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To find experts who can find the perfect balance in front end and backend development, hire Flatworld's Node.js developers at rates starting at $2200 per hour

Streamlining business processes, offering customers exciting buyer journeys, analyzing data to glean actionable insights - these are some of the challenges faced by business owners today, especially those who do business online. Users also want apps that are fast, look great, and work efficiently without taking up much space on their devices. Several technologies are prevalent for developing business apps, eCommerce sites, and mobile apps.

One such framework is Node.js. It uses a non-blocking, event-driven input-output model to enable developing speedy web apps that can scale easily. It is efficient and lightweight and can be leveraged to create cutting-edge applications that help businesses achieve goals. At Flatworld Solutions, we have a whiz team of Node.js developers who are capable of crafting high-performing apps that not just meet customer expectations but exceed them.

Our IT Staffing Services for Node.js Development

Here is the list of services that our Node.js developers are capable of within the time-bound work culture -

  1. API Development & Integration

    API Development & Integration

    Our Node.js developers can develop and integrate APIs with different third-party software and enable you to meet your business needs.

  2. Node.Js Plug-Ins Development

    Node.Js Plug-Ins Development

    The full-stack Java app developers at Flatworld Solutions are experts in creating unique plugins for your business regardless of your industry so that you can have your desired functionality in the Node.js app.

  3. Custom Node.js Development

    Custom Node.js Development

    We can create bespoke scalable, secure, and flexible Node.js websites that are packed with features that will help your business goals.

  4. App UI/UX Developers

    App UI/UX Developers

    Get Node.js apps with amazing UI/UX featuring contemporary design, and trending styles for exciting customer experiences.

  5. Node.Js Development Consulting

    Node.Js Development Consulting

    Do you need strategies or consulting services for your web application? Our Node.js experts can provide these services that enable you to hold your own in this ever-changing technological landscape.

  6. Node.js Chatbot Development

    Node.js Chatbot Development

    Today Chatbots have become an integral part of websites; it allows customers to communicate their apprehensions, queries or grievances to the company round the clock. Our Node.js developers can build chatbots capable of handling high traffic volumes and are secure.

  7. Data Analysis Tools

    Data Analysis Tools

    Data-driven decision-making means you can take remedial measures quickly, and improve the quality of your decisions. With data analysis tools and interactive dashboards, our Node.js developers can help you do business better.

  8. Messaging Apps

    Messaging Apps

    Our expert Node.js developers can build bespoke real-time instant messaging apps which you can use to engage with customers or for intra-office communication.

  9. Migration from Other Technologies

    Migration from Other Technologies

    Your existing apps can be smoothly, quickly, and efficiently migrated from other technologies to Node.js - in a surprisingly affordable manner.

  10. Support & Maintenance Services

    Support & Maintenance Services

    We are happy to provide tech support for your Node.js applications and help in the maintenance of your websites, to ensure they stay free of bugs. We also perform maintenance and provide upgrades to the application or website to ensure optimal performance.

Our Process of IT Staffing for Node.js Developers

At Flatworld Solutions, we pride ourselves on using futuristic work methodologies and techniques and adhering to industry best practices. Our process of hiring Node.js developers is as follows -

We take our time to gain a thorough understanding of your business - its goals, strengths, products employees, associated risks, opportunities, and the market as a whole
In the next phase, we draw up a blueprint of your Node.js application - what features and functionality it will have, how it should behave, what it should look like, and so on. The technology to be used is also finalized at this stage
Then comes the development stage, during which any changes required are incorporated
After development is complete, we test the Node.js app thoroughly to determine whether it functions as it should, and check for areas where it can be improved - and take necessary steps to rectify
When all the above-mentioned requirements are satisfied, your Node.js application is made

Technologies Leveraged by Our Node.js Developers

Our engineers, coders, and designers are well-versed in a wide range of technologies that they leverage to create applications in Node.js, like -

MySQL Redux NGINX Apache Azure Vue.js jQuery AngularJS Jenkins Travis CI Docker Heroku React GraphQL Swagger UI JSON hapi MongoDB

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Hire Node.js Developers from Flatworld Solutions?

  • Cost of Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we believe our solutions should reach more clilents far and near. This helps us invest in clients who invest in us. Our solutions are affordable and comes with options to customize the way you want.

  • Certification

    International certifications are unwavering proof of an organization's excellence. Flatworld Solutions has received not one, but several - HIPAA, ICD 10, ICD 11, DSM 5, RBMA.

  • Expertise

    Our development has razor-sharp skills not only in Node.js but also in related technologies which are required to create Node.js applications.

  • Business Expertise

    Our analysts, project managers, and developers have good business savvy and are adept at forming customer-centric strategies that are implemented through cutting-edge Node.js apps.

  • Infrastructure

    Flatworld Solutions has excellent infrastructure in terms of workforce, space, technology, equipment, training facilities, and more, which ensures quality output in a timely fashion.

  • Dedicated Point of Contact

    Every customer is assigned a dedicated point of contact who can be reached round the clock for discussions, or conveying messages or queries.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Your Node.js application will be built to deal with the increased workload as your business grows and you add more details like products, processes, transactions, vendors, and so on.

  • Reliable Customer Support

    You'll find our agents handy whenever you need our support. They can be contacted using the methods you find convenient. You can choose phone call, email, or web chat to get the support in a language of your choice.

Client Success Stories

FWS Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

Developed a Video Editing App with Advanced Functionalities

The client praised our skills for developing a high-end video editing app with a modern and friendly UI. The app helped create personalized videos without hassles.

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FWS Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Looking Air Conditioner

Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best-looking Air Conditioner

A London-based client was delighted in seeing higher user-engagement on their augmented reality developed by us in no-time.

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We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration.

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Today's customer wants everything faster, better and cheaper; they want to be awed with the best IT staffing solution. The onus of impressing the customer is on us. In this world of rapid digital advancement, businesses must provide such experiences to customers to retain the existing ones and gain new ones. Something that we excel at. With multiple delivery centers, expertise, modern work methodologies, and a commitment to excellence, Flatworld is your ideal partner for digital excellence.

Contact us today for your Node.js software development needs, and sit back and watch your business grow and prosper.

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Hire Magento Web Developers FAQs

  • What is Magento web development?

    Magento web development is development of an e-commerce platform built on open source technology which provides sellers with a flexible shopping cart system.

  • How much does it cost to build a Magento website?

    The price for a basic Magento website that includes standard functionality, free theme, and no integration with external systems starts at around $20,000.