Outsource Real Estate Campaign Management Services

Real Estate Campaign Management Services

Generate quality leads that convert better and achieve greater ROI by choosing our real estate campaign management services at prices starting at $20/hour

PPC campaigns on Google and social media can work wonders to sell more home listings online. According to a recent survey report, 81% of millennials search for homes online on their mobiles, indicating that more and more people are opting for an online hunt of homes rather than hiring a realtor to do the same.

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, Flatworld has a vast team of experienced digital marketers and campaign management experts to drive data-backed and keyword-enriched PPC campaigns to obtain high-quality leads with better conversion rates. We carefully analyze your target audience and study all the digital platforms where they spend their maximum time to build effective PPC campaigns for each platform, increasing your visibility, directing them to a strong call-to-action, and maximizing ROI. We have a dedicated team of Facebook/Instagram Ad managers, certified Google Ads managers, and Bing Ads PPC specialists that drive targeted and engagement-worthy real estate campaigns across digital channels.

Real Estate Campaign Management Services We Offer

Our wide spectrum of services offers end-to-end solutions including conducting a detailed market and competitor study, tracking and optimizing the PPC ad campaigns, amongst many others. Generate more revenues with optimized and high-performing Google and social media PPC campaigns and ads with our services, which include -

  1. Digital Competitor Analysis

    Digital Competitor Analysis

    When developing a PPC strategy for real estate, it is crucial to study the competitors and their strategies. Our team of researchers and analysts identify your direct and indirect competitors to study various factors and variables of their PPC and advertising campaigns across digital platforms. It includes -

    • Finding nearby/local competitors ranking higher on the web for similar services.
    • Understanding their advertising tactics, type of listings they have on the web, their average CPC, etc.
    • Analyzing search keywords, monthly search volumes, and other crucial KPIs.
  2. Creating Eye-catching and Data-driven Ads

    Creating Eye-catching and Data-driven Ads

    Our PPC ad specialists work alongside the creative team to build compelling ad creatives and copies with the right CTAs to ensure the ads perform optimally. It involves -

    • Researching keywords as well as the negative keywords for relevant real estate products/services.
    • Creating effective and sales-oriented copy for high-performing ads.
    • Split-testing the ad copies to ensure the best results.
  3. Conducting A/B, Multivariate Testing

    Conducting A/B, Multivariate Testing

    When running PPC ad campaigns, the quality and attractiveness of landing pages play a crucial role to direct the customer to the desired action. It involves -

    • Creating multiple landing pages for all the different types of properties.
    • Including high-resolution images to supplement the real estate information.
    • Running A/B & Multivariate testing to identify high-performing practices.
  4. Managing PPC Ads Across Varied Digital Platforms

    Managing PPC Ads Across Varied Digital Platforms

    There are many digital platforms to run your PPC campaigns. After a careful audit of your target market, we build customized PPC campaigns that run across multiple platforms. This includes -

    • Paid Ads - Enabling targeting of customers based on their keyword search on popular search engines like Google, Safari, Bing, etc.

    • Google Ads - If you are looking to get quality leads, Google Ads for real estate (formerly Google AdWords) is the ideal platform for you. Our Google ad specialists know how to build successful PPC ad campaigns that deliver desired results.

    • Social Media Ad Campaigns - The use of social media has grown exponentially in recent years and marketers are reaping instrumental benefits and revenues from driving meaningful real estate campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Being a place where the customers are spending a considerable amount of their time, it is one of the most cost-effective and high-value channels to advertise on.

    • Advertising on YouTube - A Google product, YouTube is unarguably the most popular video streaming platform. We drive overlay in-video ads, in-stream video ads, remarketing ads, true view in-display video ads, etc., based on your ad objectives, budgets, and other factors.

    • Display Ads - The Google display network allows you to show your ads to consumers on other websites that they browse through. It depends on the relevance of your ads along with SEO and retargeting social media campaigns that you might be running and can significantly increase your ad visibility driving your target audience to take the intended action.

    • Remarketing and Retargeting Ads - Showcasing relevant ads based on the user's search and other variables increases the chances of conversions. In real estate, remarketing ads play a very critical role due to the longer purchase decision cycles.

  5. Continuous Tracking of PPC Campaign Performance

    Continuous Tracking of PPC Campaign Performance

    Our experts continuously analyze and track the performance of PPC campaigns across all channels. This involves -

    • Tracking click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC).
    • Tracking the leads, calls, website clicks through campaigns, etc.
    • Attributing high-performing and lowest-performing ads to define future KPIs.
  6. Monitoring and Optimizing PPC Campaigns

    Monitoring and Optimizing PPC Campaigns

    To gain a higher ROI, our team constantly monitors the real estate campaigns which include the following services -

    • Manual bid adjustments based on customers' search behavior, conversion rate, new search keywords, etc.
    • Monitoring CTR and CPC.
    • Optimizing various variables to enhance the ROI of the campaigns.
  7. Campaign Performance Reporting

    Campaign Performance Reporting

    Our team provides you with accurate campaign reports and actionable insights into your campaigns for better decision-making. It includes -

    • Calculating the ROI across multiple PPC campaigns and channels.
    • Sharing the Adspend for individual PPC campaigns for all digital channels.
    • Impressions, CTR, CTC, and other metrics for all real estate PPC campaigns and ads.
    • CTR (Click Through Rate) for Real Estate PPC Campaign & Ad Group Level.

Our Real Estate Campaign Management Process

Being a highly sought-after real estate campaign management services providing company, Flatworld follows a streamlined approach to driving quality PPC campaigns. Our process comprises of the following stages -


01. Needs Understanding

Our team closely studies your needs for running the PPC campaigns and your expectations from the same


02. Extensive Research

They conduct in-depth research of the market and competitors to understand various variables and accordingly develop better-suited campaigns


03. Campaign Creation

Creating effective ad creatives, writing ad copies, setting up ad sets across varied platforms, etc., are taken up during this stage


04. Implementation and Optimization

The campaigns are run and their performance is tracked and regularly optimized to further improve CPC/CTR, and enhance the ROI


05. Campaign Report Submission

Creating weekly/monthly/quarterly PPC campaign reports and submitting them to clients in their desired format

Other Services You Can Benefit from

Why Choose Flatworld as Your Real Estate Campaign Management Service Provider?

Our unparalleled array of PPC campaign management services along with the assurance of improved ROI of your campaigns make us the ideal outsourcing company to partner with. Here are all the advantages you get when you onboard us to manage your real estate ad and PPC campaigns -

  • Reasonable Service Rates

    We offer highly flexible rates that begin from as low as 5% of the Adspend.

  • Deep Industry-relevant Expertise

    Thanks to our certified Google campaign specialists and other experts, we have become masters in creating high-performing real estate PPC ads and campaigns.

  • Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals

    Setting up, implementing, and running PPC ads across various digital platforms demands a dedicated team structure. Flatworld provides you with the best team that is committed to fulfilling all your ad objectives.

  • Data-driven Management and Optimization

    Nothing at Flatworld is guesswork. We base our PPC ads and campaigns on robust data analysis so that we can maximize your ROI on ads.

  • Free Consultation

    We believe in our team's expertise to drive greater revenues through effective PPC campaigns and so, we offer the initial campaign setup for free along with free current ad campaign audit and consultation session to help you understand the dynamics of real estate campaign management.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Being a global company with offices across the world, we have the advantage of offering round-the-clock support services to our clients.

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