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This is an age of big data, and businesses today are more dependent on cloud than ever before. Accumulation of business related data has grown over 90% in last two years in most of the data centers. This shows that vast amount of data is increasingly being used to leverage organizational objectives, and the kind of impact it as over businesses. However, maintaining a data center is both resource and cost intensive. This propels the need for cost-effective data centers that can drive business benefits for small to large enterprises.

Key Challenges

The usefulness of a functional data center prompts most businesses to set up a native data center to leverage maximum benefits. However, it comes with its own set of challenges that need dedicated attention and expertise in order to be tackled. These include -

  • Data collection from all possible sources, so as to yield maximum business benefits
  • Continuous data pruning and filtering to generate actionable data, day-in and day-out
  • Challenge of increasing data center efficiency and effectiveness, within the budgetary boundaries
  • Data center optimization challenges due to lack of dedicated data center experts, who are already engaged by small and medium businesses
  • Small businesses rely on mediocre or free and open software to leverage data center operations leading to low benefits extraction
  • Data security and disaster management expertise which severely lacks in in-house data centers

All these converge into the need for partnering with data center experts like Flatworld Solutions, which can effectively drive business benefits of a professional data center service provider without charging a bomb.

Data Center Infrastructure Management Services We Offer

Our focus has always remained to give our clients, across various industry verticals, specific and customized data center services at cost-effective rates. Our data center solutions have transformed many global businesses into industry leaders by not just driving business benefits but by also converting cost bound data centers into strategic brain centers. Our data center services include -

  • Database management
  • Systems management
  • Storage management
  • Server management

Our Specialized Data Center Services

  • IT Risk and Security Management

    Countering any terrorist or cybercrime attack is a crucial security point and necessity for any globally growing business. With deep experience in providing enterprise level security solutions, we can ensure that your data is lock sealed from any cyber threats

  • Digital Forensic Services

    Our digital forensic services act as a single point solution for all your forensic and criminal investigation needs. With growing sensitivity to cybercrimes, we prepare enterprises with well-structured data that aids authorities and stakeholders in digital criminal or internal investigations

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Data without analytics is just sheer data and cost burden on companies. Our data center services leverage powerful advanced data analytics services to give you that extra competitive edge

  • Design and Development of Data Center Infrastructure

    If you are planning to develop your own data center or wish to outsource your complete data center services, Flatworld can help you by analyzing your requirements and coming up with the best architecture and design for an efficient, robust and cost-effective data center infrastructure

Why Flatworld for Data Center Infrastructure Management Services?

By outsourcing infrastructure management services to Flatworld you get comprehensive solutions coupled with service excellence.

  • Enhanced service quality, functional flexibility, and customization

    Most data center solutions are meant to deliver standard support by aligning your specific needs into generalized service routines. Flatworld has developed specific and customized methods and procedures for various industries. This will help you get exactly what you need for your business. We have also developed quality control methods at every stage and have a robust mentoring process in place right from consolidation to deployment

  • Significant cost savings

    Due to customization and deploying data center services specifically needed for your business you can leverage significant cost benefits. Our over a decade of experience in providing streamlined data center services also helps you prune unnecessary infrastructure overheads thereby reducing deployment and running costs

  • Data migration

    We provide seamless migration of your existing data to cloud or dedicated data centers. This is a key aspect of our services, as most of your existing data can be put to immediate use with the least amount of friction or data loss normally associated with migration

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    By leveraging the best data center infrastructure management software, we help enterprises drive out the best business intelligence that can come out of your data centers. This impacts your operational efficiency and leads to increase in customer satisfaction index of your business

  • Support for industry standard frameworks and DCIM software

    Our data center managed services are compatible and support all the widely accepted frameworks such as CMMI, ITIL, V3, etc., which helps our clients stay relevant and in-sync with standard data center technological practices

Outsource Data Center Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our data center management experts not only work on inclusive business development, but also look at future readiness in handling and managing data center operations at maximum efficiency levels. We not only leverage new generation cloud technologies but also focus on globally accepted and standardized delivery models giving you maximum throughput for your data center initiatives. We also provide Managed IT Services, digital forensics services, remote monitoring services, and more.

Contact us now to discuss your data center needs and how you visualize leveraging data center for meeting your business objectives.

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