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Running a small business is a daunting task. You have to juggle numerous things at the same moment and at times burning the candle from both ends isn't enough as well. But this is where technology steps in to ease your hassles. Thanks to the enormous applications of technologies, small business owners can simplify their work and gain better results without burning a hole in their pocket.

We at Flatworld have expertise in such technologies and have collaborated with several businesses to enhance their efficiency by offering customized technological solutions.

Popular Business Technologies that a Must for Small Businesses

Here we discuss 10 technologies that small business owners must utilize to leverage their profits and reach -

  1. Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has revolutionized the tech world and its implications have transformed several businesses. By embracing cloud computing, organizations have become more scalable and agile. In fact, for many organizations, cloud computing has become a critical factor.

    And the best part? Cloud computing doesn't eat up much of your budget. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide efficient cloud computing services at a reasonable cost so that you enjoy better efficiency without expanding your budget.

  2. Next Generation Payment Methods

    Next Generation Payment Methods

    Online payment is still a big turn off for buyers. Despite tremendous technological advancements & several algorithms, we still aren't able to create fully-secure, safe, & speedy money transaction process on the internet. To remove the fear of getting cheated by customers' mind, it is imperative that businesses develop payment methods that are innovative & safe. If you believe developing & adopting such payment methods would shatter your budget, then you should consider getting in touch with one of our teams at Flatworld solutions.

    We have offered several innovative and next-generation payment options to small business which bring safety and simplicity in the online payment process. The upshot? Your customers start trusting you and buy more frequently from you.

  3. Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications are a tricky territory. Almost everyone these days is jumping the bandwagon and launching their mobile application as this is the age of mobiles and m-commerce has become mainstream. But there is a catch. People may download numerous applications but they use only 7 to 8 applications daily. Hence, it is critical to use mobile applications in a smart manner. You should have it as it has become the norm but it doesn't mean you have to overdo it.

    If you are wondering about the ideal mobile application strategy for your business, then connect with us today. We will critically evaluate your standing and would offer tangible solutions just as we have done for several other small businesses.

  4. Data Security

    Data Security

    When we are talking about financial security, we need to talk about data security as well. Any business, big or small cannot afford to neglect data security as this can blow up your customer base and can also land you in legal trouble.

    By embracing simple yet effective technological features you can make your own invincible fortress in the online world. Our tech teams at Flatworld are pros in creating and implementing the finest data security services that keep your business and activities on the web safe and secure.

  5. Chatbots


    The age of chatbots is here! Chatbots are more effective than humans, they can deal with customers in a better manner as their intelligence is enormous and they come at a cheap price as well! Customers at this age are looking for interactions. They want their doubts to get cleared, they want you to recommend products and services to them, and they want you to engage with them beyond the mere selling process.

    And all this can be done by embracing chatbots. Wondering how? Flatworld Solutions will demonstrate the effectiveness of chatbots to you and will help you in creating the best chatbots for your business.

  6. Website Implementation and Enhancement Tools

    Website Implementation and Enhancement Tools

    It is difficult for small businesses to maintain an online presence. If you too are facing the same issues then worry no more. There are plenty of free tools and options available that bring the best of the online world to you and enable you to catch up with the rest.

    Website implementation and enhancement tools are becoming more and more popular each day and hence, it is imperative for you to exploit the potential of this technology.

  7. HR Software

    HR Software

    Employees are the biggest assets. This clich├ęd statement is known to all and everyone does focus on this aspect but how about incorporating the best technologies to ensure your human resource management is the best-in-the-class? This obviously boosts the morale of your employees and makes them more productive. Functions such as attendance and employee development activities can be very easily taken care of by adopting HR software.

    At Flatworld Solutions, we provide a host of services that make the administrative functions of HR seamless.

  8. Drones


    The future arrives faster than we anticipate. The concept of drones looked a distant dream some years back but today it has become an everyday application for many. Drones can work wonders for small businesses. If you can work your way out then drones can drastically decrease your delivery costs and can propel your customer reach to another level.

    However, the use of drones is still subject to several complications including legal ones hence small businesses should embrace this technology with caution. But be sure to keep an eye on it as it is developing at an alarming rate.

  9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Handling customers consume a massive portion of your resources. Hence you must always look for innovative and effective ways of handling customers so that you get the breathing space to focus on other things as well. Flatworld Solutions has wide experience in managing unique requirements of businesses in terms of customer handling and has delivered precise, tangible, and cost-effective solutions.

    You can hear from one of our team members about the customer relationship management services we offer and how different they are from others.

  10. Emails


    It may look like emails have become redundant but in reality, they have not. In fact they still are one of the most cost-effective & result-oriented tools for small businesses. If you know the right way of using emails, then it is a shining weapon in your armory. Emails allow you to reach a wider set of audience & convey your message in a strong manner. We have a plethora of customized email strategies specifically carved to cater the needs of small businesses. Connect with us now to know more about this cost-effective & result-oriented technological service.

Leverage the Benefits of Latest Technologies for your Business with Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing exceptional software development services to its global clientele. When it comes to technology, there is no end to its usability for your business. All you need is to use the right platform and the right strategy. And for business technologies for small businesses, Flatworld Solutions is your best companion as we have enormous experience and a team of experts with us! Our team comprises some of the most talented and experienced software and mobile app developers who can create some of the most eye-catching and innovative software for your business.

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective software development service provider, then look no further. Get in touch with us today!

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