Outsource Beta Acceptance Testing Services

Beta Acceptance Testing Services

Get your software tested in the real environment by real users to get direct and honest feedback before deploying your application at rates starting at $20 an hour

What is Beta Acceptance Testing?

Before you launch your software product in the market, it is essential to conduct a user acceptance test to see how actual users in the real world find it – user acceptance testing, otherwise known as beta testing, or beta acceptance testing. It is different from the usual testing process, which is carried out by testers in the software development company. It includes black-box testing, and the software application is tested to ensure it is secure, robust, and reliable. You need to get your software validated by actual persons who will be the end-users. However, this process is not something most businesses would be able to handle by themselves as it is time-consuming and laborious. It makes sense to outsource your beta acceptance testing services to an experienced and reputed beta acceptance testing service providing company like Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld is a beta acceptance testing service provider that provides efficient and hassle-free testing. Your beta acceptance testing requirements will be carried out by our experienced and highly qualified resources who use state of the art testing tools to deliver impeccable service to customers.

Beta Acceptance Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has been offering top-notch beta acceptance testing services to global customers for over two decades. This has helped us earn immense experience, allowing us to handle the customization needs of customers, and deliver bespoke services to customers within a short time. As a reputed provider of beta acceptance testing services, we follow a thorough, transparent, and systematic approach to testing. We keep our customers in the loop and incorporate their special requirements.

Once the internal of alpha testing is concluded, the software is considered stable, and tools are readied to capture defects, we release the application for beta testing. The testing concludes when all discovered bugs have been fixed. Our team is experienced at delivering all types of acceptance testing solutions, some of which include -

  1. Traditional Beta Testing Services

    Traditional Beta Testing Services

    This method simply involves distributing the software in the market and collecting the relevant data from the end-users. This information is used to make corrections and improvements in the software as required.

  2. Public Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    Public Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    Here, we release the product to end-users in the market via different online channels, and then collect information from them. After analyzing the feedback from users, we ask our developers to make the necessary modifications to fine-tune the software.

  3. Technical Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    Technical Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    In this process, we first give the software to our internal team to use and ask for their feedback. Depending on the information we get from them, further improvements or adjustments are made to the software as needed.

  4. Focused Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    Focused Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    We release the software product in the market to test a few features of the application and not the software in totality. Relevant information about those features is gathered and analyzed to make further improvements to the software.

  5. Post-release Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    Post-release Beta Acceptance Testing Services

    As the name suggests, this test is conducted after the application is released in the market. Again, information is collected from end-users, and it is used to make improvements to the application. The next version of the software includes improvements.

Advantages of Acceptance Testing

Beta Acceptance Testing Services has innumerable advantages. Let's look at some of the chief benefits -

  • It affords a comprehensive insight into the actual experience of the end-users
  • It helps the makers of the software to understand the need for the product and how the users will utilize it
  • Bugs and errors in the software app can be detected
  • The makers can gauge to a significant extent, how compatible the software is in the real world
  • It helps in the analysis of the effect of visible issues on the end-users
  • Through end-user validation, the risk of product failure can be minimized
  • Using consumer feedback, improvements can be made to the software app
  • It helps create goodwill among consumers and boosts satisfaction
  • In comparison to other data collection methods, beta acceptance testing is more cost-effective

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Outsource UAT Services to Flatworld?

As a reputed and leading provider of software testing services for over two decades, we have tried and tested methods and use the best tools to conduct beta testing. When you outsource beta acceptance testing services to Flatworld Solutions, you get numerous benefits.

  • We have affordable and flexible pricing options that are suitable for a wide range of budgets and business requirements.
  • As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified company, you can rest assured that your data is 100% safe from any threat. Access to data is granted only to authorized personnel.
  • Our team of beta testers is highly skilled and experienced and are capable of delivering high octane beta acceptance testing solutions. They are trained on all the latest tools and technologies.
  • When you outsource your beta acceptance testing services to Flatworld, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will act as your single contact point; should you need any queries answered or issues resolved, you can simply reach out to them.
  • Our testing services are designed to scale; we have the resources and expertise to scale up the testing as your business grows.
  • Flatworld Solutions has superior quality infrastructure like workspaces comparable to the best in the world, access to the latest technologies, and more.
  • You can expect round the clock tech support from our team over phone or email to resolve your queries.
  • With multiple delivery centers around the globe, we offer you the advantage of time zones and can deliver quality services in short turnaround times.

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Outsource Beta Acceptance Testing Services to Flatworld Solutions


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Flatworld Solutions has been providing high-quality beta acceptance testing and other software testing services in India and abroad. With a team of highly talented and experienced beta testers on board, we can cater to all your beta acceptance testing requirements effortlessly. Our superior infrastructure, modern work methodology, and vast resources allow us to deliver affordable and impeccable testing solutions.

If you would like your beta acceptance testing service provider to have these qualities, do get in touch with us with your requirements.

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Beta Acceptance Services FAQs

  • What is acceptance testing?

    Acceptance testing is performed to determine whether a software has met the requirement specifications.

  • What is beta acceptance testing?

    In beta acceptance testing, "real users" of the software application test the software application in a "real environment." It is the final test before shipping a product to customers.