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The advent of smartphones and easy access to an internet connection has allowed the boom of new texting and messaging technologies. It has been almost two decades since the first text message was sent and ever since then, texting has played an important role in bringing people together. Being the most widely used means of communication, text message app companies have developed newer apps to make the entire texting experience easier.

It is known that almost 80% of the mobile phone owners use their smartphones for the purpose of text messaging. It is seen that the younger generation are the most active testers as compared to other age groups. App development companies are coming out with newer text messaging app ideas and in this cut-throat competitive market it becomes necessary to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. In this article we have listed the best texting apps that one needs to try out.

10 Best Messaging Apps That You Should Try

In today's mobile app industry, every other day thousands of apps are uploaded to the app stores. In this fast moving and competitive market it is important that the app stands out and makes an impact on the users. There are tons of messaging apps available today but to make your life simpler here we have listed the best popular mobile messaging apps and some of the best apps for texting that you should try out -

  1. WhatsApp


    This is the most widely used and one of the best messaging apps around the world. Owned by Facebook, Inc. this app has currently the most number active users. This app allows the users to send messages through texts, images, videos, location, documents, audio recordings etc. This also has the option of voice calling and press to instantly record voice options which makes the app very interactive.

  2. Viber


    Viber is one of the most popular text messaging apps better known for its VoIP feature which is used more extensively. This app is developed by Viber Media and allows users to send messages via texts, images, videos, etc. The app is available on various platforms and one need to install the mobile version before using the app on the desktop.

  3. Snapchat


    Developed by a group of students at Stanford University, Snapchat is an image messaging app and multimedia mobile app. The app can be used to send images as messages called "snaps" which can either images or videos, various effects and filters can be applied, text, and drawings.

  4. Line


    This is one of the largest social networks used in Japan. This app is available on all major platforms and other devices such as tablets and desktops. This app allows users to send messages using texts, images, videos, and also through video conferencing.

  5. Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger

    Developed by Facebook, Inc. this is another widely used messaging app. The latest version of the app does not require the user to even have a Facebook account. Facebook has a vast user base of more than 1 billion and they allow this app at no cost. Along with being a messaging app, this app can be used to play various games as well.

  6. Kik


    This is a popular messaging app among teenagers as it allows the users to send messages via texts and images. It also allows them to share photos, texts, GIF images, etc. A unique feature about Kik is that it allows you to register without providing a mobile number and preserve your identity.

  7. WeChat


    In terms of active daily users, this app is on the widely used messaging apps. Developed by a Chinese company, this messaging app is quite popular among all age groups. This app allows you to send texts, images, videos, etc. and also has features such as hold-to-talk, video conferencing, and play games.

  8. Google Voice

    Google Voice

    This app developed by Google allows you to send messages via texts to your phone contacts. It also has a desktop version where the recipient can choose to reply from. Google Voice also allows having voice over internet calls and absolutely no cost.

  9. textPlus


    This app is pretty well-known for its group messaging feature better known as community messaging. It offers free and unlimited messaging for users, irrespective of the type of device or mobile phone they are using. It also provides users a chat room like environment where one can chat with others.

  10. Pinger


    Pinger is a very user friendly and easy to use messaging app. Once registered the app pulls out profile images directly from your Facebook account. The entire navigation in the app is based on images, and by clicking on the image of any contact one is able to access text, photo, calling, etc.

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