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Outsource Mobile Website Design Services

Somewhere between a desktop-only website user and 75% smartphone users who carry their device to washroom you could be losing a potential business opportunity to the competition, if you haven't created a mobile friendly website yet. If this is you, then its time to scale your business website to provide desktop-like experience to smartphone users irrespective of the platform. Mobile website design isn't a future thought, it's now.

At Flatworld Solutions, we enable small businesses to own a world-class website that is design-rich, trendy, and supported across current and future mobile platforms. Wondering how significant is this for your business? Research says 84% of businesses have witnessed an increase in sales once they become mobile. If competitors are already winning with powerful mobile website design, why get left behind? outsource mobile website design services to FWS and build traction with your prospects ahead of the competition.

Mobile Website Design Fact Check

One look at the stats, and it's easy to see why mobile web experience has picked up backing from countless businesses worldwide. With far more users relying on smartphones for convenience desktop browsing has taken a back seat. Here are some quick facts to back the narrative -

13.2% of Web Traffic Around the World Represents Mobile Users

13.2% of the web traffic from around the world represents mobile users

49% of Domestic Searches Comprises of Mobile Audience

49% of the domestic searches comprises of the mobile audience

26% Users Consume Content from Internet via Mobile Phone

26% of the users consume content from the internet via the mobile phone alone

1.08 Billion Adults Use Smartphones for Online Shopping & Other Internet Activities

Over 1.08 Billion adults use smartphones for online shopping and other internet activities

59% of Users Switching Mobile Browsing from Conventional Desktop

59% of users are switching to mobile browsing from the conventional desktop

Mobile Website Design Services We Offer

Being a specialist in mobile web design, we offer nascent web design solutions that can help B2B and B2C businesses worldwide to launch a mobile-friendly website that will mimic the desktop web experience to move in the direction of profitable sales. We create high-quality UI/UX that reflects the business USP right from the moment a customer lands on the website. We also ensure that the website renders accurately across every mobile platform without the need to design a platform specific design. The mobile website design services we provide include the following -

Mobile Custom Design

1. Mobile Custom Design
When FWS is chosen for outsourcing mobile-friendly website development solutions, we will analyze your website and create a detailed roadmap to make your website responsive to end user inputs and browsing behavior. By harnessing the trending design concepts, we will bring desktop browsing experience to your fingertips at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, we use Media Queries to implement responsive design for seamless navigation of the website irrespective of the device resolutions.

Mobile SEO

2. Mobile SEO
We can make it easier for your back-end team to track website performance and offer personalized assistance to mobile web users by understanding their preferences. To this end, we design analytics-enabled websites that will collect usage statistics in real-time for optimization of design and functionality.

Mobile Web Application Development

3. Mobile Web Application Development
We are professionals who can be counted on to develop high-quality mobile web applications that will help you add more users to your existing customer base. We have the expertise to build glitch-free web applications that will perform seamlessly across all web browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, IE0, and Safari as well as mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

Mobile Web Social Media Integration

4. Mobile Web Social Media Integration
We can design websites with social sharing options that can lessen the efforts of social media users to discover and reach your business website from integrated social channels. With social media integration, we can make your website accessible to social media and direct traffic without pushing the limits of mobile marketing.

Mobile E-commerce Capabilities

5. Mobile E-commerce Capabilities
We specialize in creating a bespoke design for eCommerce businesses to accurately render product and service information on user's device at a compatible resolution and shorter loading time. This would allow shoppers to get store-like experience by interacting with options, menu, and buttons. The customized design would allow product exploration as per their preference without losing the functionality.

PageSpeed Insights

At Flatworld Solutions we follow PageSpeed strategy to shorten the website loading time across multiple browsers.

PageSpeed Insights - Best Practices

Download "PageSpeed Insights - Best Practices"
A highly informative whitepaper that includes information on how we speed up the website loading time across multiple browsers.

Website Design Process We Follow

When you outsource mobile website design services we make sure that your business website is functional and user-focused across desktop machines and a spectrum of mobile gadgets with different resolutions. The process of making your website render accurately across multiple gadgets require design skills and specialized development software. The transparent process flow involved in a highly responsive mobile website design is as follows -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

Through collaboration will find out your requirements and design a project proposal that will be taken to the next stage after seeking your approval

Mobile Website Design Prototype  

02. Mobile Website Design Prototype

Once approved, we will appoint a team of mobile UI/UX design and developers to create a prototype that will include functionalities discussed during the collaboration

Mobile Website Design Implementation  

03. Mobile Website Design Implementation

All front-end and back-end requirements are covered by our team and the design will commence in full swing from the ground up according to the approved plan

Mobile Website Performance Testing  

04. Mobile Website Performance Testing

We will run the implementation through testing suites to supply inputs to designers if the website design is supported in multiple resolutions and browsers without loss of functionality

Website Delivery  

05. Website Delivery

Once the tested and certified design passes the acceptance test as well your approval the project will be completed, and deployment support will be provided

Routine Update & Maintenance  

06. Routine Update & Maintenance

Once deployed, we will roll out routine updates based on end-user inputs and the need for further optimization (if any)

Why Choose Responsive Website Design Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Fueling your business goals with a desktop-only website can compound your woes by causing your prospects to find more comfort with businesses that woo people through mobile-friendly sites. Why let this happen to you when you can draw more eyeballs by providing unmatched web experience anytime, anywhere? This is what we strive to achieve at FWS. By taking a leaf or two from the best mobile website design practices we can enrich web experience like never before.

