Outsource Threat Anticipation Software as a Service

Threat Anticipation Software as a Service

We develop custom threat anticipation software to scan & remediate potential threat in your system. Our software will keep your system safe from cyberattacks & other online risks

Are you in need of a robust threat anticipation software to counter cyber-attacks that are becoming a commonplace? As cybercriminals are choosing sophisticated attack strategies, your critical data could be vulnerable than before. The cyberattacks not only cause inconvenience but also tremendous financial losses. However, a robust threat anticipation software will put an end to your woes and keep your business secured 24/7/365

Flatworld Solutions' threat anticipation software development is handled by a team of skilled programmers and data scientists. We analyze known attack methods to determine patterns, loopholes, and possible ways your data can be targetted. Our software engineers and programmers will identify and combat global threats through pattern learning to develop custom threat anticipation software. Our team ensures that your digital assets are safe from cyber attacks.

Threat Anticipation Software Development Service We offer

With the intensity of cyberattacks becoming frequent, there are no assurances that the next target could be your business. The risk of losing sensitive data worth thousands of dollars being ever-present now is the time to secure your business with threat anticipation software as a service from us. Our threat anticipation software development is used to develop software with the following features -

DDoS Protection

1. DDoS Protection
This provides protection from denial of service attacks; we protect your web apps, data centers, and bandwidth. Our team provides end-to-end attack handling services from risk detection to remediation. With advance warning protocols, our software can help you detect attacks and safeguard your system.

Mobile SSL

2. Mobile SSL
We provide managed SSL solutions for corporate and personal laptops, enabling your employees to telecommute. With secure remote access to corporate apps and data, your team can collaborate and work from wherever they are.

Flexible SSL

3. Flexible SSL
This feature provides secure remote access to the company network, databases, apps, and data from any device. Team members only need to have the dedicated software on their devices and the requisite browser, and they can contribute to a project.

Email Protection Suite

4. Email Protection Suite
Email is a major source of ransomware and malware infection like phishing. All incoming and outgoing mails are first processed by our threat anticipation software and only then routed to your email servers or those of your partners.

Web Content Protection

5. Web Content Protection
Our programmers can build end-to-end cloud security that is wholly integrated with your business VPN to provide comprehensive web browsing protection.

Secure Gateway

6. Secure Gateway
This global managed protection service is aimed at protecting networks of companies. This new-gen firewall is customizable and lets you choose security level options as per your needs.

Flexible Identity Authentication

7. Flexible Identity Authentication
Our software can help you keep out unauthorized users. We provide multiple-factor authentication that is also simple, safe and cost-effective.

Mobile Threat Protection

8. Mobile Threat Protection
This advanced solution identifies threats, studies them and delivers real-time reports. It works in conjunction with Enterprise Mobility solutions, protecting mobile devices from inert threats by implementing a security policy.

Security Event Intelligence

9. Security Event Intelligence
This feature, crafted by our expertise in cybersecurity, enables you to identify threats quickly, and respond to them. It is capable of monitoring any managed infrastructure and contains sophisticated analytics for threat detection.

Incident Response

10. Incident Response
Our team uses a proven approach to configure the system to intervene as soon as an attack is detected, and mitigate the loss. The next step is taking remedial action for data recovery.

Our Process - Threat Anticipation Software as a Service

At Flatworld we follow industry best practices and use the most robust and cutting-edge technologies to secure your data. We employ the strictest protocols to identify threats, protect your systems from data loss or mitigate the loss, and recover data as quickly as possible. Our process is as follows -

Understand the Nature of their Business We will discuss with our customers to understand the nature of their business, third-party software used, vendors, customers, and all existing risks and challenges
Outline All the functions the Software will do We then outline all the functions the software will do - types of threats, the data recovery procedure, processing emails, and so on
Develop a Custom Threat Anticipation Software We will choose a suite of technologies and tools to design and develop a custom threat anticipation software
Testing is crucial for any product Testing is crucial for any product but in the case of a threat anticipation software, it is extremely critical. We will iterate the testing process until we ensure it works as intended
The Final stage is deployment The final stage is deployment - your systems and networks are now secure
We will create documentation for self-help We will create documentation for self-help and simple diagnosis

Technologies We Leverage

We believe in using cutting-edge technologies and the latest tools so that we can deliver the best to our customers. Our programmers and engineers have proficiency in the following security protocols -

SSL Folder Lock VeraCrypt

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Prefer Flatworld Solutions for Threat Anticipation Software as a Service?

Choosing Flatworld as your preferred partner to outsource threat anticipation software as a service can help you mitigate risk to your digital assets. The reason why we are the right choice are as follows -

  1. ISO Certifed Theft Anticipation Software as a Service Provider

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we provide superior services to our customers; we also hold certifications in security management and other areas, like HIPAA, ICD 10, ICD 11, DSM 5, RBMA.

  2. Robust Data Management

    We will manage your data will care so that you can be stress-free knowing that your confidential data will be handled with caution by authorized members who have signed the NDA. Our efforts to ensure confidentiality has brought us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation.

  3. Quality Services

    By preferring our services you are automatically switching to a service provider who can deliver on promises and meet all your needs.

  4. Scalable Services

    Our solution is scalable so that it is capable of handling an increased number of emails, employees, vendors and so on when your business grows.

  5. Quick Turnaround Time

    The turnaround time for threat anticipation software as a service is faster than other providers. This is because we have a tried and tested process that has seen action and has brought desirable results.

  6. Cost-effective Solutions

    We guarantee cost-effective solutions with no compromise on quality. We don't just provide raw data for you, we analyze and contextualize it for your easy understanding.

  7. SPOC

    We will assign a dedicated point of contact who will assist you if you face the difficulty in understanding the workflow. We will make it easier for you to reach us quickly.

  8. Experienced Team

    We have a prolific team of over 100 engineers and programmers, with deep expertise in trending technologies for security and other purposes.

  9. Robust Infrastructure

    Our vast infrastructure in terms of workspace, equipment, technology, and tools enables us to produce high performing software within deadlines and budgets.

  10. Advanced Platform

    Our threat anticipation platform collects data that is both structured and unstructured from dozens of sources and offers rich features. These include threat data scoring and correlation, text analytics, contextual matching, and more.

  11. 24/7 Access to Support

    We take cybersecurity seriously; we guarantee round the clock access to our team for you to discuss your apprehensions and concerns. We also provide support at your local time wherever you are.

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FWS Provided IT Support to a UK-based Insurance Company

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Outsource Threat Anticipation Software Development Services to Flatworld


We have been using Flatworld Solutions' service for the last four months for testing of our SaaS solution. They have been a professional and committed partner who has taken responsibility for the partnership.

Customer Success Manager,
Computer Consultancy Service Provider, Denmark
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In the past few years, the whole world has watched in trepidation as cyber attackers became bolder and caused huge damage to businesses. Protecting your business from online threats, having procedures to mitigate loss from such attacks, and for quick recovery of data is not just essential, it has become absolutely imperative. Rather than an expense, it must be looked at as an investment - after all, a cyber attack can cause losses in tens of thousands of dollars.

With a rich international, cross-industry experience spanning 20 years, Flatworld is the right choice for crafting a robust threat anticipation software for your business.

Contact us today to build a customized, effective, and robust security solution.

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