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LMS Development Services

We build cutting-edge learning management system to bring faculty and student communities under one roof in a digital learning ecosystem at rates as low as $20/hour

Learning Management System (LMS) development refers to building a tool that helps organizations streamline different administrative, strategic, and educative processes on an easy-to-use software application. Regardless of whether you are an established university with several colleges under your wing, or you are running a corporate training program, or you are a start-up that is just taking off, an LMS can bring several of your operational departments on a single platform making them easier to manage.

Flatworld is a front-running LMS development company that has been instrumental in creating such efficient platforms from scratch. Learning management system development services can make every step of the learning process right from planning, organizing, communicating, tracking, reporting, to materials and lecture delivery completely digital and a whole lot easier. Get rid of the unproductive conventional ways; join hands with Flatworld and take an advanced leap towards transforming your learning management infrastructure.

LMS Development Services We Offer

As a complete LMS development services providing company, we do much more than formulating a roadmap for efficient learning management and building an IT infrastructure around it. Our expertise spans a varied range of specializations including the following -

  1. LMS Software Development

    LMS Software Development

    Flatworld recognizes that the factors influencing efficient development are not only limited to understanding the institutional or training needs, but also the student and engagement needs. Our software development team is known to be thorough in taking into account all of the above factors and creating universal software solutions.

  2. Custom LMS Development Services

    Custom LMS Development Services

    Catering to your unique curriculum management, administration, tracking, and distribution strategy, we provide custom LMS development services. With Flatworld's expertise in open-source solutions, you can personalize your LMS infrastructure to suit your purpose and vision.

  3. Data Migration Services

    Data Migration Services

    Data migration is one of the pivotal steps to learning management system development. Flatworld understands that while developing a highly efficient LMS, mapping the features of the old LMS is important for greater compatibility during data migration.

  4. LMS Integration

    LMS Integration

    For an LMS to be seamlessly productive, it should be able to interact and communicate with external services and enterprise apps. That's why Flatworld's development services include integration solutions wherein we integrate your LMS with various APIs of SaaS including CRM, Zapier, conferencing and webinar apps, and more.

  5. LMS Enhancement Solutions

    LMS Enhancement Solutions

    To stay up-to-date with today's trends, a lot of organizations are turning to enhanced LMS solutions that pump up the engagement and interactive quotient of e-learning. Flatworld's team of engineers is adept with technologies like virtual reality, gamification, and 3D graphics that can enhance the impact of e-learning by several times.

  6. LMS Development Security Testing Services

    LMS Development Security Testing Services

    Data security is central to learning management and security measures like data encryption, password authentication, or IP blockers may not always be adequate. Considering the indispensable nature of security testing in development, Flatworld has curated a sophisticated series of tests that can identify security loopholes and we can fix them before any threat or breach occurs.

LMS Development Process We Follow

The organized and optimized nature of Flatworld's workflow has played a key role in our success in the industry. With our exhaustive and iterative methodology, we develop an LMS that works best for your unique needs. Here's how we go about it -


01. Compilation of Data and Resources

Our first step is to have all the data like learning modules, department segregation, mode of distribution, that can influence the flow or hierarchy of your custom LMS in any way, in one place


02. Platform Selection

According to your organizational needs and budget, we conclude whether a SaaS tool for your LMS or an open-source tool like WordPress would be more ideal


03. Structural Design

As per our analysis, we start structuring a design draft of how the backbone of your LMS would look like with all the departments, courses, and schedules


04. Development

The above step is iterative but once the final draft is prepared, our software developers work their magic on the coding and development of your custom LMS


05. Testing

The product or LMS undergoes a series of testing to ascertain the compatibility with the platform, levels of security, and overall efficiency of use


06. Launch

Once we have made sure that the LMS can provide the best user experience, we help your team through the launch of the system with adequate training and support

Other Services You Can Benefit From

What Makes Flatworld The Best LMS Development Service Provider?

With 20 years of experience in the industry and 300+ custom projects completed successfully, Flatworld has earned a pristine reputation among leading institutes and training facilities. Out of the several reasons why you should avail of our services, here are a few notable ones -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    You can now get your own customized LMS developed by Flatworld Solutions with the best features and the most affordable pricing. We offer payment plans designed as per your convenience so you will find our services well-aligned with your goals.

  • Intuitive and Responsive Interfaces

    Flatworld's team of developers holds a global reputation for not only building some of the smartest LMS solutions but also some of the cleanest and easiest. Our intuitive and responsive interfaces ensure scalability at the backend and a superior user experience.

  • State-of-the-art Tools

    Flatworld is equipped with the most industrially relevant tools and veterans that are proficient with all the latest LMS technologies. Right from Kotlin, Joomla to Bootstrap, and Swift, our diverse tech stack empowers us to create a digitally advanced LMS for your organization.

  • Loaded Features Integration

    Thanks to the technological prowess of our team, we have successfully integrated interactive features in our LMS including speech processing, gamification, quizzes, webinar facilities, monetization options, and much more.

  • In-house Training

    Although our custom development solutions are fairly easy which makes learning easier, we also provide dedicated training to employees. Within no time, we can have your team adopt, manage, and run your LMS to its full efficiency.

  • End-to-end Quality Assurance

    Our work methodology and LMS solutions are all designed under international standards quality compliance guidelines. Moreover, our company is backed by 9001:2008 certification so when you avail of our services you can always be sure of getting the best.

  • Support Services

    Besides the range of development services, we offer a bunch of support services that can make learning management a whole lot easier for you. These include developing e-learning and subscription-based courses from scratch, continuous system improvement, and much more.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

We developed a lightweight and agile mobile video editing app by implementing all requested functionalities. The client was pleased with the development quality and considered our services value for money.

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FWS Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Looking Air Conditioner

FWS Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Looking Air Conditioner

A London-based seller of consumer products contacted us to develop an augmented reality app and the project was completed as per the SLA. It helped boost sales and revenue for the client.

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We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Outsource LMS Development Services to Flatworld

Why waste invaluable time, money, and resources across different avenues when you can have a consolidated system that can take care of every single one of your education management requirements? With Flatworld's LMS development services and other subsets under custom software development, you can not only multi-dimensionally streamline your processes in a highly organized infrastructure but also get lifetime upgrade and migration support from our team.

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