Nearshore Software Development Services

Nearshore Software Development Services

Choose our nearshore development services and get access to specialized services provided by expert software engineers at prices starting at $20/hour

Globalization has opened up avenues that never existed before. Today, you do not need to set up a software development business looking at the pool of available local talent anymore. Viable options for software outsourcing have exploded, with most professional outsourcing models supporting onshore, offshore, and nearshore development.

At Flatworld Solutions (FWS), we believe that when it comes to nearshore development, the best options for our clients are not located in a single city or even a country. The perfect blend of professional staff for your project can only be achieved with our nearshore software development services, allowing your team of developers to expand through remote Agile methodologies without the usual hassles of outsourcing.

Our Nearshore Software Development Services

Our nearshore development centers are made up of dedicated teams that are proficient in various technology stacks and that work out of similar time zones. We assign dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities, which are ideal for agile nearshore software development. Our services include -

  1. Nearshore Software Engineering Services

    Nearshore Software Engineering Services

    As your chosen nearshore services company, our nearshore engineering services are a great option for organizations to achieve lofty digital transformation goals cost-effectively, while constantly reducing risks. With FWS, you receive access to a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team to swiftly execute software development projects, reduce labor costs, and improve speed. Our services include -

    • Engineering discovery workshops
    • Product modernization
    • Custom software development
  2. Nearshore Design Engineering Services

    Nearshore Design Engineering Services

    UI and design issues need extraordinary acumen and a deep understanding of human behavior. Our nearshore design team can help you design the right software while solving problems along the way. This ensures the final product is always aligned with user expectations throughout the development lifecycle.

    As part of our nearshore development services, our design teams offer a great mix of value and scope by working collaboratively with your developers to conceptualize, design, develop, and finally ship a great software attuned to your business goals. Our services include -

    • Design Sprints
    • Prototype Center
    • Product Lifecycle Development
  3. Nearshore Cloud Engineering Services

    Nearshore Cloud Engineering Services

    Our services are ideal for companies willing to build next-level cloud offerings. We ensure you can manage your existing investments and resources in the cloud, or help in the transition from a routine offline data center to AWS or Azure cloud services, among others.

    With our help, you can take advantage of exceptional cost reduction in operations, while enjoying quicker time-to-market, enhanced scalability, flexibility, and modern business mobility. Our nearshore development model works for you by following similar time zones, has exceptional ease of travel, and promotes deep collaboration for better final results. Our services include -

    • Cloud Design and Adoption
    • Cloud Optimization and Management
    • DevOps as a Service
  4. Nearshore AI Engineering Services

    Nearshore AI Engineering Services

    Our nearshore AI Center of Excellence works with businesses to leverage the latest in AI technology and intelligent data management techniques. We work with your team to work on process automation and machine learning leveraging our digital innovation practices. This ensures you can improve operational efficiencies, decrease costs, and manage easily during business transformation. If data is your key asset then you can benefit from all the advantages of our nearshore digital services platform, such as -

    • AI Strategy
    • AI and Data Management
    • AI Process Automation
  5. Additional Services

    Apart from this, we offer several other key nearshore solutions for our clients, including -

    • Software Testing & QA
    • Mobile & Web Development
    • Maintenance & Support
    • Blockchain Consulting
    • Data Science
    • Internet of Things
    • MVP Development
    • eCommerce Development
    • Digital Acceleration
    • Applications & Architecture Update
    • Agile Software Development
    • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
    • Process Automation
    • Cybersecurity Application Development
    • ERP & CRM Development
    • Business Intelligence Application Development
    • Digital Wallets & Cryptocurrency

Our Unique Approach as a Nearshore Services Company

Our consultancy approach is unique in the world of outsourcing, allowing us to work with ease with global businesses and multinational organizations. This means not only are we completely in sync with your project goals but are also aligned to your working style. As your chosen nearshore software development service provider, we work extremely closely with your staff, ensuring better project readiness and overall sync.

  • Dedicated Team

    Experts in their sphere, our autonomous software development teams work as an extension of yours at all times, capable of rapidly delivering technology solutions as per client requirements thereby adding considerable value to your development efforts.

  • Staff Augmentation

    We provide you with all the extra talent to boost your project speeds as much as possible! Augmenting nearshore staff is an easy feat for most of our engineers, and we ensure the best 1% of engineers are fully integrated with your team.

  • Software Outsourcing

    We provide custom software development services which along with the nearshore offerings allow you to get the best possible development experience while keeping your costs under budget.

Our Custom Software Development Methodologies

All of our custom nearshore software application development services follow a design-test-implement mindset. As a result, we are constantly ensuring our staff is up-to-date with the latest software methodologies including -

  • Agile

    We follow Agile nearshore development as a standard practice for most of our projects, code, and design-related deliverables. Agile allows us to enhance client involvement and offers the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements as necessitated.

  • Lean

    Our lean methodology-oriented teams can deliver complex projects on extremely tight schedules. This allows you to avoid resource waste, while sticking to tight timelines for a faster, more efficient GTM strategy.

  • DevOps

    We strongly believe that any variable that can be measured can then be improved. Our cross-functional nearshore development teams can keep a close eye on all related project KPIs while leading with innovation and process transparency.

  • Waterfall

    Our waterfall structured methodology is ideal for projects that need high-quality standards with rigorous and timely resource allocation.

  • Scrum

    Our certified Scrum Master leads the entire development initiative, prioritizing tasks, assigning responsibilities, and time-boxing every element as easily as possible.

  • XP

    Our extreme programming methodology works best for situations that change dynamically and need to leverage new technologies to develop modern products.

  • Prototype

    If your product needs to prioritize user involvement and needs regular feedback sessions for a frictionless user experience, then we can help in rapid prototyping to ensure it goes through several beta rounds before eventual release.

  • Rapid Application Development

    When faced with a faster time-to-market and limited resource availability, you need consistent progress tracking, faster resolutions, and project compartmentalization to ensure you can hit the requested time frame with a complete product.

Key Benefits of Using Our Nearshore Software Development Services

We specialize in working closely on your projects and providing purpose-built teams which meet your extensive business and technical requirements. With our help, your projects become more cost-effective, process-efficient, and success-oriented than ever before. Unlike full-scale IT offshore services, our service integrates with your existing in-house requirements, ensuring speed and sync. By partnering with us you stand to gain from the following -

  • Fluent Workflow and Communication

    We ensure the team selected for your nearshore development is fluent in your languages, the software expertise required for development, and work in the same time zone as your team. We specialize in picking up workflow processes from where they stopped, matching your workflow throughout the entire development cycle.

  • Standardized Security Protocols

    We understand that Cybersecurity is a key priority for most modern projects. Our nearshore team works with the latest security protocols thereby ensuring all your data and software products remain safe from external influences.

  • The Best Software Developers and Engineers

    The best developers and engineers are always assigned to your project based upon experience, current tech stack understanding and dominance, and the ability to work within the required timelines.

  • Time Zone Compatibility

    One of the key benefits of our nearshore services is that the assigned team works as per your time zone requirements, allowing you to confidently schedule meetings and manage multiple workflows between the nearshore and in-house teams.

  • Quality Processes and Results

    Our multiple testimonials, past client relationships, and a host of completed projects for global multinational companies speak for themselves. Quality is the singular pillar on which we pin all our processes, ensuring you never have to worry about a sub-par product.

  • Full Range of Services

    With 20 years of experience, we are one of the few software development companies that specialize in a wide range of fields as well as in niche areas that require extremely specialized attention. We ensure your requirements are met professionally while delivering the best possible results.

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