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The market today has become so competitive that it becomes very hard for companies to decide which projects to push forward in the pipeline, especially when they have a number of projects lying with them, each with different needs and demands. Therefore, it becomes vital to align the projects as per your organizational goals, and categorize them in order to achieve a streamlined portfolio management.

If you are unable to track the progress of your projects and feeling lost amidst a bunch of ongoing projects, you need to opt for project portfolio management. We, at Flatworld Solutions, help you achieve that with our Project Portfolio Management outsourcing services.

Why Flatworld Solutions for PPM?

PPM or Project Portfolio Management involves acquiring information and managing or controlling both potential and ongoing projects, in order to meet your strategic business goals. It's about deciding the priority for all your projects and streamlining the work required to achieve your business objectives in the process.

A well-defined project portfolio management process help you streamline the overwhelming amount of project requests and select the right ones. It is imperative that you are able to track the progress of every project that you undertake. This indirectly helps you select the right team members for a project and gauge their productivity, while encouraging them to be a part of a flexible structure of your organization. In short, the benefits that you get by outsourcing your project portfolio management needs to us are manifold.

Our Project Portfolio Management Services

The experiences we have gathered from handling different projects in varied industries have helped us build a vast pool of knowledge and skills. Our expertise derived from people and programs alike help us understand all possible angles of your projects, and our services reflect the same. However, this does not limit us in broadening our horizons, as we keep looking for new ways to fulfil all your project portfolio management needs.

We offer comprehensive project portfolio management solutions that cater to different project portfolios, as per your organization's needs. This helps you take a final call before adding any new projects to your portfolio, managing project resources and capabilities or processes more efficiently. An integration of budget and time management abilities of our solutions also helps measure your projects' performance and decide future course of action.

Benefits of Outsourcing Project Portfolio Management to Flatworld

Our project portfolio management system guarantees you the desired functionality and peace of mind. By outsourcing your project portfolio management needs to us, you get all the time to concentrate on critical business operations for improved financial and operational performance of your enterprise.

Here are few benefits of project portfolio management that you avail by partnering with Flatworld Solutions:

  • Leverage our on premise, cost-effective project portfolio management solutions to work efficiently with multiple levels of data, project resources and budgets
  • Highlight project ideas and then prioritize your project needs that align with your overall organizational strategy
  • Our project portfolio management services cater to both top-down approach (in organizations that are management-driven and run on sparse resources) as well as bottom-up approach (for asset-intensive enterprises that require detailed schedule)
  • Support your project resource investments by linking your priorities with your project work during inception, formulation and implementation of your ideas
  • Manage your requirements for current as well as potential projects, and adjust the long-term project intake capacity
  • We can create customized project software that has a user-friendly interface, which includes an interactive charts, along with a "Task" list and Dashboard options to help you identify the tasks and deadlines that need attention, as well as the completed work
  • Software also features a robust mechanism for communicating, to help disseminate necessary information quickly and easily, thus allowing unification of all the departments working on the projects
  • Project managers can use special features to improve forecasts and increase visibility with accountability by enabling easy tracking and reporting of progress status
  • Optimize project resources and capacity, ensure high team productivity, and enable the right amount of collaboration required for a project

Leverage Our PPM Technical Expertise

The uniqueness of the project portfolio management software we offer as a part of our outsourcing service solutions could be gauged from the sheer sophistication it portrays in prioritizing projects. Our open source project portfolio management tool aids in better selection of projects using data models and routines that we have defined based on our rich project management experience, thus giving you an edge over the others in delivering highest productivity.

Using our advanced project management tools, you can create and view rich graphics, analytical models, mappings, bubble diagrams, ranking curves, charts and diagrams to get a clear insight into the progress your projects have made over a period of time. Based on this analysis, you can also identify alternatives for some projects facing several impediments.

Engage and interact with us to understand our complete range of project portfolio management services and outsourcing solutions. Get started on simplifying your project pipeline now! Contact us to outsource your project portfolio management services to Flatworld Solutions, our team will be glad to assist with your requirements.

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