Outsource Kentico CMS Development Services

Kentico CMS Development Services

Optimize your online presence by using our diversified Kentico CMS development solutions and services at prices starting at $20/hour

One of the fastest emerging web content management systems, Kentico CMS promises greater flexibility and control over how businesses choose to put out content, reach their target audience, and engage with customers. Besides the basic functionalities of authoring, collaboration, and administration of web content, Kentico CMS gives the option to work with powerful tools to drastically improve the website experience, both at the front-end and the backend.

The Kentico CMS development solutions that we offer ensure improved two-way interaction with the clients. While you get greater control over your content, website, and applications, your users get the added independence of contributing to your site, thereby giving your brand a major competitive edge. If you are looking for a richer user experience, greater functionalities, and a productive Kentico CMS framework, join hands with Flatworld Solutions (FWS), a Kentico CMS development company.

Our Kentico CMS Development Services

Kentico CMS allows an extensive variety in the kind of applications and web platforms that can be developed using the framework and therefore, several aspects have to be considered during the process. We make sure each business need and objectives are met through our customized services. Our range of Kentico CMS development services include -

  1. Design and Development Services

    Design and Development Services

    Thanks to the expansive nature of Kentico CMS, a whole host of diversified, specialized applications can be developed using the platform. Our Kentico CMS development team is skilled in designing and developing personalized applications, websites, plugins, and more elements that are most suitable for your business.

  2. Integration and Implementation Services

    Integration and Implementation Services

    Whether it's integrating Kentico CMS with third-part data sources or implementing it into your current systems, our developers make it happen using custom modules.

  3. Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Our team of experts includes consultants specializing in various Kentico CMS domains to help you through the planning, development, and execution process of your customized Kentico CMS network.

  4. Kentico CMS QA and Testing Services

    Kentico CMS QA and Testing Services

    For identifying issues in your existing, working Kentico CMS applications, we offer a wide range of testing services. Additionally, we also offer to help you chalk out a roadmap to fix the problems.

  5. Kentico Intranet Development

    Kentico Intranet Development

    An intranet guarantees the free-flow and secure transfer of information and the collaboration of tools and services. Our Kentico CMS development experts are proficient in creating robust and highly productive intranets on the platform.

  6. Kentico Modules/Web Parts Development

    Kentico Modules/Web Parts Development

    Our team specializes in developing modules efficient with performing CRUD activities within the Kentico UI. To ensure that you can display the module data, our service integrates Web parts development as well.

  7. E-Commerce Application Development

    E-Commerce Application Development

    E-commerce is one of the most in-demand services within the Kentico CMS ecosystem. Our E-commerce solutions are focused on improving customer experience, enhancing sales channels, and establishing a strong presence on the internet.

  8. CMS Content Analysis & Modernization

    CMS Content Analysis & Modernization

    Content analysis and modernization revolve around improving operational efficiency and capitalizing on new opportunities in the market. We offer services to analyze the performance of your CMS and identify potential gaps that are later filled by our Kentico CMS development team.

  9. Maintenance and Upgrades

    Maintenance and Upgrades

    Since managing a CMS is a dynamic process, we recognize that your product will need regular maintenance and upgrades to keep up with the external momentum. We offer complete maintenance services on a contractual basis.

Our Kentico CMS Development Workflow

Kentico CMS development largely requires a focus on creating a sound backbone or framework that can support scalable websites, platforms, applications, and more. Our generic work methodology involves the use of Agile techniques to prioritize architectural development and provide flexible, custom solutions to our clients. Our process includes -


01. Defining Project Outcomes

Having a clear idea of your business objectives is vital to achieving the required outcomes. We follow a streamlined, outcome-oriented approach to sketch out an execution plan for your Kentico CMS development


02. Wireframe Development and Elaboration

Our second step is to develop the best possible wireframe and elaborate on the technicalities


03. Design Execution

Once the page structure, information architecture, user flow, functionality, etc., are established, we determine whether the skeleton matches up to the intended behavior. Next follows the construction process and finishing touches


04. Testing and Debugging

Besides the basic unit tests, integration tests, and isolated integration tests, we follow a series of ancillary functional tests that are followed by debugging and modifications


05. Live Launch

We specialize in both soft and hard launches. Even after we go live, we conduct several tests to ensure the real-time viability of your Kentico CMS platform

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Kentico CMS Development Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Our Kentico CMS development service providing company is best known for combining its diversified expertise in software development, CMS development, UI/UX design, migration, and even marketing automation. So, when you outsource Kentico services to us, you sign up for world-class expertise backed by the following advantages -

  • Cost-effective Prices

    We provide highly specialized and proficient Kentico CMS development services at highly competitive and affordable prices, making our offerings one of the most sought after in the market.

  • Kentico Gold Partner

    The Gold Partner badge recognizes Flatworld Solutions as one of the most competent Kentico CMS development service providers. Our level of expertise can be demonstrated by observing the performance of Kentico platforms of our clients from the Fortune 500 list.

  • Use of Cutting-Edge Methodologies and Technologies

    Our developers are adept with a range of technologies right from ASP.NET and XML to JavaScript and Silverlight.

  • Certified Developers

    Each human resource involved in building your Kentico CMS is a certified Kentico developer holding immense expertise in developing different modules. Their work is defined by quality, precision, and consistency.

  • Domain Intensive Value Propositions

    Getting a proposition that offers as much value as Flatworld does is difficult all across India and abroad. With the delivery of unparalleled quality, seamless communication, and execution, you are bound to be on a better receiving end of the bargain.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Contract some of the best Kentico CMS developers from our team to help build your project or have your team trained to kickstart a project independently with our staff augmenting services.

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We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program.

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Outsource Kentico CMS Development Services To Flatworld Solutions

Being one of the most preferred content management frameworks, the demand for Kentico CMS development is skyrocketing each passing day. However, we ensure that you get a competitive advantage by developing the most secure, efficient, and globalized Kentico CMS for you.

If you are looking for top-notch Flask web development solutions, Reach out to us today and start scaling your business with your very own Kentico CMS.

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