Get in touch with us today!

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