Here are more reasons why we are a trusted responsive web designing company in India -

  • Certified Responsive Mobile Website Design Service Company

    Being capable of revamping monotonous websites with versatility we have reigned the industry for 20 years. Our unwavering commitment to developing websites with latest mobile website design principles have earned us the recognition as well as the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • Data Security

    Designing an affable website is one thing and impelling clients to trust us with confidentiality is another. However, with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, we dispel any iota of doubt in your mind whether you should trust us with confidentiality. Additionally, our design and development team are contractually bound to terms of non-disclosure, so the awareness of your project is limited to core design and development professionals.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Web Design Service

    We understand that businesses are concerned about lazy development approach that is mostly to be blamed for glitchy performance and buggy websites that are end users prefer to ignore. This is not the case with us because after every stage of development we also measure the progress by testing UI modules to ensure a smooth and safe experience to web users.

  • Short Turnaround

    We routinely find time-crunched clients who want a mobile-friendly website to be deployed within a quick turnaround time. Being familiar with the industry for 20 years we have what it takes to implement mobile website design services with agility so that you can put start capturing potential business opportunity that is otherwise moving towards other competitors.

  • Scalability

    The mobile website design principles we centered around making websites user-focused and scalable. This is because our clients deserve a cost-efficient option to evolve their website to keep up with the future trends.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The mobile website design services are priced flexibly to match your preference so that you will no longer have to feel concerned about opting the whole package if you have customization on your mind. You can work with our representative to choose the services that fit within your budget before moving to the next stage.

  • Single-point Contact

    Going through multiple agents to get project updates can be a hassle. This is a concern that many people face while choosing a mobile web design company. But working with us will eliminate this concern because we will provide a project manager who will work side-by-side with you to help you fetch timely updates, training, and support. You will like us for being available with a few strokes of the keyboard.

  • Web Design Tools & Software

    Weaving a design that renders in a myriad of mobile browsers can take a paramount level of precision. High-quality rendering and design tools we use can eliminate excessive human dependency on the manual method of mobile website design implement. We use proprietary tools that take care of image and design layout optimization, fonts, resolutions etc. With these tools, we can shrink the development timeline and the cost of developing an aesthetic website.

  • Adobe Flash CSS3 HTML5 Java XML
  • Experienced Team of Mobile Website Designers, Coding, and Website UX Developers

    In professionals include web design specialists, UI/UX designers, web developers, testers, and project managers who come with 10+ years of experience. We have passionate people who can give your website an unmatched appeal and distinction to stand out from the crowd.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our services are largely incomplete without the infrastructure. This is because we rely on the latest technology, and security infrastructure to complete the mobile website design projects within a stipulated time. Our facility and its security also count as a key part of our success. This is because our global delivery centers are housed with everything that required to deliver finished requirement in a way that brings you the most satisfaction.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Data sharing through FWS's secure FTP and VPN can mitigate risks that accompany in sharing files over the world wide web. Our sharing channels are routinely monitored to thwart vulnerabilities that can result in data loss.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We can be contacted from your local time zone because FWS provides an excellent customer support where lines are open 24/7/365 basis. This will let you interact with our representatives to help you in every possible way.

Client Success Stories

FWS Developed an E-commerce Website to Promote Selling and Online Auctioning

FWS Developed an E-commerce Website to Promote Selling and Online Auctioning

A fully-fledged eCommerce site was developed and delivered by FWS in quick TAT. The client's need was successfully conceptualized and brought into reality.

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FWS Integrated Live Chat on Web Portal to Facilitate UPI Payments

FWS Integrated Live Chat on a Web Portal to Facilitate Cash on Delivery & UPI Payments

FWS integrated chat support with a custom web portal, also designed by us for a multi-billion-dollar company. We client was elated because shoppers can choose delivery appointment & opt cash-only method.

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Outsource Mobile Website Design Services to Flatworld Solutions - A Leader in Web & Software Solutions


We've been trying to put together a functional website since I began my practice in April of 2012. I am happy to say we finally hired the Flatworld team and they've worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I also appreciate their quick responses and highly recommend their service!

Leading Medical Care Company in Seattle, WA
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A website is often the first touchpoint where users discover products or services and decide whether to move forward or look elsewhere. This opportunity is often lost to competitors if your website fails to provide a matching experience that clients are looking forward to on their mobile devices. At Flatworld Solutions, we make your website stand out by making it mobile-ready and capable of replicating desktop-like experience across any popular web browsers.

Working with is simple and straightforward and costs a fraction of what you pay to another mobile website design company. With a skilled team and quality infrastructure, we never lag in keeping up the design trends. We also provide many other software development services that will benefit your business in a big way. The services we provide include mobile web app development, m-Commerce development, Xamarin development, and more.

Reach us now and get mobile website design services at an unbeatable price that matches your budget.

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