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Over the years, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform into an expansive, versatile Content Management System (CMS), allowing people to create fully-functional websites. Due to a set of robust, user-friendly features, many top websites such as TechCrunch, The New Yorker etc. use WordPress to power their websites.

Some of the key reasons that convince businesses to opt for WordPress include -

  • Extremely user-friendly content management solution
  • Configuring and setting-up WordPress does not require deep technical expertise
  • Easy to add plugins
  • Easy to maintain, if you are primarily using the platform as a blogging solution
  • Updates are frequently available
  • Highly secure solution
  • Search engine friendly

At Flatworld Solutions, our WordPress development services can help you build sophisticated yet simple websites with the requisite responsiveness. The expertise we have in customizing and leveraging most WordPress supplementing services makes us one of the most preferred WordPress development companies. This helps us meet our clients' extreme and precise requirements in the fastest possible way.

Custom WordPress Development Services by Flatworld Solutions

Our expert team of WordPress developers focus on integrating visually appealing details, while ensuring your website serves as a perfect landscape for continued business growth. Our custom WordPress development services include the following -

  1. WordPress Website Development

    Whether it is for individual businesses or large enterprises, we can design, develop, and maintain WordPress based websites at cost-effective rates. We can meet your precise design requirements and help you in developing an elegant website with all the CMS capabilities that you need.

  2. WordPress Theme Development and Customization

    Most online, free to download themes may not suit your exact business requirements as your customer engagement demands may be different. This is where our expertise comes into picture; we understand your needs and come up with new themes or customize the one you liked as per your exact needs.

  3. WordPress Migration

    If you are looking to migrate to WordPress from other platforms then we can seamlessly do so keeping your current website design and new changes, if any, into consideration. Our WordPress migration experts ensure all your current data is fully backed up, reviewed and double checked for compatibility with WordPress during the migration procedure.

  4. WordPress Plugin Development

    If you need to develop a plugin which does precisely what you need to power your website then our team can deliver customized plugins exclusively for your WordPress site. We can help you add new capabilities and functionalities to your existing WordPress site by developing plugins.

  5. Corporate Blogging Solution

    If you are looking beyond normal blogging and wish to integrate other customer centric and participative services, then our corporate blogging solutions can help you. We can customize WordPress to accommodate several categories, authors, images, tags, plugins, widgets, and so on.

  6. WordPress Responsive Website Design

    Developing a responsive website design is somewhat of a challenge. As the users from mobile devices grow, the need for responsive websites also grows. Flatworld can help you design feature rich and responsive websites that perform identically on any viewing device and screen resolution.

  7. Industry-specific Design and Development

    Flatworld Solutions has the expertise to offer its global clients themes and designs which are assistive to their particular industry. This helps you to maximize your website effectiveness.

  8. Maintenance and Support

    If you are looking for frequent, response based changes to increase the effectiveness of your website or wish to keep your website and all plugins updated with the latest, our maintenance and support service is what you can rely on.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for WordPress Development?

The need for specific theme designs and plugin customizations makes businesses look for professional development companies like Flatworld Solutions to leverage the best of WordPress. We are among the most desired custom WordPress development companies because we offer several advantages, including:

  • Dedicated and seasoned WordPress developers (WordPress IT staffing solutions available)
  • Delivered over 5,000 websites to various industries, demanding maximum optimization and customization of WordPress
  • 24x7 support for quick changes and customization of your website, ensuring timely and maximum website effectiveness
  • Cost-effective solutions for individuals as well as large enterprises
  • Our WordPress development environment guarantees highest quality standards and on-time delivery
  • Choose from custom and pre-built themes, designed based on your specific industry needs

Outsource WordPress Development Requirements to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading of WordPress development services provider in India, and presence of multiple global delivery centers help us a great deal in meeting our client's business objectives on time.

By choosing us, you drive-in business benefits like:

  • Increased average engagement time of your website traffic
  • Get an extremely search engine friendly website
  • Engage our advanced analytics to garner visitor insights
  • Increase traffic conversion and more
  • Save on cost
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Unlimited scope for customization

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