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What is DevOps Testing? To keep pace with the digital transformation and quickly get products to the market, businesses have to adopt modern work methodologies. DevOps is one such methodology popularly implemented in software development. It focuses on greater collaboration and communication between the development and operations teams. This allows continuous integration and deployment, which ensures a better quality of the product. However, DevOps requires a change in the work culture and setup, and appropriate configuring, observing, and automating techniques to enable effective deployment. It helps to improve efficiency and craft path-breaking software in a shorter time.

Flatworld Solutions is a reputed DevOps testing service provider and has been at the forefront of adapting to the changing technologies and development environment. This has allowed us to be one of the best software development and testing companies in India, catering to businesses all over the world. Thanks to our mastery over DevOps, technologies, and tools, we have succeeded in delivering cutting edge software products, shorter downtimes, and high degrees of customer satisfaction. Our expert testing team is adept at continuous testing as required in DevOps, ensuring that superior quality products are rolled out every single time. We can provide DevOps testing services to a range of businesses cutting across industries.

DevOps Testing Services We Offer

The DevOps experts at Flatworld are a vital part of the continuous integration and testing platform. They start with the smoke test at the outset with an automated CI/CD pipeline, testing the product for functionality initially. If the code is correct, the QA team gives the green signal and rolls it back when it doesn't work. Continuous tracking of quality and improvement is a crucial component of our DevOps Testing process. Comprehensive testing of business functionality is achieved by ensuring thorough test coverage, including regression timelines, etc.

Our DevOps testing solutions include -

  1. Test Automation

    Test Automation

    Our team understands the need for speed and agility and automates the entire process of testing. It is configured so that when the product is deployed in the QA environment, the tests start running automatically. We use special tools for automation testing and continuous integration. The team creates an efficient framework to test automation, allowing the scripting of new test cases.

  2. App Monitoring

    App Monitoring

    To facilitate the early and quick detection of problems and proactive reporting, our team sets up monitoring in the production environment, to identify bugs before they can cause any damage. Our team sets up various counters to provide insight into the experience of end-users like CPU utilization, response times, and so on. This allows the QA team to report potential problems early on, and code can be optimized by the development professionals to prevent the issues from occurring.

  3. Parallel Testing

    Parallel Testing

    By parallelly executing tests, our team can help you reduce your time to market even further, increasing your ROI.

  4. Continuous Testing

    Continuous Testing

    As part of the DevOps approach to product development, our team performs continuous testing of the product being developed. This is done to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. With bugs being fixed as and when they are found in the development stage itself rather than at completion, it reduces the time to market and increases customer satisfaction.

Our DevOps Automation Testing Process

At Flatworld Solutions, our team of testers are highly skilled and dedicated and make sure that the product under development is thoroughly tested and evaluated, to deliver a superior product. Our team follows these steps -

  • The QA team aligns its efforts in the cycle.
  • They ensure to automate all test cases, and that 100% of the code is covered.
  • Standardization of environments is done before the automation of deployment on the QA boxes.
  • Automation of cleanups, pre, and post-testing tasks, etc. are done, to ensure alignment with the continuous integration cycle.

DevOps Testing Tools We Leverage

As a renowned provider of DevOps testing services, we use the most effective testing tools -

Gradle Apache MESOS sonarqube Sonatype Nexus LibreNMS ANSIBLE Jenkins SALTSACK CHEF puppet Juju

Advantages of DevOps Testing Services

DevOps Testing has innumerable advantages. Let's look at some of the chief benefits -

  • It speeds up software delivery significantly
  • Improve the quality of code
  • Gain precise evaluation of risk coverage of the business
  • Quicker delivery of new features with every iteration
  • With a unified team of developers and operations personnel, you get more stable systems
  • Higher employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Enables the creation of a reliable process within a very short period
  • Time to market is accelerated thanks to continuous feedback
  • It helps to combine items that were conventionally siloed, and satisfies requirements of modern enterprises, ending the separation between different teams like operations, development, and testing
  • Business risks can be mitigated by emphasizing on business expectations
  • Enables speedy deployment on a multitude of platforms and environments

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Why Outsource Software Testing Services to Flatworld?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading software testing services provider in India and offers a wide range of testing including DevOps testing services. Our two decades of robust presence in the IT industry has given us in-depth industry experience as well as technical superiority. We pride our ability in staying on top of trending technologies, methodologies, techniques, and tools, to deliver the best to our customers. When you outsource DevOps testing services to Flatworld, you can enjoy the following benefits -

  • Flexible pricing options
  • In-house automation and test scenarios created specifically for you
  • We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, and you can expect 100% confidentiality, high octane services, and strict adherence to SLAs
  • Multiple delivery centers across the world allow us to complete projects in short periods
  • 24/7 access to tech support
  • Single point of contact for all your queries, concerns, and complaints
  • Dedicated project manager to supervise the development and keep you apprised of the progress
  • World-class facilities and infrastructure coupled with some of the finest talents in the country

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DevOps Testing Services FAQs

  • What is DevOps Testing?

    DevOps helps to streamline and automate the entire software delivery lifecycle. The testing in DevOps is called continuous testing and it is brought forward into the mainstream of the development.

  • What is the role of tester in DevOps?

    A tester who tests the application/software with various testing tools and methodologies is also called upon to fix the code when it is required.

  • What is continuous testing in DevOps?

    Continuous Testing in DevOps involves testing the software at every stage of its development life cycle. It involves testing early and testing often.