10 Useful Tips to Design Interactive iPad Apps

Tips to Design Interactive iPad Apps

A good combination of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) results in an interactive and engaging iPad app. Development of these apps is governed by a set of rules and specifications which focuses on creating a smooth user experience. The UI determines how the app will look on the iPad and interact with the user, whereas UX will define how the app feels from the user's point of view.

As the sales of iPads in the market continue to increase, the consumers are looking for apps which can enhance their experience. It is known that around 50% of the iPad users use the device to check email, play games, look for information, listen to music, watch videos, and do social networking. Besides, iPad apps are mainly used to supplement a company's existing content or to promote a brand through a standalone app.

In this article, we have listed highly useful tips that can help you design innovative iPad apps effortlessly.

Top 10 Design Tips for Developing iPad Apps

It is important to design your iPad apps in such a way that the user is engaged and kept captivated for a long time and comes back for more at a later point. Designing an effective iPad app is not easy with so much competition in the market. While designing an attractive app it is important to follow some iPad app designing tips that differentiate these apps from other regular apps. Some of the tips for designing iPad apps include -

  1. Keep it Simple

    Simplicity is one of the most important design tips for iPad apps. While designing, it is important to keep the app simple in all ways. The focus should be on the main task which needs to be accomplished. Moreover, it is necessary to know and identify who your audience is and what are the needs that you are fulfilling using your app.

  2. Use the Large Screen

    As compared to mobile phones, iPads have bigger screens and this feature needs to be fully utilized by the app developer. iPads are devices which are a highly visual medium and hence, all the designs need to be created in the native resolution of the iPad.

  3. Increase Engagement

    Most of the apps on iPad are downloaded once and then deleted after the first use. To avoid this, app developers need to think of ways to keep their users engaged at all times. It is advisable to add exciting features such as games, offering points for unlocking new features, engaging on social media platforms, rewards for higher engagement, etc.

  4. Be Minimalistic

    iPads being robust and portable devices, often app developers get tempted to have several features embedded in the app. This temptation must be overcome by keeping the display minimal and simple. The display should consist of only the controls which are relevant to the user.

  5. Prompt Customer Support

    At any point, the iPad user might need some kind of support while using the application. The app's customer support must be able to reply back within a few hours or within a few minutes. The app developers can also have an FAQs page if similar kinds of questions come up from multiple users. A good customer support service can lead to several in-app purchases and conversions.

  6. Create Faster Apps

    Whenever an app crashes or doesn't load quickly, most of the users prefer not to use that app again. A well-performing app will take less than 5 seconds to load and start functioning. It is important that the app created is consistent and high-performing to attract a larger crowd base.

  7. Say No to Monetization Methods

    One of the top designing tips for iPad app is forgoing traditional monetization methods. These methods may not go well with iPad apps as users prefer to have no disturbing elements while they are using the app on their iPad. People do not usually prefer to pay if they are not using the app on a daily basis. It is important for companies to find new ways for funding opportunities.

  8. Provide Great User Interface

    The first impression is the last impression. Having a great user interface can surely be the path to a successful app creation. Users usually judge the app by its design and it is important to create a lasting impression. No matter what features your app has the users will not be interested in exploring it, if the user interface is not up to their expectations.

  9. Make it Easy to Use

    The installation and usage of the iPad app must be easy for any user. Users do not have the time and patience to wait to learn the navigation and installation process. The apps created must be intuitive and provide a self-learning experience to the user within a short time.

  10. Take Care of Orientations

    iPad provides the users with the option to operate in tow orientations, i.e., landscape and portrait modes. It is important that the app developers consider every element's position in each of the orientations. The trick is to keep the experience same in both the modes.

Efficient iPad App Development Tools You Should Leverage

iPad app designs can get cumbersome when you are working on multiple tools to get the best possible design for your app. It is important to make the right choice and zero down a tool which provides the best features and gives your app the best user interface. To make things easier for developers, we have listed some of the popular tools which make the app development process simpler, they include -

  • Appcelerator
  • Appery.io
  • Appy Pie
  • iOS UP
  • Marvel
  • Mockingbird
  • MoSync
  • PhoneGap
  • RhoMobile
  • Swiftic
  • WidgetPad

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