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Quantum Computing Services

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The computers we know now may become obsolete in the future and quantum computers may take over the world. All set to change the world, there are millions being spent in the industry on quantum computing R&D.

To explore quantum capabilities for various industry types, an expert is needed. At Flatworld, we have spent years building our quantum capabilities and are continuously working towards adding more to our quantum edge. We can help businesses across industries to leverage the benefit of quantum computation in the future by planning and developing a complete quantum technology stack and processes.

Quantum Computing Services We Offer

Quantum computation will transform the way companies work. Our Flatworld experts are dedicated to helping businesses adopt and integrate quantum information systems as per their industry needs and demands. Hence, our quantum computation solutions also depend on the businesse's industry types.

  1. Finance Industry

    Finance Industry

    Using the most progressive AI and ML technologies, quantum technology can help in portfolio optimization, credit risk analysis, optimization of trading trajectory, and fraud detection.

  2. Healthcare Industry

    Healthcare Industry

    Quantum computing may prove instrumental in various sectors of the healthcare industry such as efficient modeling and simulation of drug design and molecule discovery, genetics analysis, development of better AI diagnostic aids to optimize search data, etc.

  3. IT Industry

    IT Industry

    Quantum computing has the power to completely change cyberspace bringing transformation to almost every function, technology, and systems. Enhancing cybersecurity through encryption and decryption, accelerating data analysis via integrating advanced AI and ML technologies, advertising and marketing analysis, software verification and validation, etc., are a few areas where the capabilities of quantum can be leveraged.

  4. Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    For the energy industry, quantum computing can prove beneficial for expediting exploration, maximizing oil well output, gas detection using hybrid CNN, and optimizing production.

  5. Goods Manufacturing and Logistics

    Goods Manufacturing and Logistics

    Quantum computation can bring tremendous revolution in this industry. Improved AI for autonomous driving, creation of chips and other complex engineering designs, and utilization of quantum Algorithms for logistics and vehicle routing are some of the areas of transformation.

Industry Partnerships

We are a leading quantum computing service provider and work with -

  • Honeywell
  • IONQ
  • Quantum Circuits
  • 1QBit
  • Microsoft Quantum Computing (QIO)
  • Amazon Braket

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Us as Your Quantum Computation Service Providing Company?

If you are looking for a trusted partner to prepare your business for future computing technologies, i.e., quantum, choose us. Here is why you should choose us -

  • Access to Robust Solutions

    We enable access to the best of quantum systems. Simulators, and software technologies via cloud systems.

  • Custom Services

    We offer fully managed solutions that are tailored to every need and requirement of your industry type and business model.

  • Experienced Team

    We have a vast team of quantum professionals and experts operating from our multiple global offices in 10+ countries. This allows you the benefit of hiring specialists in every niche without increasing the headcount or hassle of workforce management.

  • High-quality Research Capabilities

    We have a dedicated team of professionals and quantum computation scientists working to further improve e our quantum capabilities and drive higher scientific output via in-depth R&D in the field.

Client Success Stories

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A well-known Australian client required an iOS task management app. We helped the client with the required services.

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Outsource Quantum Computation Services to Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is helping organizations across varied industries to join the quantum revolution and energize their innovation through quantum computation.

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