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Digital Analytics Services

Infuse big data intelligence and analytics into your business and transform the way you make decisions by outsourcing Digital Analytics Services starting at just $20/hour

For remarkable performance and incessant growth, your online business requires continuous evaluation and optimization. At Flatworld Solutions, leveraging the power of big data, we deliver key business insights from across the digital ecosystem to help companies understand the needs and desires of their customers, employees, partners, and target audience to accentuate their marketing efforts and build an effective roadmap to success.

Our expert digital analysts make use of several key performance indicators like the number of acquisitions and cost per acquisition (CPA) to track how your customers are interacting with your products and services and provide you actionable insights for definite success. Our analytics consulting capabilities are geared to help you anticipate, visualize, and improve your business and growth capabilities.

Digital Analytics Services We Offer

As a leading digital analytics services providing company, we combine our extensive knowledge, industry-leading tools and techniques, and expert statistical models to provide you comprehensive digital analytics services that help you address your biggest business challenges for informed decision making.

Our range of services include -

  1. Web Analytics and Reporting Services

    Web Analytics and Reporting Services

    With expertise in digital and web analytics, we visualize the historic, ongoing, and predictive patterns of your business to help you make strategic and informed business decisions. Using a wide array of w analytics tools, we measure your website traffic, engagement levels, and consumer behavior to help you optimize your website content with targeted keywords for maximum web traffic and sales.

  2. Google Analytics Services

    Google Analytics Services

    Want to determine the success of your SEO practices? Our Google Analytics services help you do that and much more. We perform a comprehensive Google audit to track your traffic, analyze your marketing efforts, check on-page and off-page SEO practices, fine-tune your web account setup and optimize content with high search keywords for improved search engine ranking and high web traffic.

  3. Campaign Analytics Services

    Campaign Analytics Services

    Our expert analysts review your current campaigns to check their performance and determine gaps and shortcomings. We then provide you with the right strategies to launch customized, data-driven campaigns that help you target your high-value customers to improve your advertising ROI, strengthen your customer base, and help you realize your marketing efforts.

    Our end-to-end campaign analytics solutions provide you real-time insights across the entire value chain of your campaigns from design to the timing of the campaign and from channel selection to precise audience targeting for maximum campaign effectiveness.

  4. Social Media Analytics

    Social Media Analytics

    Monitor all your social media activities, across channels and platforms, with our expert social media analytics services. Our social media analysts use a variety of tools and techniques to measure your social media presence, gauge the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, analyze their engagement level with your target audience, and report key metrics like clicks, comments, reach, shares, and views in an easy-to-understand reporting format. This allows you to intelligently focus on your time, efforts, and budget on channels, platforms, and audiences that can yield you high results.

Our Digital Analytics Process

We follow a rigorous step-by-step process to help you find out exact and detailed information about your marketing efforts, leads, website visitors, and conversion ratio. We also provide you detailed inputs about your shortcomings to help you improve your market share. Our digital analytics process includes -


01. Team Meet

We meet you and/or your digital marketing team to get a deep understanding of your business, current market, competitors, target audience, and your expectations.


02. Market Analysis

Using our premium analytics tools, we then perform a thorough market analysis to measure your website traffic, gauge your campaign results, understand your customers' interaction with your brand, and depict the bounce rate. We also scan your products to check their current performance and predict future growth prospective.


03. Strategize

We then formulate a concrete marketing plan to position your business ahead of your competitors, promote your products, and build your brand.


04. Implement

We implement our powerful marketing strategies to increase your leads, minimize bounce rates, and improve your ROI.

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Advantages of Using Digital Analytics Services

There's no purpose of creating and promoting your website, products, ad campaigns, and more, if you are not able to analyze their performance and effectiveness. Digital analytics is the best way to carve a focused approach towards your marketing strategies and channelize your efforts in the right direction. Digital analytics services have several far-reaching benefits. These include -

  • Understanding how your customers interact with your digital data
  • Measuring and optimizing the performance of your ad campaigns and calculating the bounce rate
  • Optimizing your website content for maximum leads, traffic, and ROI
  • Evaluating the needs of your customers and addressing their pain areas
  • Engaging your customers across channels and platforms, in real-time
  • Sharpening your social media strategies for maximum results
  • Tracking the geographical location of your customers and fine-tuning your products and services accordingly

Outsource Digital Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we are leading digital analytics services providing company in India. With over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, we are famous for offering the most competitive and advanced analytics solutions to help companies transform their marketing strategies as per the needs of their customers. We are powered by a team of expert business analysts who are highly experienced and rigorously trained to provide the best data analytics services to our global clients. Our certified experts can help you quickly and easily understand market trends, customer behavior, and competitors' performance so that you can streamline your business efforts as per the changing market dynamics.

There are various benefits of outsourcing your digital analytics service to us. These include -

  • Comprehensive Services and Solutions

    Leveraging our 20 years of extensive industry experience, we provide relevant and precise solutions to our clients. Our creative solutions provide you outstanding results, helping you improve your traffic, leads, and overall business.

  • Easy Access to Focused and Result-Oriented Team of Experts

    At Flatworld Solutions, all our efforts are oriented towards the success of your business. Our experts use the most advanced tools and techniques to track and help you optimize the performance of your website, Google ad campaigns, and social media interactions so that you and your products interact with your targeted audience in the best possible way.

  • Affordable Rates

    We provide our digital analytics services at highly competitive rates. Our customized service solutions can also be tailored as per your needs and requirements; this ensures easy access to our services by all businesses, big or small.

  • Rapid Turn-Around Time

    Our quick plan and prompt efforts to ensure timely delivery of results for the success of your business. Our global delivery team works round the clock to ensure that you always stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Single-point Access

    Our dedicated accounts managers serve as a single point of contact for you and your team. This ensures ease of communication and hassle-free support and service throughout the delivery cycle.

  • 24/7 Connectivity

    You can reach out to our customer service center 24/7, all seven days of the week, across all time zones. Our service executives ensure that you never have to wait to get your queries resolved.

  • Complete Data Security

    Your business data is crucial to you, and we understand that. That's why we follow strict security protocols while working with your data. Under no circumstances do we share your business-related information - customer names, contact details, sales figures, reports-with anyone.

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Outsource Digital Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a premium digital analytics service provider based out of India. With years of experience in providing expert digital solutions to our global clients, we have all the expertise to take your business to soar heights. Our certified digital experts and business analysts provide precise solutions that are relevant to you and your business goals. They use big data and robust tracking strategies to provide you deep business insight into your visitor's journey, determine market trends, and analyze key market behaviors to help you realign and automate your business processes and marketing campaigns as per the changing and quickly evolving dynamics of the digital world.

Get started! Simply let us know your business needs and marketing requirements and our solution-focused digital analytics consultants will get in touch with you to help you track and get up-to-the-minute reports of your marketing efforts.

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