Outsource VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Services

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Services

Unlock the full benefits of your VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and ensure that all virtual desktop processes run efficiently, at prices starting at $20/hour

IT infrastructure refers to all the various components that are required for a business to implement and execute software programs, like software apps, hardware including computers and servers, and the data centers, network components, and so on. All the important components of the IT infrastructure need to be properly supervised to ensure maximum uptime and availability of all resources, with minimal disruption in day-to-day business activities.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be defined as a type of desktop virtualization where desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server, virtual machines run specific desktop images, and use a network to deliver them to the endpoints which could be computers, tablets, and so on.

Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

At Flatworld Solutions, a leading VDI service providing company, we offer the whole suite of VDI services as part of our IT infrastructure management services. This includes completely customized virtual desktops developed on high octane VDI platforms, so that you need not think about implementing IT infrastructure in-house, and incur heavy expenditure or waste your efforts over it. Our VDI services include -

  1. Assessment of Workforce Needs

    Assessment of Workforce Needs

    This is the first phase wherein we study your business model and understand your goals and requirements, and then decide exactly what services and support need to be provided for ensuring a great UX for every optimized device.

  2. VDI Design

    VDI Design

    With the information at hand, in the next step, we create a VDI blueprint, with the architecture, and mention timelines, schedules, and budgets - to render a successful outcome.

  3. VDI Deployment

    VDI Deployment

    The design is then implemented so that the deployment is quickly done, and users can start enjoying the advantages offered by VDI without further delays.

  4. End-to-end Management

    End-to-end Management

    Flatworld Solutions handles design, scaling, security, updates, patches, management, and any other activity that is desktop-related. You can focus on your core tasks with our fully managed desktops.

  5. Stringent Security

    Stringent Security

    All VDI desktops provided by us are safeguarded with multiple-level security protocols like intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, antivirus management, endpoint security, multiple-factor authentication, and OS patching.

  6. Simplified User Experience

    Simplified User Experience

    We remove the complexity of technology for the end-users with our superior virtualization solutions. Users can gain access to apps that are graphics-intensive, without any delays and performance issues – from wherever they want to.

  7. Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    Our team of VDI experts is available round the clock, ensuring a quick response and effective resolution to all your desktop-related issues. Get in touch with them for a free consultation of VDI solutions via call, chat, or email.

  8. Industry-Specific VDI Services

    Industry-Specific VDI Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we recognize that the requirements of all industries differ, and we offer customized solutions for each vertical. You can choose the VDI solution that is the best fit for your industry, and we will further tailor it as per the specific needs of your business.

  9. High-Performance Desktops

    High-Performance Desktops

    Our solution will enable your employees to access all the requisite apps on your VDI system, allowing them to work effectively on several projects and assignments, as well as graphics-heavy apps and parallel app processing systems.

  10. VDI Health Check

    VDI Health Check

    Our job doesn't end with providing you with the VDI environment; we offer continued tech support, audits, and checks to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues you may face in the VDI environment.

Where is VDI used?

Virtual desktop infrastructure is useful for a wide range of employee designations across industries, like contract workers, medical professionals, field technicians, task workers, mobile or remote workers, or in other words, any contractor or employee who relies on VDI to access a dependable VDI from several locations. As it is flexible, VDI also functions as a method for users to convert their virtual desktops into customized digital workspaces, or to access standard and intermittent desktops.

What are the Benefits Of VDI?

Virtual desktop infrastructure services enhance the mobility of users and facilitate remote access, as users can access the infrastructure from anywhere as long as they have a device that is compatible and approved. In this matter, it is just like the digital workflows in the workspace that employees are already used to, with web, mobile, and cloud applications for various processes.

Some other benefits include -

  • Savings in expenditure

    The majority of processing in the virtual desktop infrastructure takes place in the servers, eliminating the need for state-of-the-art, expensive hardware - making this a huge cost-saving method for IT. A thin client which is relatively inexpensive is sufficient to grant access to VDI - even an old desktop that is refurbished. It does not necessitate the purchase of new hardware.

  • Enhanced security and centralization

    Compared to running an operating system, VDI is more secure, as the data from a VDI connection is not stored on the endpoint device, but the server. So, even if the user's device gets damaged, lost, or stolen, there is no fear of data loss or breach. The VDI environment being controlled centrally can be updated, configured, and have policies enforced for every virtual desktop in the whole system. VDI enables better control and the operating system images from the server can be safely isolated as well. This method is much simpler than handling laptops that run their operating systems locally. The threat of data breaches is increasing constantly; the isolation and centralization features of VDI can be a critical element of a multilevel strategy for data security.

  • Scalable

    A VDI solution can help to scale vital apps and services to remote teams - something that is becoming more common by the day. This environment offers a seamless experience across devices, regardless of size and screen resolution, affording greater freedom to both contractors and employees in the way they work, while at the same time enabling workflows to be more streamlined.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource VDI Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading VDI services provider and can help you effectively and efficiently deploy your VDI solutions. Some other reasons to work with us include -

  • Affordable Services

    Flatworld Solutions offers VDI services at highly competitive rates, with zero compromises on the quality of work.

  • Optimal Performance

    Our team at Flatworld has the expertise and experience to ensure that your apps and network in the VDI environment run efficiently, and are at optimal performance – allowing your business to enjoy the benefits of VDI like remote work and collaboration, and enhanced security, continuously.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With our excellent infrastructure and plentiful resources, Flatworld Solutions can set up and implement your VDI system in a relatively short period, so that your business can start experiencing the benefits of VDI quickly.

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Outsource Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services to Flatworld Solutions

Employees who travel frequently and need to have a virtual desktop with a comprehensive suite of virtual apps and data will especially find VDI a huge boon. In fact, it is just like having an office just when you need it, where you need it. Are you looking for a reputed provider of VDI services?

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FAQs on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

  • What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be defined as a type of desktop virtualization where desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server and deliver services to endpoints like computers.

  • How does VDI work?

    With VDI, desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server through a type of desktop virtualization and deliver services to endpoints like computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Why VDI?

    Using VDI can help to save costs since expensive new software and hardware do not need to be provided to employees. They can instead access the software they need remotely through VDI.