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How well do you know your website visitors? How effective is your conversion rate? What long tail keywords are you going after? Even if you know the answers to all these questions, Web Analytics takes it one step further and provides you with key indicators that your regular website statistics reporting software wouldn't do.

Website reporting and analytics is a critical component for any business which has a presence online. Whether you run an e-commerce store or a simple website featuring your products, website analytics can shed light on how your website is performing and what actions need to be taken to improve the traffic and conversions of your website.

Flatworld's website reporting & analytics services

Flatworld Solutions has a core analytics team which has worked with companies of all sizes in measuring their website. We have helped businesses cut marketing costs and improve conversions by providing key insights into their website performance.

We cover the following areas in our web analytics reporting services:

Though website analytics is very important, many businesses fail to devote the same attention as they would, for marketing and promotional activities. Here's what website statistics analysis and traffic reports can do:

  • Show the number of visitors on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Show the loyalty of your visitors
  • Display sites linking to your website
  • Measure the effectiveness of the content of your website
  • Show the performance of online advertising campaigns
  • Show the effectives of keyword research and SEO on your website
  • Show visitor behavior and the interaction with your site

The above metrics are just a few examples of what an analytics tool can do. Reporting and analysis software in the market, provide advanced metrics for your website, right to the smallest detail.

Flatworld's web analytics software expertise

Flatworld can quickly get up to speed if you are already using an analytics tool. We have worked with industry leading analytics software - both free and commercial. We can also customize them to suit your business's needs. Here's a list of analytics tool that we've worked with:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Yahoo Web Analytics
  3. Omniture
  4. Compete Analytics
  5. Webtrends
  6. ClickTracks
  7. Sitecatalyst
  8. Net Insight

Reporting & analysis process at Flatworld

Here's an overview of the process followed in our web analytics division:

  • We first understand your overall requirements and set down goals of the project
  • After mutual agreement, we set about accessing your current (if any) analytics tool
  • We pick up the data from the software (based on the scope of the project)
  • You could also send us the data via Excel / CSV files, or we can download the data from your database directly
  • We integrate this data and present comprehensive reports
  • We can also create custom reports and dashboards based on the nature of your requirements

Partner with Flatworld for all your analytics & reporting needs

With Flatworld you not only get a strong partner in web analytics but you also get access to other outsourcing services that can help grow your business. You can be sure that you are making your decisions on data that is accurate and reliable, as we audit our reports before sending it to you.

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